46th Match, Perth Stadium, Perth
PS won by 7 wickets
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Aaron Hardie (Man of the Match) - It's a good wicket. Happy to get the win. I have been batting at no.6 over the years and it was a challenging role but I like batting at no.3 and it's been going well. Three games left in the season and hopefully we win all and get a home final. We are traveling to Adelaide tomorrow and I am looking forward to that match
Perth Scorchers won by 7 wickets
Aaron Hardie 90(62) | Tom Andrews 27(21)
Lance Morris 2-21(4) | Riley Meredith 2-35(4)

The Scorchers once again showed how superior they are at their home turf as they produced an astonishing perfomance to outclass the Hurricanes. The start didn't go their way as Eskinazi and Bancroft fell cheaply but Hardie's aggression and Inglis' calculated risk helped them cross the finish line with minimum fuss

Looked like the Hurricanes' bowlers made a match out of this after two quick wickets upfront but Aaron Hardie played a free-flowing innings to suck all the momentum that the visitors gathered up front. Inglis played a second fiddle to the partnership but his contribution at the other end was immense. Once they negotiated Patrick Dooley, Hardie and Inglis shifted gears and smashed the bowlers all around the park. 

Inglis fell after reaching a half-century but Hardie stayed till the end and remained unbeaten on 90 from 62 deliveries
17.3 Nathan Ellis to Aaron Hardie, FOUR! Hardie finishes things in style. Full down the leg-side, Hardie whips it behind square on the leg-side and it trickles into the vacant fine leg fence
17.2 Nathan Ellis to Ashton Turner, slow delivery on off-stump, Turner presses forward and pushes it wide of backward point. One run
17.1 Nathan Ellis to Aaron Hardie, full angling around middle stump, flicked away to deep square leg for a single
Nathan Ellis (3-0-27-0) comes back into the attack
141 /3 score
cricket bat icon Aaron Hardie
85 (60)
cricket bat icon Ashton Turner *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Riley Meredith
2 /35
16.6 Riley Meredith to Ashton Turner, yorker length delivery, Turner was giving himself space to access the off-side but the ball followed him. Turner gets a cue end and it rolls back to the keeper
Ashton Turner, RHB, walks in at no.5
16.5 Riley Meredith to Josh Inglis, OUT! Bangs it short and there is extra bounce as well. Inglis gives room but the ball followed him this time.He tries to play an upper cut but gets an outside edge and Wade makes no mistake
16.4 Riley Meredith to Josh Inglis, FOUR! FIFTY FOR INGLIS! That's innovation at its best. When was the last time a batter played a reverse ramp against Meredith? Full on middle stump, Inglis just reverse his stance, uses the pace and helps it over short third man
16.3 Riley Meredith to Josh Inglis, FOUR! Hits the deck hard around middle and off-stump, Inglis gives room and slaps it over backward point for a boundary
16.2 Riley Meredith to Aaron Hardie, full around leg-stump, Hardie drills it to long-on and gets a single
16.1 Riley Meredith to Aaron Hardie, FOUR! Slow delivery angling in, Hardie waits for the ball to come close before helping it past deep square leg
Riley Meredith (3-0-22-1) comes back into the attack
128 /2 score
cricket bat icon Aaron Hardie *
80 (58)
cricket bat icon Josh Inglis
45 (32)
cricket ball icon Nathan Ellis
0 /27
15.6 Nathan Ellis to Aaron Hardie, full on leg-stump, Hardie drags it down to long-on and gets a single
15.5 Nathan Ellis to Aaron Hardie, SIX! WHAT A SHOT! Hits the deck hard around off-stump, Hardie pulls it over mid-on and it goes all the way for a maximum
15.4 Nathan Ellis to Josh Inglis, pitched up wide of off-stump, Inglis reaches for it and plays a lofted square drive. Sweeper cover moves to his left and keeps them down to a single