33rd Match, Perth Stadium
171/9 (20)
173/3 (16.3)
PS won by 7 wickets
That's it from a run fest. Scorchers with a dominant win against the best side in the BBL this year. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more. This is the duo if Divyansh and Arya signing off. Goodbye.
Match Summary-

Perth Scorchers win by 7 wickets

Cameron Bancroft 76* (48) | Andrew Tye 3/37 (4.0)
Colin Munro 45 (26) | Mark Steketee 1/35 (2.3)

The Scorchers have made a statement here. With 4 forced changes in the side, they have won this game with ease. An absolute all round and dominant performance from them. They restricted the Heat to a total they can chase after a great start to their innings and chased it down with ease.

They lost a wicket early on, but Bancroft and Hardie played a wonderful innings after that. Both of them scored half centuries and got a 111 run partnership in which won the game for them. Hardie got out to a run-out out of nowhere at 57. 

Bancroft scored 76 and stayed on till the end to make sure their victory. He was helped by his captain who scored 23 off just 12 ball and finished the game quickly.

The bowlers had no answer to Bancroft or Hardie who took the game away from them. Steketee and Kuhnemann got a wicket each but in vain as they all were expensive today and could not defend 171. The Scorchers scored it with 21 balls to spare.
16.3 Mark Steketee to Ashton Turner, SIX! That seals the match for the Perth Scorchers. A short of a length delivery angling down the leg side, Turner uses the pace of the delivery and helps it away on it's way and manages to clear the deep fine leg fence. 
16.2 Mark Steketee to Cameron Bancroft, Bancroft takes a single to a back of a length delivery on middle. Leg byes. 
16.1 Mark Steketee to Cameron Bancroft, SIX! That was right in the slot from Steketee and Bancroft nails it for a maximum over the long-on fence. Was in the slot from Steketee and Bancroft in this form won't miss out. Slams this up and over, comfortably clearing the long-on fence. 
Mark Steketee (2.0-0-23-1) is back into the attack.
14 from the over as they look to finish this as quickly as they can. Just 12 runs required now and 4 overs left.
160 /3 score
cricket bat icon Cameron Bancroft *
70 (46)
cricket bat icon Ashton Turner
17 (11)
cricket ball icon Mitchell Swepson
0 /41
15.6 Mitchell Swepson to Cameron Bancroft, flatter trajectory delivery a shade outside off. Tapped away towards the off side by Bancroft for a quick single. 
15.5 Mitchell Swepson to Cameron Bancroft, a tad short from Swepson. Bancroft rocks back and pulls it away down towards deep midwicket and has enough time to return for a brace. 
15.4 Mitchell Swepson to Ashton Turner, flatter a tad outside off. Turner gets an under edge down towards the short third man region for a single. 
15.3 Mitchell Swepson to Ashton Turner, FOUR! On a fuller-length around middle. Turner gets across the line of the off-stump and sweeps it away all along the ground, down towards deep backward square for a boundary. 
15.2 Mitchell Swepson to Ashton Turner, quicker and flatter on the stumps. Tapped back to the bowler by Turner. 
15.1 Mitchell Swepson to Ashton Turner, SIX! Swepson tosses this up on this occasion and Turner accepts the invitation gleefully. Comes down the track and swings through. Makes good enough connection as the ball goes well over the long-on fence. 
Mitchell Swepson (3.0-0-27-0) is back into the attack.
Steadily moving towards this chase now without taking any risks. Just 26 runs required now and 5 overs left. 
146 /3 score
cricket bat icon Cameron Bancroft *
67 (44)
cricket bat icon Ashton Turner
6 (7)
cricket ball icon Michael Neser
0 /24
14.6 Michael Neser to Cameron Bancroft, a quick fuller-length delivery tailing into Bancroft. He couldn't quite work it away towards the on side. Strikes him on the pads but would have comfortably missed the leg stump. 
14.5 Michael Neser to Ashton Turner, fuller-length delivery on the pads of Turner. Glanced away down towards the long leg fielder and rotates the strike.