117/7 (10)
119/5 (8.3)
MSA won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Shimron Hetmyer
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this Abu Dhabi T10 between Northern Warriors and the Morrisville Samp Army. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner and good friend Rajarshi Das. See you soon!
Shimron Hetmyer , Player of the Match, My arm is feeling better now.(laughs),The ice is helping a bit. I just tried to give myself a bit more time today. The coaches advised me to spend some time in the middle, and once I did that, the runs were bound to come. Really happy with this win and the squad is peaking at the right time for us.

Moeen Ali, captain Morrisville Samp Army- Really happy with these performance. We have got remarkable depth and it was on show today. Would have been good, if I had got some runs today. Maheesh was really good and he did an excellent job in filling the gap left behind by Nortje. We will be looking to keep up this momentum as we move into the play-off's.
Chamika Karunaratne: It was great, everyone was talking about 10 points to get to the top two. I was getting my eye in after a while having struggled for a month or so. We don't want to take risks, we want to finish 1st or 2nd, it has been going well for us thus far.
Morrisville Samp Army 119/5 in 8.3 over's
Shimron Hetmyer 45(18) | Mohammad Irfan 3/19
Karim Janat 25(12) | Gus Atkinson 1/26

What an emphatic win for the Samp Army here! They've chased down this big total with ease in the end. They had a brief hiccup in the middle but a brilliant partnership in the end by the two all-rounder's, Karunaratne and Pretorius got them home. It was all started by Shimron Hetmyer and Karim Janat who put on an outstanding 71 run partnership. Hetti in particular was at his devastating best as he smashed it all around around the park enroute his 45 from 18 balls. He was given good company by Karim Janat who played a breezy cameo of 25 run's.

The Warriors did try their best as they picked up some crucial wicket's in the middle over's. Mohammad Irfan was their star with the ball as he picked up 3 wicket's and brought them back in the game. But in the end, the Samp Army just had too much fire power for their bowler's to cope with.

Overall, a great win for the Samp Army and they will go into the play-off's with a lot of confidence. They were decent with the ball early on and they were absolutely clinical with the bat. The Warriors, though will be disappointed since they will be going back home and they would have wanted to finish off a high here.

8.4 Isuru Udana to Chamika Karunaratne, FOUR, game, set and match! Karunaratne take them home! This was a slower one dug in onto the pitch, Karunaratne moves across and pulls this one having rolled his wrists, gets it past the man at square leg and the Morrisville Samp Army, by virtue of this 5-wicket victory, are still in the competition!
8.3 Isuru Udana to Chamika Karunaratne, SIX, Samp Army and three away from a playoff spot! This was close to the blockhole wide outside off, Karunaratne pulls out the helicopter and absolutely aces it! The ball flies over the man and the ropes at long-off!
8.2 Isuru Udana to Chamika Karunaratne, FOUR, full on off-stump, Karunaratne moves across and flicks this one into the gap on the leg side, there is no protection at deep mid-wicket and he'll get four!
8.1 Isuru Udana to Dwaine Pretorius, wide, Udana followed Pretorius as the latter moved across outside off, but sprayed it well past the tramline, they run a bye as well
Isuru Udana (1.0-0-1-13) back into the attack.

Excellent from Dwaine Pretorius! He hit one six in that over from Mithun, and then knocked it around for two's. Really sensible cricket this from the Samp Army. They need only 15 now from the last two and surely, this is their game now.
103 /5 score
cricket bat icon Dwaine Pretorius *
17 (7)
cricket bat icon Chamika Karunaratne
8 (5)
cricket ball icon Abhimanyu Mithun
0 /27
7.6 Abhimanyu Mithun to Dwaine Pretorius, almost in the blockhole, Pretorius drills it down the ground once again, just a single this time
7.5 Abhimanyu Mithun to Dwaine Pretorius, drills this one down the ground, Powell has to cover ground to his right to cut it off, by then the batters complete a second
7.4 Abhimanyu Mithun to Dwaine Pretorius, SIX, has he cleared the ropes? Indeed, he has! This was a full toss, Pretorius moved away and smashed this down towards long-off, Powell did leap and take the catch but over balanced and stepped over the ropes before parrying it back!
7.3 Abhimanyu Mithun to Dwaine Pretorius, slow delivery onto the pitch, Pretorius hoicks this towards the leg side, they get two once again
7.2 Abhimanyu Mithun to Dwaine Pretorius, slower one dug in on a length, Pretorius waits and smashes it with a flat bat, the timing isn't quite there but he still manages to find empty space on the ground, long-off gets across and they get two
7.1 Abhimanyu Mithun to Dwaine Pretorius, slower delivery outside off-stump, Pretorius waits and tries to dab at it but doesn't get bat on it
Abhimanyu Mithun, (1.0-0-0-14) comes back into the attack.

What is happening to the Samp Army here! Another wicket fell in that over as Moeen Ali held out in the deep. This game is still very much on here and looks like we're going down the wire.
90 /5 score
cricket bat icon Dwaine Pretorius
4 (1)
cricket bat icon Chamika Karunaratne *
8 (5)
cricket ball icon Gus Atkinson
1 /26
6.6 Gus Atkinson to Chamika Karunaratne, low full toss outside off, Karunaratne tries going over cover, the timing isn't good but he still manages to clear the man at cover, long-off runs to his left to cut it off and they get two
6.5 Gus Atkinson to Chamika Karunaratne, SIX, full toss on the pads this time, Karunaratne picks it up well, and the ropes at deep square are cleared with ease!