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Prague Barbarians Vandals won by 47 runs.
That's it from us! This was me, Pradeep Somashekar along with Maanas Upadhyay, bringing you the live-action of the contest between the Prague Spartans Vanguards and Prague Barbarians Vandals in the Czech Super Series. Signing off! Stay safe, take care!
A comprehensive victory for Vandals!

Spartans struggled throughout the innings, Satyajit 18(13) and Kranthi 1(2) didn't come good in this match, Prasanna Ganesan 36(24) tried to get the innings moving, but couldn't manage to keep up the RRR. They needed some big hitting to chase this mammoth total as well, dropping Sabawoon proved costly for Spartans. They were stuck in the middle overs to get boundaries and costed the game for them.

On the other hand, Vandals looked very comfortable from the onset to win this one, didn't give away anything, there were a lot of overs that went for just under 10 runs, courtesy some excellent bowling by Sagar Madhireddy 8/1 from his 2 overs, Jafar Stooman 13/1 from his 2 and Honey Gori 15/0. Very disciplined performance from their bowlers today saw them winning this one easily. A command performance overall by Vandals, started with blistering fifty by Sabawoon Davizi who took the game away from Spartans early on in the match!

Vandals win this one comfortably, Prague Barbarians Vandals beat Prague Spartans Vanguards by 47 runs! MASSIVE win for Vandals! 
9.6 P Kumar to N Tyagi, slower ball outside off and it hits the batsman on the body and deflects towards third-man for a leg-bye single.
9.5 P Kumar to P Bhalodiya, length ball pushed to cover for a single.
9.4 P Kumar to P Bhalodiya, no run! Comes down the wicket but cannot get any bat on it. 
9.3 P Kumar to P Bhalodiya, no run! Length ball outside off and that is a big swing and a miss.
9.2 P Kumar to P Bhalodiya, no run! A big swing and a miss. 
9.1 P Kumar to P Ganesan, OUT! Full ball swinging in and the batsman mistimes it straight to cover. Dawizi takes an easy catch!
Prasanna Ganesan is not giving up, they finally get a big over, it's too little too late as well. 17 runs coming from it, PSG are 74/3 after 9 overs! They need 50 runs from 6 balls!
8.6 S Davizi to P Ganesan, length ball outside off edged to third man for a single.
8.5 S Davizi to P Ganesan, SIX! In the slot and the batsman punishes that over long on for a huge maximum! A little too late for PSV now!
8.4 S Davizi to P Ganesan, FOUR! Short ball outside off and the batsman pulls it away over square leg for another boundary!
8.3 S Davizi to P Ganesan, FOUR! Length ball on the body and the batsman swivels it away for four towards fine leg.
8.2 S Davizi to P Bhalodiya, full ball hit down to long on for a single.
8.1 S Davizi to P Ganesan, length ball outside off that does not bounce. Mistimed for a single.
Spartans going no where in this innings, "clueless" the right word! Jafar rewards himself with a wicket in that over, some excellent bowling again. PSG are 57/3 after 8 overs! They need 67 runs in 12 balls, looking highly unlikely!
7.6 J Stooman to P Ganesan, full ball outside off driven to long on for another single.
7.5 J Stooman to P Bhalodiya, single taken towards long off.
7.4 J Stooman to V Jagannivasan, OUT! BOWLED! Full ball swinging in and the batsman plays in a completely wrong line. The bails are dislodged and Jagannivasan has to walk back!
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