144/8 (20)
145/7 (20)
SUR won by 3 wickets
This Surrey team just can't lose. They were up against the wall at the back end, and things got worse when Siddle nailed those yorkers to perfection in the final over and got three wickets. But somehow, McKerr emerged as a hero in his first match of the tournament and helps his team to keep their winning streak alive. 

What an entertainment we had in an iconic Oval and hope you enjoyed the coverage of this thriller. Until next time, this is Pragadeesh and Pratyush saying goodbye and goodnight
Surrey (145/7, 20 overs) beat Somerset (144-8, 20 overs) by 3 wickets

Will Jacks 66(58)  | Tom Banton 39(25)
Gus Atkinson 2-36(4) | Lewis Gregory 3-25(4)

What a match. Nothing more we could ask for as Surrey keep their undefeated streak alive by edging past Somerset in a last-ball thriller. It was expected to be a one-sided battle after Surrey restricted Somerset below 150 but this match kept us in the edge of the seat at the back end. The veteran Siddle was about to end Surrey's winning streak but Conor McKerr, who didn't face a single ball in this tournament, caressed the drive past the extra cover to leave the dugout in jubilation.

Surrey openers punished Siddle inside the powerplay and stitched a 49-run opening stand. Then, Sunil Narine was promoted up the order but he didn't do any damage in the middle despite being handed a lifeline by Lewis Goldsworthy. Soon after, the spinners kept things tight in the middle overs and Surrey's middle-order batters got the starts but didn't convert into a big score.

Lewis Gregory was chipping in with crucial wickets and tension started to build in the Surrey camp after Will Jacks was running out of partners. With 24 needed in 12 balls, Jacks and Jordan charged Brooks for a six and a boundary to reduce the equation to 9 needed in the final over.

With the well-set Jacks still at the crease, things looked easy-peasy for Surrey but he just faced a single delivery in the last over. Peter Siddle got rid of Chris Jordan before nailing two yorkers to dismiss Reifer and Atkinson, but the debutant McKerr had the final laugh as he smashed the boundary, much to the delight of the Surrey dugout
145 /7 score
cricket bat icon Will Jacks
66 (58)
cricket bat icon Conor McKerr *
4 (1)
cricket ball icon Peter Siddle
3 /42
19.6 Peter Siddle to Conor McKerr, HE GETS IT THROUGH FOR FOUR! SURREY CLINCH A THRILLER! Siddle was looking for the yorker again as McKerr unnervingly backed away to make some room. The Austrlian missed his yorker by a little bit and that's all McKerr needed, crashing it through extra cover to get his side over the line and keep their unbeaten record intact. Siddle is on his haunches. Contrasting emotions for the two sides but what a game of cricket they have produced. Surrey win a memorable encounter by 3 wickets.
4 runs needed in the final ball. Will Siddle end Surrey's undefeated streak?
Conor McKerr, RHB, walks in at no.9
19.5 Peter Siddle to Gus Atkinson, BOWLED HIM! ANOTHER YORKER! Peter Siddle is turning back the years here. What a game this is turning out to be! Full and straight with the yorker again as Atkinson backs away, probably expecting the short one. Siddle hits the base of off-stump and finds himself on a hat-trick as he tries to seal the game. Meanwhile, Will Jacks is absolutely fuming at the non-striker's end. Fuming!

Gus Atkinson b Peter Siddle 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6)
Gus Atkinson, RHB, walks in at no.8
19.4 Peter Siddle to Nico Reifer, CLEANED HIM UP WITH A YORKER! How about that from Peter Siddle? That was rapid! Full and straight to crash into the base of middle stump. Straight through Reifer's defenses before he knew it. What a ball! What a game!

Nico Reifer b Peter Siddle 4 (3m 2b 1x4 0x6)
4 needed from 3 balls
19.3 Peter Siddle to Nico Reifer, FOUR! That is an absolute gift from Siddle. Reifer facing his first ball this season couldn't have asked for much more. Full delivery into the pads and he flicks it behind square to collect four
8 needed from 4 balls. Wills is off strike
Nico Reifer, RHB, walks in at no.7
19.2 Peter Siddle to Chris Jordan, SKIED IT TOWARDS DEEP MID-WICKET... LAMMONBY HOLDS ON! Banged in short this time and Jordan looks to hammer his pull over mid-wicket. It's more of the top edge though, meaning it's some more practice for Lammonby in the deep. Not the best of shots from Jordan perhaps. Somerset are still alive in this one!

Chris Jordan c Tom Lammonby b Peter Siddle 14 (18m 10b 2x4 0x6)
19.1 Peter Siddle to Will Jacks, full and straight slower one. It was in the slot for Jacks and his eyes lit up as he looked for the heave across the line. Skews off the thick inside edge for a single at short fine leg
Here we go... It's Peter Siddle to Will Jacks
Surrey need 9 runs from 6 balls
Chris Jordan just eases all the tension that was building inside the Surrey dugout with a boundary. Brooks didn't deliver for Somerset when they needed him the most and now things are well within Surrey's hands.
136 /4 score
cricket bat icon Will Jacks
65 (57)
cricket bat icon Chris Jordan *
14 (9)
cricket ball icon Jack Brooks
0 /26
18.6 Jack Brooks to Chris Jordan, FOUR! CHEEKY! Clever work from the Surrey captain. Expecting the full and wide yorker again and he's anticipated correctly. Backs away and stays deep in his crease to slice this through backward point and short third man for a boundary