138/3 (10)
114/5 (10)
DG won by 24 runs.
Player of the match: Nicholas Pooran
So that will be it for this match from the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, but stay tuned to the start of the next match starting in just a few minutes. This is the pair of Pratyush and Bidipto, saying good bye. Keep following Sportskeeda! 
Nicholas Pooran, the Player of the Match: Just happy to contribute to my team and the format allows for this kind of hitting. I felt that I was at the nets for some time, saw the ball really well and made it count. Great to get the win, the bowlers in particular bowled excellently, the execution of the skills from them was top class.
Time for the post-match presentation! 
Odean Smith: I wouldn't say that (wicket of Lyth game-changing?). Any wicket in T10 cricket is valuable. We just went down there and stuck to our plans. We have players like Pooran and Russell and that definitely takes some pressure off the other guys. We would like to continue on this run. I get to go out there and express myself. We won here last year and we'll be hoping to do the same. It's about clarity of thought. It's about what we need to do and execute it to be successful.
Deccan Gladiators - 138/3, beat Northern Warriors - 114/5, by 24 runs.

Adam Lyth 51 (22) | Rayad Emrit - 1/24
Nicholas Pooran 80 (32) | Tom Helm - 2/12

This was an innings that started decently, but ever since Kennar Lewis played out five dot balls off Tom Helm's first over, too much pressure got put on the batting to take things forward from there. And in the end, 23 dot balls was the main reason why Northern Warriors lost and Deccan Gladiators won! 

Adam Lyth played really well, his fluency against both pace and spin was great to follow. The rest of the batting tried hard, but could not get themselves going, neither in terms of timing, nor power hitting. 

With the ball, Tom Helm was absolutely superb, giving only 12 runs and taking 2 wickets. Barring Tabraiz Shamsi, every other bowler had an impact and made his presence felt. 

The pitch played really well throughout the 40 overs, the ball came on to the bat nicely and the fireworks from Nicholas Pooran was something to behold, in terms of the biggest contribution of the game towards the win. 

Deccan Gladiators are now two wins out of two matches but Northern Warriors have lost their second straight game. 
114 /5 score
cricket bat icon Usman Khan *
17 (8)
cricket bat icon Liam Dawson
7 (4)
cricket ball icon David Wiese
1 /22
9.6 David Wiese to Usman Khan, FOUR MORE! It doesn't matter though. Full delivery outside off, Usman steps out to carve this through backward point. It's two losses in two for the Warriors. Two wins in two for the Gladiators. Deccan Gladiators win by 24 runs!
9.5 David Wiese to Usman Khan, FOUR! Digs in the slower bouncer outside off, Usman throws his bat at it and skews a thick outside edge that trickles past short third man
9.4 David Wiese to Liam Dawson, wide yorker in the channel outside off, Dawson squeezes it out towards cover for a run
9.3 David Wiese to Usman Khan, back of a length slower one outside off, Usman steps out to flat-bat this down to long-on
9.2 David Wiese to Liam Dawson, pitched up outside the off-stump, Dawson clears his front leg to drill this to extra cover for a single
Northern Warriors bring up their 100! 
9.1 David Wiese to Liam Dawson, FOUR! Full toss angled into the right-hander. Dawson accepts the gift by helping it past short fine leg for a boundary
David Wiese [1.0-0-7-1] comes back into the attack.

Only formalities remain in this contest, and the Gladiators are on their win to a thumping win if things go like this. As for the Warriors, it is about collecting some more runs to improve the net run rate. 
99 /5 score
cricket bat icon Usman Khan *
8 (5)
cricket bat icon Mark Deyal
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Josh Little
1 /20
8.6 Joshua Little to Usman Khan, FOUR! Width on offer with the back of a length delivery, Usman slashes this over the covers to end the over with a boundary
8.5 Joshua Little to Liam Dawson, nails the wide yorker outside the off-stump, Dawson jams it into the off-side for a single
Liam Dawson, RHB, is at the crease.
8.4 Joshua Little to Wayne Parnell, KNOCKS HIM OVER! Good length delivery on the top of off-stump. You miss, I hit stuff. Parnell backs away to try and carve it over the covers but he's missed out. The timber is disturbed behind him and he has to walk!

Wayne Parnell b Joshua Little 0 (1b, 0x4, 0x6)
8.3 Joshua Little to Usman Khan, pitched up with pace off outside off, Usman drives it off the toe-end to mid-off for a quick single