SC Europa Cricket 70/4 (10 ov)
Kummerfelder Sportverein 74/0 (4.5 ov)
Kummerfelder Sportverein won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Shoaib Azam Khan
Another easy win for Kummerfelder, and another loss on the trot for SC Europa has made life difficult for the latter with respect to qualification to the next round. Kummerfelder are surely marching on as favourites, but can Europa hold onto their nerves and make it there ? Keep watching ECS to find out. For now that's all, but there is another game in just under half hour where Kummerfelder look to continue their dominance against PSV Hann Munder. Switch tabs to find out if the reign continues or whether PSV have it to stop them. 

For now, along with Pratyush Rohra, I have been Ankit Sharma singing off! Stay safe and do take care! 
It's another dominant performance from Kummerfelder Sportverein who are looking like they have no weak spot this season. If they continue this form, it will be hard for anyone to come near them. They scored almost 200 in the previous game, and have chased down 71 in under 30 balls in this one. The batting has been sensational and we hope they continue to bat this way throughout. Although it will be interesting to see someone give them a tough fight, and even win a game. 
From the bowling perspective, not a lot can be said when Musaddiq and Azam bat this way. But SC Europa should've banked on the early couple of chances in the first over. Maybe that would helped them stay longer in the game, or even turn the game their way. Shinwari was the best bowler among the three that bowled thanks to his decent first over that went for just six. Following that, the bowlers could not produce a wicket taking delivery and the batsmen were in no mood to mistime a shot. 
Azam started off with a six over long on, but continued his hitting to pick up another boundary, followed by a hat trick of sixes to ensure the game is done and dusted with enough time and overs to spare. He showed no mercy, much like his partner Musaddiq and both the batsmen end up with a strike rate of more than 230! A terrific batting performance from Sportverein who are definitely the team to beat in this tournament. 
Europa were aware of his batting, but what hit them like a storm was Azam going all out attack, and finishing this game with over half of the overs still left to go. Azam after the first over was watching his partner hammer bowlers left right and center and wanted in on the action. He got a chance to keep strike at the starting of the fifth over. Little did anyone know it would be the last one of the day. 
The first over was a quiet one to start with no boundaries coming, but a couple of catches being dropped. SC Europa would have been in this game had they picked up those catches because what was to follow literally blew them away. Musaddiq started his fire show, continuing his terrific form from the previous game to pick up four boundaries and three sixes in a span of two overs to dismantle the opposition and set the stage for an early finish. 
'If you can do it mate, I can do it too', says Azam to his partner Musaddiq as he bats with an altogether different fashion in this over to not only pick up a few boundaries, but to end the game in the blink of an eye. 6,4,6,6,6 is how the over reads as Azam has wrapped up the game under 5 overs to make a statement in the tournament that they are the team to beat. KSV win the game by 10 wickets. 
4.5 Amjad Zazai to Shoaib Azam, SHOAIB AZAM FINISHES THINGS OFF AND HOW! Flighted half-volley outside off-stump, Azam smashes this over cover and it's flying over the fence! Thank you for coming says Azam. That was some hammering! Kummerfelder Sportverein thump SC Europa by 10 wickets!
4.4 Amjad Zazai to Shoaib Azam, THIS IS CARNAGE! SIX! Length floated delivery on the off-stump, mauled over cow corner, for another maixmum! Just a hit away now!
4.3 Amjad Zazai to Shoaib Azam, SIX! AZAM JOINS THE PARTY! Back of a length delivery angling into Azam, gives it a bit of a charge as well as he powers it behind square, six more!
Seems like Azam is getting bored watching his partner pick up all the runs. He goes big and bags in runs. A maximum to start the over, followed by a boundary. 50 on the board which is also the 50 run opening partnership! 
4.2 Amjad Zazai to Shoaib Azam, FOUR! Juicy tossed up delivery outside off, Azam prods forward to bludgeon this back over the bowler's head to find the boundary on the bounce 
4.1 Amjad Zazai to Shoaib Azam, WELCOME TO THE CREASE MR.ZAZAI! In the slot into Azam, dispatches this over long-on, all the way for a maximum!
Amjad Zazai, comes into the attack, 
Nader Falhry fights back with a lot of will to make sure Musaddiq picks up no more boundaries in the second half of the over. But Musaddiq being his aggressive self, drives one with impeccable timing through point for a boundary. A very good over the batting side who are inching closer to victory with all wickets still in their kitty. Just 25 runs needed now off 36 balls. 
46 /0 score
cricket bat icon Shoaib Azam Khan
4 (7)
cricket bat icon Musadiq Ahmed *
38 (17)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Nader Fakhry
0 /27
3.6 Nader Fakhry to Ahmed Musaddiq, SHOT! FOUR! Too short, too wide, and Ahmed wasn't going to miss out on that. Hangs back to slash this one through point to collect another boundary 
3.5 Nader Fakhry to Ahmed Musaddiq, back of a length delivery outside off-stump, Ahmed scythes it in control and it's an excellent stop by the fielder at backward point, dot ball
3.4 Nader Fakhry to Ahmed Musaddiq, full delivery outside off-stump, Ahmed tried to squeeze it down to third man but couldn't execute his shot that time
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