20th Match, Perth Stadium
135/10 (20)
136/4 (17.3)
PS won by 6 wickets
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this Big Bash League game. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Soorya. See you soon!
Jhye Richardson is the Player of the Match for his spell of 4/25. Here's what he has to say: Feeling good. Obviously a few little shaky weeks leading into the tournament, not having a lot of practice. Just great to be able to get out there and play some cricket. (On two hat-trick chances today)The first hat-trick opportunity, I don't think I've heard a louder crowd than today. Certainly an awesome experience. Would have liked to have got one but hopefully I get one soon. It was pretty obvious that there were a few conversations to have after the other night. It was about taking a steady and measured approach and the batters did a great job.
Perth Scorchers 136/4 in 17.3 overs
Ashton Turner 53(26) | Luke Wood 2/29
Adam Lyth 35(30) | Nathan Coulter-Nile 1/24

Right so, the Scorchers have romped home here with 6 wickets and almost three overs to go and it has really been an Ashton Turner show tonight! They did loose some early wickets and the game was tightly poised at 73/3 at the 12th over stage. However once Turner and Josh Inglis got together, it became a really easy task for them. The pair got used to the pace of the wicket and did some proper partnership batting. Inglis rotated the strike and played the anchor role while Turner went berserk and knocked the Stars out of the game. Earlier on, it was Adam Lyth who batted really well till he was dismissed in an unfortunate way. He set the foundation for the remainder of the batting order to come and capitalize on.

The Stars tried their best with the ball and they fought really hard throughout the contest. They picked up wickets early on and had kept the game in balance till about the 13th over. However once Turner began to attack, they lost their line and lengths and had no real answer to his onslaught. In the end it was an easy chase for the Scorchers as they couldn't really make a match out of it. Trent Boult was the pick of the bowlers for them and they definitely made a tactical error in leaving him behind for the death overs.

Overall, an emphatic win for the Scorchers as they have moved to the top of the table here! They're ticking most of the boxes and their bowling has been the best so far in this season. The agony continues for the Stars though, as they've now lost 5 out of their 6 games. They will have to regroup themselves and get their act together really quickly here.
Perth Scorchers win by 6 wickets with 15 balls left!
17.3 Luke Wood to Nick Hobson, THAT WILL BE ALL! Back of a length delivery with room outside the off stump. Hobson opens the face and dabs it down to third man who puts in a slide but that single will do for the home side. Another clinic by the Perth Scorchers as they romp home by 6 wickets with 15 deliveries to spare. They surge to the top of the table as well!
17.3 Luke Wood to Nick Hobson, WIDE! Pounded into the track on middle stump and it soars over with a lot of extra bounce. Hobson barely has to flinch as it lobs over. Wide called for height and the scores are level!
17.2 Luke Wood to Nick Hobson, dug into the track just around the off stump and Hobson seems to be caught in two minds there. Bails out of his stroke at the last moment as he arches back
Nick Hobson, LHB, comes to the crease.
17.1 Luke Wood to Ashton Turner, OUT! WHAT AN ANTICLIMAX! Looks to finish it with a biggie as Wood goes short outside leg stump. Turner swivels and pummels it across the line, only to arrow it down the throat of Rogers at deep square leg. What a scintillating innings this has been though from the skipper!

Ashton Turner c Thomas Rogers b Luke Wood 53(26b 6x4 3x6)
There's no stopping Ashton Turner tonight as he seems like man on a mission here! Adam Zampa brought himself on as the last roll of the dice but Turner ripped him apart and put him into the stands.It seems like we're headed for an early finish here as the Scorchers need just 2 runs to win now. What an incredible partnership this has been for them.
134 /3 score
cricket bat icon Josh Inglis
19 (23)
cricket bat icon Ashton Turner *
53 (25)
cricket ball icon Adam Zampa
0 /36
16.6 Adam Zampa to Ashton Turner, tucks him for room with a back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump. Turner hangs back and knocks it into the leg-side for a single to retain strike
16.5 Adam Zampa to Ashton Turner, SIX! JUST OVER! FIFTY FOR TURNER! Length delivery well outside the off stump as he tosses it up. Turner makes room and shanks it across the line. Goes miles up and just about lobs over the outstretched hand of the man at long on but what a blitzkrieg this has been from the Scorchers skipper!
16.4 Adam Zampa to Ashton Turner, FOUR MORE! It's getting over in a hurry now! Fires it very full on leg stump and Turner makes room again to transfer weight forward completely. Powers it straight through the line of it and creams it straight of long on for four
16.3 Adam Zampa to Ashton Turner, SIX! HE'S HAVING A BALL NOW! Tossed up into the slot at the stumps and he makes room to launch his swing gun barrel straight over the bowler's head. Sends it towering over the sightscreen for a maximum!
16.2 Adam Zampa to Josh Inglis, flighted full on middle and leg stump. Inglis gets forward and flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a single
16.1 Adam Zampa to Josh Inglis, STIFLED APPEAL! Slides a wrong 'un into a back of a length radar on middle stump and Inglis is caught on the crease. Fails to keep it out as it strikes him high on the pad. Looked a lot closer really!
Adam Zampa [3.0-0-18-0] back into the attack.

This game is slipping away from the hands of the Stars now! It was another expensive over from Luke Wood, this time and it's looking all too easy for the Scorchers at the moment.
116 /3 score
cricket bat icon Josh Inglis
18 (21)
cricket bat icon Ashton Turner *
36 (21)
cricket ball icon Luke Wood
1 /27
15.6 Luke Wood to Ashton Turner, FOUR! TOO EASY! Wretched length delivery speared well down the leg-side but Turner decides to go after it. Stays low and picks it up and around the corner to place it very fine as it races to the fence past the boundary rider