153/10 (20)
127/9 (20)
Bangladesh won by 26 runs.
Player of the match: Shakib Al Hasan
Right then, all eyes will now be on the contest between Scotland and Oman, the day after tomorrow. However, before that, Bangladesh will square off against PNG and hope to win the contest to make it two out of three and make it an even playing surface. But...but, if Oman do manage to beat Scotland, the win might mean nothing and it could be curtains for the Bangla Tigers who will have to pack bags and book a return ticket. Sets us up for a manic Thursday showdown, innit?

So that was that from us tonight. This is Abhinav Singh, alongside my fellow textpert Bala signing off. Until next time, stay safe, stay indoors, and do get vaccinated if you haven't already. Goodbye and Goodnight! Cheers!
Zeeshan Maqsood: It's quite a chaseable task. The way we opened, I think we didn't bat well in the last five-six overs. Like I said, we were in the game till the 15th-16th over. The players have to bat nicely and get the runs. There is no pressure, it is a booster (home crowd). People came here and encouraged us. We are sorry we couldn't make them happy. It is sports, we will come back and make them happy. We play every game like a final game. We have to see where we went wrong and come back hard. It's just another game. 

Mahmudullah: There is a little bit of smile probably. There are a lot of areas to improve. I hope everyone is happy. Thanks to the crowd for coming. They expect us to win. I think they were in the game. Shakib and Naim batted brilliantly which took us over 150. I think we should have bowled better with the new ball. Bowled a few extra wides.  I think our death bowling has been well. In the middle overs bowling, we brought the game back. In the first 6 overs with both bat and ball, we need to improve. 
Shakib Al Hasan is the Player of the Match! "(Loss against Scotland) Hurt the whole team. We were not expecting it. But a lot of credit to Scotland. We had the game in the first 10 overs, but then they came back. They capitalized and played pretty good cricket. It was pretty tough. The loss against Scotland was hurting us. The talk was to come back stronger. Oman was in the game for the most part. We held our neve in the end. Experience mattered. Nasim played well. Mahmudullah's cameo was important. Oman was in the game for almost 15 overs (in the chase). They showed a lot of heart. Best of luck to them for the future games. This win should settle our nerves. We have to win the next game and see what happens between Oman and Scotland. Fingers crossed."
Bangladesh beat Oman by 26 runs

So, it wasn't meant to be for the hosts who harbored dreams of an unlikely victory at the halfway stage in the game. As for Bangladesh, they live to fight another day and keep their hopes of advancing to the next stage of the WC alive. 

However, don't be fooled by the final third act of the match. The victory was hard-earned and Bangladesh were forced to dig deep and use all of their experience to stage the comeback. Defending 154 was going to be a tough task, especially after the rip rollicking start that Jatinder Singh provided in the powerplay. 

Bangladesh looked unspirited and unenergetic in the field and dropped a bucketful of catching chances, missed easy runouts and allowed the Oman batters to settle in. However, after the fielding restrictions were lifted, Bangladesh started clawing their way back into the game. Mahedi Hasan, the wily off-spinner started the stranglehold act as he whizzed past his overs quickly and didn't allow the Oman batters to score freely.

He was aided ably by Mohammed Saifuddin who bowled an excellent four over spell and picked a wicket whilst only shelling 16 runs. However, it was  Mustafizur Rahman that conjured up his magic for the umpteenth time to see his team to the victory shores. 

Fizz nearly got his second five-fer of the World Cup and ensured that Bangladesh emerged victorious in the dogfight where Oman stayed in the game for the better part of first 35 overs. Only if Jatinder Singh had received some support from other Oman batters, he could have played the anchor as well as the aggressor role and carried his team, if not over the line but at least near the line.  

However, at the end of the game, both teams will take a lot of positives ahead in the tournament. Bangladesh will be pleased that they have finally got the victory under their belt, whereas Oman will be pleased that they gave the world's no. 6 ranked team a run for their money. 
126 /9 score
cricket bat icon Mohammad Nadeem *
14 (12)
cricket bat icon Bilal Khan
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Mustafizur Rahman
4 /35
19.6 Mustafizur Rahman to Mohammad Nadeem, low full toss on the off-stump. Nadeem blocks it straight to covers. Bangladesh win the game!
19.5 Mustafizur Rahman to Mohammad Nadeem, SIX! Just long enough! Good short delivery from Mustafizur. Nadeem gets the top edge as he tries to pull The fielder at fineleg seems to be interested but the ball just clears him
19.4 Mustafizur Rahman to Mohammad Nadeem, low full toss marginally outside the off-stump. Swings across the line but makes no contact
19.4 Mustafizur Rahman to Mohammad Nadeem, attempts the reverse ramp but makes no connection. The umpire once again finds it wide of the tramline. A bit of a harsh call there
19.3 Mustafizur Rahman to Mohammad Nadeem, shortish delivery outside off angling away. Nadeem throws his hands at it but makes no contact
19.2 Mustafizur Rahman to Mohammad Nadeem, good length outside the off-stump. Stays in the crease and blocks it to covers
19.1 Mustafizur Rahman to Mohammad Nadeem, FOUR! Slower ball full on the off-stump. Nadeem goes over covers. Calls of catch, but the ball just clears Mushfiqur Rahim at the edge of the circle
19.1 Mustafizur Rahman to Mohammad Nadeem, full and wide of the off-stump. Flirts with the tramline. The umpire is not happy wit it
Mustafizur Rahman [3-0-24-4] to bowl the final over. Can he take the five-fer? Would be his second in the WC

Oman batters manage to delay the inevitable for an over at least. Saifuddin completes his shift for the night with figures reading 4-0-16-1. Some effort that from the young pacer who bowled with some heart and pace. Final 6 deliveries coming up and Oman need an improbable 39 runs 
114 /9 score
cricket bat icon Mohammad Nadeem
4 (6)
cricket bat icon Bilal Khan *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Saifuddin
1 /16
18.6 Mohammad Saifuddin to Bilal Khan, hits the yorker at the base of the off-stump. Jabs it out on the off-side
18.5 Mohammad Saifuddin to Mohammad Nadeem, full delivery on off and middle. Drives the ball down to long-off for a single
18.4 Mohammad Saifuddin to Mohammad Nadeem, full delivery on the off-stump. Nadeem blasts it back to the bowler. It ricochets off his boot to long-off but Nadeem doesn't take the single
18.3 Mohammad Saifuddin to Mohammad Nadeem, short and wide of the off-stump. Attempts the cut but makes no contact
18.2 Mohammad Saifuddin to Mohammad Nadeem, full and straight on the blockhole. Nadeem digs it out to mid-wicket
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