NRK won by 66 runs.
Player of the match: Sanjay Yadav
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Six out of six then for the Nellai Royal Kings and they'll be keen on making it a clean sweep in the league phase before the knockouts beckon. The race for the knockouts is heating up but with this defeat, the curtains may have just come down on last year's finalists, the Ruby Trichy Warriors.
Baba Indrajith (Nellai Royal Kings Captain): (Aiming to make it seven wins in a row?) Hopefully. We treat every game as a fresh game. We're sticking to the process. We batted brilliantly - lot of credit to Sanjay Yadav. He's been around for a long time but he's having a great season. Lot of credit to M Vijay as well - when you're defending 237 you can tend to be a little relaxed (as a bowling team). He played brilliantly. We still have areas to improve upon. On this ground we thought anything above 155 will be a very good score. We didn't want to go all out in the beginning and lose too many wickets. It was important for the set batter to take it deep and go big. 237...nobody expected it (grins).
Another day and you know the drill - Sanjay Yadav is the Player of the Match for his stellar unbeaten 103 off 55 deliveries. Hear from the man himself: (On scoring 28 sixes this season) I've practiced a lot so it helps me hitting sixes. Nowadays I'm looking to rotate the strike and hit sixes. So I'm getting more balls to face and am able to hit sixes. At the start we tried to build a 50-run partnership. After that Apar was unbelievable - he was hitting every delivery for a six. Towards the end we were both reaching a hundred. In the last over he told me to go for it and that he'll try the next time.
Rahil Shah: Well to start off we bowled very badly. 230 was a daunting task but Vijay played brilliantly and helped the team to get 170. I should've bowled more but I thought the fast bowlers are going to give me a breakthrough. I thought one wicket in the middle would've worked in our favour but Yadav batted superbly. We will try to fight in the next 2 matches and comeback hard
Nellai Royal Kings 236/2 (20) beat Ruby Trichy Warriors 170/7 (20) by 66 runs.
Sanjay Yadav 103* (55) | Rahil S Shah 1/13 (1)
Murali Vijay 121 (66) | Baba Aparajith 2/38 (4)

It was a case of Murali Vijay versus the Nellai Royal Kings tonight. Only one man seemed to turn up at the venue for the Ruby Trichy Warriors. A chase of 237 is never easy but the fact that Vijay scored 121 off his own blade with the rest collectively chipping in for just 38 (aside from the 11 extras) sum up how poor the chase went for the Warriors.

But it was a delight of some kind as long as Vijay was out there. The former Test opener went gung-ho from the word go and was in no mood to stop despite being handed a reprieve in the opening over. He was carrying an injury as well and running between the wickets was hard to come by. But hey, who cares about singles and twos when you can clear the fence at will!

Wickets kept falling at the other end as the spinners used the purchase in the surface on offer. Baba Aparajith and Sanjay Yadav, the heroes with the bat, were in the midst of it with the ball too while NS Harish sent down an outstanding spell that included a maiden over. Despite a massive Powerplay, the lack of partnerships meant that Vijay had too much to do on his own.

K Easwaran stormed back after a disappointing opening over to finish with another impressive outing. But the innings belonged to Vijay, who now holds the record for the highest individual score in TNPL history. Records tumbled like dominoes in Coimbatore, with Sanjay Yadav scoring a century of his own in the first essay. In the end, the Royal Kings have made it six out of six with a comprehensive victory, further consolidating their position as the season's standout team. Stick around for the presentation...
Oh what a travesty! Off the last ball of the contest, Murali Vijay has been dismissed. Each of the Kings' players come up to congratulate the veteran. He's fought and fought hard. Singlehandedly at that. But in the end, Nellai Royal Kings beat Ruby Trichy Warriors by 66 runs!
170 /7 score
cricket bat icon Murali Vijay *
121 (66)
cricket bat icon P Saravana Kumar
10 (8)
cricket ball icon K Easwaran
2 /42
19.6 K Easwaran to Murali Vijay, OUT! Dismissed in the last ball of the innings. But what a magnificent knock by Murali Vijay. Slow back of a length delivery middle and off, Vijay tries to pulls this one but ends up skiing it. Baba Indrajith runs to his left and completes a catch.
Murali Vijay c Baba Indrajith b K Easwaran 121 (66b 7x4 12x6)
19.5 K Easwaran to Murali Vijay, IN THE AIR AND HE CLEARS LONG-ON. Slow delivery angling middle and off, Vijay stays deep in the crease and powers this one over long-on for a six
Vijay lets out a huge cry of anguish having missed out on that.
19.4 K Easwaran to Murali Vijay, well deceived slower delivery angling across off, Vijay was too early into his shot and misses it completely
19.3 K Easwaran to Murali Vijay, length delivery angling across off, Vijay tries to swing across but misses
19.2 K Easwaran to Murali Vijay, FOUR MORE! In the hitting arc again, Vijay swings it clean over the bowlers head for one bounce four
19.1 K Easwaran to Murali Vijay, FOUR! Pitched up delivery and it's been smashed straight down the ground for a boundary
K Easwaran [3.0-0-28-1] to bowl the final over of the game. He will bowl around the wicket.
It's been nothing short of a treat to watch Murali Vijay in action tonight. Of course, it hasn't been easy for him given that he's struggling with an injury but jeez, if you ever had any doubts over the sheer class and elegance of the man, this knock ought to douse those. Final rites pending now in this contest!
156 /6 score
cricket bat icon Murali Vijay
107 (60)
cricket bat icon P Saravana Kumar *
10 (8)
cricket ball icon V Athisayaraj Davidson
1 /40
18.6 Athisayaraj Davidson to P Saravana Kumar, fuller delivery outside off, Kumar drives this down on the off-side
18.5 Athisayaraj Davidson to P Saravana Kumar, fuller and slower on that occasion and it's been mistimed to the leg-side