169/5 (20)
170/5 (19.3)
IU won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Faheem Ashraf
We now move on to Eliminator 2 at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, where the hosts Lahore Qalandars will take on Islamabad United, in what is expected to be a clash in front of a capacity crowd! It will be all to play for as both teams will try their level best to outdo each other and we cannot wait for the contest to unfold! Do join us for that enthralling encounter and for now, allow the pair of Dwijesh and Bidipto, to take your leave! Keep following Sportskeeda! 

Peshawar Zalmi, batting first - 169 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in their 20 overs; Shoaib Malik 55 (43)
Islamabad United, batting second - 170 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in their 20 overs; Alex Hales 62 (49)

Islamabad United beat Peshawar Zalmi by 5 wickets and progress to Eliminator 2.

Player of the Match: Faheem Ashraf - [3-0-15-1], a catch and 19* (13) (2x4, 1x6)

The match was a complete see-saw, with one team throwing punches once, followed by the other team next. In the end, Islamabad United held their nerves to pull off a welcome victory, and a much needed one, to set up a mouth-watering clash against Lahore Qalandars in Eliminator 2. 

Beginning the chase, leg spinner Ali Majid caused a lot of confusion in the Islamabad camp, creating two chances that were not taken, both to dismiss Alex Hales, who turned out to be the highest scorer for the winning side on his return. There were significant contributions from Shadab Khan and Azam Khan with the bat, and a nice cameo from Asif Ali as well, to help Islamabad come out on top. But the unbeaten, quickfire efforts from Faheem Ashraf and Liam Dawson, handed their team a magnificent victory. 

The bowling from both spinners - Ali Majid and Khalid Usman - was good, as they gave away 50 runs in total, taking 1 wicket. Khalid Usman went for less than 5 RPO. But the star of the bowling show could well have been Salman Irshad, who bowled some lovely yorkers and change-ups to take 3 wickets in his spell and almost win the match for his Peshawar Zalmi team. Wahab Riaz unfortunately, went for plenty in his 4 overs, leaving Benny Howell too much to do in the last over for his side. Howell too was decent with his clever changes of pace. 

There was dew on the ground, that affected proceedings for Peshawar, but they could not quite do what was required of them with the ball in the manner that could have won them the game. 

Faheem Ashraf was outstanding with both bat and ball, and was rightly adjudged the player of the match. 

Player of the Match, Faheem Ashraf:
I had the plan that to hit the hard length and bowl on a tight line and length. With the bat, I ensured that I did not give my wicket away. Hopefully, we will go on and win tomorrow.

Peshawar Zalmi captain, Wahab Riaz:
There were lapses in the field and with the ball. There was a lot of dew on the ground today, but we were not good enough with the execution of our plans. Peshawar though, provide very good cricket in the PSL, every time. I must give credit to our local players to take us this far. There will hopefully be a good mix of experience and youth next season.

Islamabad United captain, Shadab Khan: 
It is great to get some of our best players back and Alex Hales was brilliant tonight, as he is in T20 cricket around the world. We have struggled in the group stage through injuries, but now, let's hope that things come off for us. It was a conscious decision to send Dawson out to bat, and we backed him to get the job done to be honest. 
Alex Hales: It was very exciting and every one is pumped up. It was a tough chase and we did well in the end. The pitch was a touch slower but I was a bit rusty, the left-arm spinner did well against me. Shadab had a big injury but to play today shows how important Islamabad is to him. Dawson is a big hitter and has been doing so for a few years. Hopefully we'll get a day's sleep and get going against Lahore tomorrow
Islamabad United win a thriller by 5 wickets, with 3 balls to spare! 
19.3 Benny Howell to Liam Dawson, FOUR! A full-toss on middle and off, Dawson ramps it over fine-leg for a boundary and with that Islamabad United stays alive in PSL 2022!
Four runs to get off four balls! 
19.2 Benny Howell to Liam Dawson, SIX! Dawson has turned the game on its head! Howell bowls another slower one on middle and leg, Dawson pulls it over deep midwicket for a maximum. Surely it's game over right?
Ten runs to get off 5 balls! 
Liam Dawson, RHB, is at the crease. 
19.1 Benny Howell to Azam Khan, LBW! Howell has struck first! A slower ball bowled on middle and off, Azam gets down low to heave it around the corner but is struck in front of middle and off. Azam reviews in desperation but it looks dead out to the naked eye. A brilliant slower ball from Howell and it is three reds to spell an end to Azam Khan''s knock

Azam Khan lbw b Benny Howell 28 (22) (1x4, 2x6)
Benny Howell [3.0-0-24-0] is into the attack.

The Islamabad 150 is on the board! The wides from Wahab will not please his supporters. And then, the ball in the arc of Azam Khan, in the slot, at pace, was carved over the top for a big six! The Peshawar captain has been far too expensive tonight. Will it cost his side the match? We'll see. 10 runs to get off the last 6 balls. 
160 /4 score
cricket bat icon Azam Khan
28 (21)
cricket bat icon Faheem Ashraf *
19 (13)
cricket ball icon Wahab Riaz
0 /52
18.6 Wahab Riaz to Faheem Ashraf, DOT BALL! A back of a length ball bowled outside off, Ashraf has a swing at it and misses
18.5 Wahab Riaz to Azam Khan, a back of a length delivery bowled on middle and off, Azam pulls it to deep square leg for a single
18.4 Wahab Riaz to Azam Khan, SIX! THAT COULD BE THE GAME! It was a full ball bowled on middle and leg, Azam gets underneath and launches it over long-on for a massive maximum
18.4 Wahab Riaz to Azam Khan, WIDE! Riaz is getting his radar awfully wrong. He bowls another full ball outside the tramline, forcing the umpire's hand once again
18.4 Wahab Riaz to Azam Khan, WIDE! A full ball bowled outside the tramline as Azam cannot reach out to that one. Wide given!