139/5 (10)
140/3 (9.4)
AUT won by 7 wickets
It's been a cracker of a game, this one! Filled with action, drama, some serious batting power, and a lot of nerves. Spain did their best, but it was Austria at the end who come out on top and take the two points to edge closer to the top 3. Austria are showing some discipline and can be a serious contender if they keep this up. On the other hand, Spain need to revisit the drawing board and find answer to their flaws. 

With that, it will be all from us! There is another cracking game starting now in the ECC, so switch tabs and follow some more action. For now, along with Karthik Raj, it will be me, Ankit Sharma, taking your leave! Goodbye and take care! 
Another loss for Spain, making it four off four, but this time it comes to them in a different way. They've batted second so far in the tournament, and have failed to chase the target down, but today, they batted first, and failed to defend their target. Credits to the Austrian side though, for not shying away, and being pressured by the big total on the board. In fact, taking up the challenge and taking it ball by ball. Some good knocks in the second innings, that have helped them clinch the victory. 

Spain started off well, picking up the early wickets of Iqbal Hossain and skipper Razmal Shigiwal, inside the first 10 balls. But since then, it was all downhill for them, as they could not cope up with the pressure of defending the total. Atif Mehmood, a sure shot bowler at the death, had to walk away from his first over, after he bowled a couple of over the waist no balls, denting the chances of Spain, before the game had even got to the second over. But either way, looking at how the Austrian batters played, it would have seldom made a difference. 

Bilal Zalmai took charge, and was joined by Shahil Momin in the center, as they took the Spain bowlers apart one by one and scored runs for fun. Zalmai was the aggressive one initially, while Momin played second fiddle, but probably by just a little bit. Zalmai went onto score a brilliant 43 runs knock, off just 18 deliveries, and set the platform for Mirza Ahsan to come and capitalise on. Momin stayed till the end, and made sure there are no late hiccups in this chase, and saw the team through at the end.

Mirza Ahsan took over the baton from Zalmai, and filled the shoes perfectly. Scored a quick fire 29 off just 11 balls, and supported Momin in the chase. Momin went onto notch up his half century, off just 22 balls, consisting of 5 fours and 3 sixes. An innings he'll remember and an innings he'll look back to for confidence. Austria stay in the hunt for the top 3 and their batting order has clicked at the right time. 

For Spain, their bowlers, who had previously in the third week, done well to defend lower scores, failed to repeat their efforts, and were toyed with with the wide array of shots of the oppositions, bundled with a but of luck as well. Although, Spain are not out yet, they are still alive in the competition, and if they manage to win the Elimination round later on in the week, they'll have a shot at redemption against the big guns. But that's still a while away. For now, Spain need to re-strategize their re-analyze their shortcomings and improve on it before the next game. They've made it into this week, so they do know they are capable of winning, but they need just the right combinations. 
That'll be the win and it's Mirza Ahsan who scores the winning run to give Austria two crucial points, as they try and finish in the top 3! Spain managed to put up a mammoth score of 139, but their bowlers could not back up the batters, and it will be Austria who stay in the hunt! 
9.4 Zulqarnain Haider to Mirza Ahsan, full-toss, Mirza drives it to mid-wicket where the fielder fumbles. Single taken as Austria pull off a thrilling seven-wicket win with two balls to spare
Fifty up for Shahil Momin! What a knock this has been, under pressure, and surely he's taken his team through here! 
9.3 Zulqarnain Haider to Shahil Momin, full-toss, Momin flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a single. This brings up his fifty!
9.2 Zulqarnain Haider to Shahil Momin, length delivery, Momin lofts it to long-off for a boundary. FOUR!!
9.1 Zulqarnain Haider to Shahil Momin, full and wide, Momin slices it wide of long-off for a maximum. SIX!!
Zulqarnain Haider, comes back into the attack for the final over 
Confusion in the middle, not only between the players, but also the umpires! A decision of a no ball is retracted, and it's been given a dot ball. This is poor umpiring to be honest, changing their decision, just because the bowler is unhappy, or the fielding team is not happy. They've made a decision, and they should stick to it. This could impact the result of the game. Meanwhile, Mirza Ahsan picks up a couple of boundaries to inch his team closer to the finish line. 12 needed off 6. 
129 /5 score
cricket bat icon Shahil Momin *
39 (20)
cricket bat icon Mirza Ahsan
28 (10)
cricket ball icon Ravi Panchal
1 /21
8.6 Ravi Panchal to Shahil Momin, full-toss, Momin drives it to long-on for a single
8.5 Ravi Panchal to Shahil Momin, big full-toss outside-off, Momin flashes and misses it.
8.4 Ravi Panchal to Mirza Ahsan, full delivery, Mirza plays it to deep extra-cover for a single
8.3 Ravi Panchal to Mirza Ahsan, length delivery, Mirza swings and edges it to third-man for a boundary. FOUR!!
8.2 Ravi Panchal to Mirza Ahsan, short delivery, Mirza pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary. FOUR!!
8.1 Ravi Panchal to Shahil Momin, short of a length delivery, Momin carves it to deep point for a single
Ravi Panchal comes back into the attack 
Shahil Momin is no mood to bow down to the Spaniards, and he's blasting the ball left right and centre. He's climbed up to 37 off just 16, and Austria are steaming over the finish line. 23 runs needed to win from 12 balls. 
117 /5 score
cricket bat icon Shahil Momin *
37 (16)
cricket bat icon Mirza Ahsan
19 (7)
cricket ball icon Raja Adeel
1 /24