Prague CC Rooks 47/7 (10 ov)
United CC 48/3 (6.4 ov)
United CC won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Mustafa Nawab
First ever ECS win for United CC and there could not have been a better performance for it to come. Completing a comfortable chase is the end with 7 wickets and over three overs to spare. Shows how dominating they have been from start to the end. First with the ball doing a great job to restrict the Prague CC batsmen to under fifty runs and then coming out and chasing it rather easily. 

Abhimanyu Singh top scoring with 16 runs in a nothing chase. Prague CC bowlers did keep it as tidy as they could at the beginning but they just did not have enough runs to play with and some really poor bowling at the end just helping the batsmen get the job done in quick time. 14 extras defending 48 that hurt them as well and you cannot afford to give away as many extras in a low scoring game. 

Just the kind of performance that United CC needed to lift themselves up and get going then in this tournament. Absolutely pleasing with the all-round effort and a clinical victory that will lift their spirits up. That's all from the final game of the day from ECS T10 Prague. We will be back tomorrow with more action coming your way. Stay tuned and also, stay home, stay safe!
This is extremely poor bowling and he's just helped United CC to hurry up getting past the line in this game, which they will and this is their first win of the tournament and quite a convincing one as well. Dominant show with both bat and ball and this has been a pleasing performance from them! 
6.4 Kamaldeep Singh to Pramod Bagauly, AND THERE IT IS! Flighted full outside off, Bagauly pushes it towards short cover before running across and completing the run that gives United CC their first ever win in ECS Cricket! They win by 7 wickets with 20 deliveries to spare!
6.3 Kamaldeep Singh to Pramod Bagauly, lets out a wrong 'un outside off, Bagauly presses forward but ends up beaten on the edge!
6.2 Kamaldeep Singh to Ayush Sharma, on a length outside off, opens the face of the bat and guide it towards backward point for a quick single; scores are level!
6.1 Kamaldeep Singh to Ayush Sharma, GETS IT RIGHT AT LAST! Pitched on a length in the channel, driven straight to short cover
6.1 Kamaldeep Singh to Pramod Bagauly, WIDE! THE MISERY CONTINUES! Dishes it out very wide down leg and the batters cross over for a run! Jeez, this is some over! 
6.1 Kamaldeep Singh to Ayush Sharma, NO BALL! AGAIN! Dropped very very short again outside off and it's another one that bounces twice! Driven along the ground towards long off for a single
6.1 Kamaldeep Singh to Ayush Sharma, NO BALL! SIX! FILTH FROM KAMALDEEP! Bangs it in wayyyyy too short and the ball bounces twice - given a no ball but not before Ayush feasts in on it and smothers a pull high and long over mid-wicket!
6.1 Kamaldeep Singh to Ayush Sharma, WIDE! Dragged down outside the tramline, well beyond the reach of the batsman and called a wide!
Over: 6 | Summary: 4 W 0 0 0 0 Bowler: Christopher Tebb Score: 0/0
5.6 Christopher Tebb to Pramod Bagauly, BEATEN! Excellent comeback from Tebb! Dipping in late on a full length outside off, Bagauly pokes at it but the ball beats the outside edge through to the keeper!
5.5 Christopher Tebb to Pramod Bagauly, dipping on a length in the channel, walks across and pushes it along the ground to the man at backward point
5.4 Christopher Tebb to Pramod Bagauly, very full outside off, presents a straight bat and drives it to the man at cover point
5.3 Christopher Tebb to Pramod Bagauly, OOH! Nearly into the blockhole outside off, Bagauly presses forward for a drive but is cut in half instead!
5.2 Christopher Tebb to Abhimanyu Singh, OUT! WHAT A RIPOSTE! On a good length on off, Abhimanyu is in two minds as he fails to pick the length; he stays rooted to the crease and ends up getting beaten for pace as the ball shoots right through his defense!
5.1 Christopher Tebb to Abhimanyu Singh, FOUR! SLAPPED AWAY! Starts with a loopy, juicy full toss outside off and Abhimanyu creams it through the extra cover region with a lot power as he beats the fielder through to the ropes!
Productive over for United CC as they inch closer towards victory at the half-way mark. Prague CC have done well but they do not have a lot to play with which has been the issue. 18 more is all United CC need, well on their way!
Over: 5 | Summary: 2w 1 1 0 4 0 1 Bowler: Naveen Dhekshnamoorthy Gunasekran Score: 30/2
4.6 Naveen Gunasekaran to Abhimanyu Singh, back of a length outside off, enough room for a cut shot as the fielder at point picks up!
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