149/4 (10)
53/8 (10)
MAL won by 96 runs.
Player of the match: Jayesh Popat
Malmo Qalanders beat Lisbon Capitals by 96 runs
Muhammad Adnan 80(31) | Saddam Raiyan 14(18)
Jayesh Popat 4-9(2) | Kashif Ali 2-32(2)

A dominant display and a comprehensive win by Malo Qalanders as they outclassed the Lisbon Capitals by 96 runs. It turned out to be men vs boys out in the middle. Well, the difference was the bowling from both teams as the Qalanders' bowlers didn't give any freebies for the batters to pounce on that.

Just four boundaries and a solitary maximum came in the entire innings, and this is not good enough when you are chasing a target of 150. Jayesh Popat ran through the tailenders and got four wickets to his name. That's it from here and hope you enjoyed the coverage. The CWG games are in full swing and the Indian athletes are in action in various events, so don't forget to catch all the updates from our Sportkeeda page
53 /8 score
cricket bat icon Ankur Patel
3 (2)
cricket bat icon Divya Patel *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Jayesh Popat
4 /9
9.6 Jayesh Popat to Divya Patel, length ball on off, Patel tries to play it back to the bowler and gets an inside edge to short fine leg, he comes down the track to get a single but was sent back by Ankurkumar. He was a little late to the crease and the keeper completes the run out after collecting the ball from the fielder.
Divya Patel, RHB, walks in at no.9
9.5 Jayesh Popat to Kashif Ali, OUT! On length and wide of off, Kashif comes down the track to sweep the ball but he is beaten by the turn. He was way down the track and the keeper had no hesitation in taking off the bails.

Kashif Ali st Shan Malik b Jayesh Popat 0(2)
9.4 Jayesh Popat to Kashif Ali, on length and outside off, Kashif swings and misses. The keeper appeals for a stumping after dislodging the bails and there might be a chance of hattrick. Third umpire confirms it was not out.
Three slips and a leg gully in place
Kashif Ali, RHB, walks in at no.8

Hat-trick ball coming up
9.3 Jayesh Popat to Sunil Patel, OUT! TWO IN TWO! Full and outside off, Sunil gets across to sweep the ball and ends up getting an inside edge onto the stumps.

Sunil Patel b Jayesh Popat 0(1)
Sunil Patel, RHB, walks in at no.7
9.2 Jayesh Popat to Mitul Patel, OUT! Full and flighted on off, Patel was lured into taking on the bowler but he was deceived by the pace. He swings hard and plays the wrong line. Patel's stumps are cartwheeling.

Mitu Patel b Jayesh Popat 5(5)
9.1 Jayesh Popat to Mitul Patel, on length and outside off, pushed back to the bowler
Ikram just misjudged and didn't bother to stretch his hand after running sideways to his right
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Aamer Ikram
8.6 A.Ikram to Ankurkumar Patel, slow and full, around the fourth stump line. The batters gets forward to flick the ball and gets a leading edge which lands between the bowler and mid on. Two runs completed.
8.5 A.Ikram to Mitul Patel, full and on leg, slashed to the right of the bowler for a single
8.4 A.Ikram to Mitul Patel, FOUR! Length ball on off, Patel hammers it over the head of the bowler for a boundary!
8.3 A.Ikram to Mitul Patel, a slow yorker on off, squeezed out back to the bowler
Mitul Patel, RHB, walks in at no.6
8.2 A.Ikram to Rahul Bhardwaj, OUT! Length ball on leg, Bhardwaj gives himself some room and tries to clear long on but fails to get enough power on it as he hits it straight to the fielder standing at the long on boundary.

Rahul Bhardwaj c Najam Shahzad b Aamer Ikram 5(11)