148/4 (17.3)
102/7 (11)
GM won by 7 runs (VJD method)
That'll be all from our coverage of this contest and it was a pleasure bringing the same to you. You can switch over here and catch our coverage of the final one-dayer between Netherlands and Pakistan in Rotterdam, with the hosts on course to pull off a special victory. Thank you so much for tuning in today - this is the duo of Pratyush Rohra and Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off for now. Buh-bye, take care and here's to a great week ahead!
A fine display by the skipper Manish Pandey with his unbeaten 27-ball 57 powering the Gulbarga Mystics towards a total that ensured the revised target was challenging enough for the Mysore Warriors. It wasn't going to be easy to defend those runs but the Mystics have managed to do so and with a game to spare, they've sauntered into the playoffs. The Mysore Warriors are done with with their quota of league fixtures but with a positive net run-rate, they should see themselves passing through as well although they will wait and watch as to how the Hubli Tigers and Mangalore United fare.
Manish Pandey is the Player of the Match. Here is what he has to say: Glad to have played an innings like that to win the game. In hindsight, we could have bowled better. The way CA bowled the last over was really special. These kind of games come up once in a while but we did well to get over the line. (On Wadhwani's over) Wrong decision maybe. He was high on confidence after the last two games but it's good to learn from these mistakes. (His innings) Going aggressive in the last couple of overs was great for us with the rain around. The way we bowled in the middle was great for us. Hoping to finish the tournament on a high. 
Gulbarga Mystics 148/4 (17.3) beat Mysore Warriors 102/7 (11) by 7 runs (VJD).
Manish Pandey 57* (27) | Ritesh Bhatkal 2/8 (2)
Shreyas Gopal 32 (16) & 2/45 (4) | CA Karthik 2/19 (3)

It was a frustraiting wait thanks to rain but jeez, it was totally worth it alright! A thriller of some kind at the Chinnaswamy Stadium and we now know that the Gulbarga Mystics have secured a berth in the playoffs, becoming the second team to do so after the Bengaluru Blasters.

A revised target of 110 in 10 overs seemed to put the Warriors in front since they knew the equation in front of them. The start was far from ideal though as they lost skipper Karun Nair in the opening over before Nihal Ullal too, perished quickly. The rain seemed to have spiced up the pitch with a bit of moisture as CA Karthik and Vidhwath Kaverappa took full advantage of it.

Pavan Deshpande fought a lone battle with wickets tumbling at regular intervals. Rithesh Bhatkal and Pranav Bhatia stifled the batters down in the middle-overs as they kept it very tight, resulting in the asking rate mounting to massive proportions. That was when Shreyas Gopal tore into young Kushaal Wadhwani, who was handed the ball for the 8th over for some strange reason.

25 runs came off that over, putting the match back in the balance and Gopal kept the Warriors afloat with his lusty hits. It was all down to him though with 14 required off the last over but CA Karthik held his nerve brilliantly to mix it up with his slower deliveries and yorkers. Gopal looked to steal a bye in a moment of brainfade and his run out signalled the end for the Warriors. Stick around for the presentation...
Take a bow, CA Karthik! He has held his nerve in the most outstanding manner to send down a stupendous final over. This went down to the wire out of nowhere but in the end, Gulbarga Mystics prevail by 7 runs via the VJD method. They book their spot in the playoffs as well!
102 /7 score
cricket bat icon Bharath Dhuri
7 (8)
cricket bat icon Vidyadhar Patil *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Codanda Ajit Karthik
2 /19
10.6 CA Karthik to Vidyadhar Patil, MYSTICS CLINCH A THRILLER! Another yorker on the off-stump line, Patil bunts it down to long-off but it's only a single. Karthik holds his nerve. Gulbarga Mystics win by 7 runs!
That's the pinpoint delivery we were talking about! The Mystics can see the playoffs ahead of them!
10.5 CA Karthik to Bharath Dhuri, into the block hole on middle stump, clipped to deep mid-wicket but it's only a single. Karthik holds his nerve! 
It's been a fabulous over thus far from Karthik. One pinpoint delivery ought to seal the contest for his side.
Vidyadhar Patil, RHB, comes to the crease. He will be at the non-striker's end.
Indeed, why? It was all down to him and you wonder why Shreyas Gopal decided to run for that one. He's played a stunning knock, make no mistake about that. But you'd reckon the end is nigh for the Warriors.
10.4 CA Karthik to Shreyas Gopal, RUNOUT! Why, Shreyas? Why? Full and wide slower one outside the off-stump, Gopal swings and misses but then takes off to try and sneak a bye. Not sure why. If anyone's going to score two boundaries off the last two balls, it surely had to be him?
Shreyas Gopal run out (KL Shrijith/CA Karthik) 32 (16b 1x4 3x6)
100 comes up for the Mysore Warriors. 10 needed off 3...
10.4 CA Karthik to Shreyas Gopal, wide. Short of a length delivery down the leg side, Gopal can't connect with his pull but he will get another go.
10.3 CA Karthik to Shreyas Gopal, full toss this time, Gopal can't put it away as he hacks it across the line to deep mid-wicket for a tap and return 
That's a big result in more than one way. It brings Gopal back on strike!
10.2 CA Karthik to Bharath Dhuri, dug in shot this time and Dhuri had no option but to take it on. Miscues the pull but it falls safely around mid-on, allowing a single 
10.1 CA Karthik to Bharath Dhuri, DOT BALL! Full and outside the off-stump, Dhuri shuffled across for the cheeky paddle sweep but failed to get bat on ball
CA Karthik it is to bowl the final over. Third man and fine leg are inside the inner circle. Slower one on the way?