132/6 (11)
105/10 (11)
AFG won by 27 runs.
Player of the match: Rashid Khan
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Ireland must be disappointed with the efforts as no batter really played long from the top of the order that was much needed in these huge chases although they got starts before they were dismissed. The order batters looked good but none went on sustaining their play. Those loss of early wickets has really pulled them down and were behind the eight ball in the 2nd half of the innings. George Dockrell played a lone hand of 41 not out from 27 balls and couldn't find a support at the ending stages of the innings. 

Afghanistan have done well with the ball and in the field as well. Afghanistan kept picking wickets at regular intervals and that pushed the required rate up all the time. Fareed Ahmad picked 3 wickets while Naveen Ul Haq and Rashid Khan got 2 wickets each. They have taken their catches as well in the field. 

The series is now down to the final game as both the teams are locked at 2 each. Afghanistan have come back pretty well in the series after being 0-2 at the start of the series. Both teams will be looking forward to secure the series win and get the confidence going into the T20 World Cup starting next month.
Rashid Khan (Player of the Match): Hard couple of game previously and our batting was also struggling. It was a much needed knock for the team. We wanted to stay calm and finish off strong. Our target was to get over 120. Finally getting a wicket is pretty happy and want to dedicate this Man of the Match award to Fareed Ahmad.

Andy Balbarnie (Ire Captain): Final stasges of the game was the turning point giving away too many runs and that's how the game goes in this format. We started off well but didn't really push in the middle that became too big in the end. Looking forward to the must win game ahead and these are the type of matche you get in the World Cups so looking forward to it.

Mohammad Nabi (Afg Captain): Thanks to the alight that we did well in the game. It is important to take early wickets and put on a good total with the bat. Najibullah Zadran has been in a good form and team needed that to put on a good total. Rashid has been good too with both bat and ball. Boys are improving and focus is to do well with the basics of the game. Plan is to keep it simple and do right things in the game all the time.
Ireland are bowled out in 11 overs for a total of 105 and lose the game by 27 runs.

The pressure of the total has rocked the team as the required rate was always more than 12 runs per over right from the start of the innings. The series is now heading to the final game as both teams are locked 2-2 at the moment.
105 /10 score
cricket bat icon George Dockrell *
41 (27)
cricket ball icon Mujeeb Ur Rahman
0 /13
10.6 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to George Dockrell, OUT! Ireland gets dismissed! Full ball on the off-stump. Drags it across to mid-wicket and tries to scamper through for one. The fielder gets the direct hit in and finds Little short of his ground
10.5 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to George Dockrell, full delivery outside off. Drills it straight to the fielder at covers
10.4 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to George Dockrell, moves across the crease in a bid to sweep. Pinned on the pad but the impact is outside off
10.3 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to George Dockrell, backs away early and tries to cut. Under edge onto the turf
10.2 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to George Dockrell, FOUR! Gets some bat on this one. Picks it up off a length and whacks it to the deep square leg boundary
10.1 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to George Dockrell, good length angling in and cramping the batter up for room. Swings across the line but the ball goes right through
Mujeeb ur Rahman [1-0-9-0] to bowl the final over of the innings.
Last over coming up and Ireland now need 32 to win. It is still quite technically possible but George Dockrell really needs to nail every ball in the over to cross the line. Can he make it possible for his team?
101 /9 score
cricket bat icon George Dockrell *
37 (21)
cricket ball icon Azmatullah Omarzai
1 /25
9.6 Azmatullah Omarzai to George Dockrell, back of a length outside off. Slaps it off the back foot to long-off
9.5 Azmatullah Omarzai to George Dockrell, SIX! Gets a good piece of wood on this one. Yet another full toss, doesn't get away with this one. Dockrell gets underneath this and smokes it over the long-on fence
9.4 Azmatullah Omarzai to Josh Little, short ball outside off. Pulls it along the ground to deep mid-wicket
9.3 Azmatullah Omarzai to George Dockrell, full toss around the off-stump. Mistimes it off the inside half of the blade to long-on
Joshua Little, RHB, comes to the crease.
9.2 Azmatullah Omarzai to George Dockrell, OUT! Simi Singh can't make it back in time. Low full toss outside off. Mistimes it to long-on and scampers through. Dockrell wants to get back on strike but even the dive can't help Simi get back in time