213/4 (20)
61/10 (11.1)
SS won by 152 runs.
Player of the match: Josh Philippe
Sydney Sixers won by 152 runs

A good day in the office for the defending champions, who start off the season, clinching all 3 points up for grab, including the bash boost point. But, to top it off they've won by the biggest margin ever in BBL history! That's how good they've been today, and they've dominated each and every department. Not once, did the Stars show signs of fighting in the game, or giving a tough fight to the opposition. 

Philippe, Vince and Henriques set the stage on fire, scoring a barrage of runs, and going about things their own way. Vince and Philippe took a couple of overs, to assert the pitch maybe, but then wreaked havoc, and took the bowlers to cleaners. Henriques brought up his fastest half century, and helped the team reach a franchise record of 213 after the first innings. 

The Stars had their work cut out for them, but they were humiliated even further, when O'Keefe came out with the ball, and bagged in two early wickets in the first over itself. It was the perfect start for the Sixers, who went on to win the game. Abbott joined the spinner, and got the big wicket of Maxwell, soon after, to ensure the Stars are in a rut. 

There was no escaping for the Melbourne franchise, as the bowlers kept coming in, bowling in the right areas, and picking wickets. Barring Jordan, all other bowlers chippe in, and ensured the Sixers win this game by a comfortable margin. 

Hayden Kerr picked up a couple of wickets in the middle overs, and put the opposition under more pressure. He got just the one over, and did not get a chance to complete the hat trick. O'Keefe came back to pick two more wickets in his 3rd over, and was the only bowler who bowled out 4 overs. 

Abbott picked up 3 in total, and Curran picked up just the sole wicket, which was the final one, as the Stars were bundled out for just 61 runs. It was a day to forget for the Stars, but they have a lot of work to be done in their camp. The coaches and skipper need to assess the shortcomings of the team, and need to re strategize tactics. 

For the Sixers, barely anything needs to be done, with the form they are in, and the recent performances over the last two years. They need to keep this up, continue to perform, and stay on top of the game, as they march their way towards a third consecutive trophy. 

While this was a one way street, the BBL action has only started! We have another 50 odd days of entertainment from down under, from the most exciting league, so do join us tomorrow again, as Sydney Thunder take on Brisbane Heat! 

That's all for now! We hope you enjoyed it, as much as we did, bringing it to you! I have been Ankit Sharma, along with my good friend, Sooryanarayanan Sesha, as I bid you goodbye!
Josh Philippe (Player of the Match): It was just a great performance by all the boys. We started off really well and then the bowlers finished it off well. SOKY (O'Keefe) was brilliant again. Everyone chipped in and almost all our bowlers got amongst the wickets which was great to see. When I came back from Bangladesh I was watching a lot of the England test series. I saw Joe Root had changed his stance a little bit. I took a bit of that - I don't quite bat like him but I tried to follow a few things and luckily it worked out. It's our home ground, we play here a lot and are used to the conditions. (On some new borns arriving in the Sixers camp) Sean Abbott's due very very soon, Dan Christian as well - he's due tomorrow so some happy times for us.
The biggest ever defeat in BBL history! That says enough and everything about this game! It's been one way traffic today, and the Stars have just not shown up today. From ball one, it was the Sixers who controlled the game, dominated the game, and stole the game away, without a lot of trouble. Maxwell comes out with a grim face, because he knows the issues that his team can face, going into the tournament. 
11.1 Tom Curran to Brody Couch, OUT! GAME OVER! Slower delivery in the slot just outside off, Couch crouches a touch low and chips it a mile into the sky and no matter how high the ball goes, the Sixers aren't going to do any wrong tonight. Cover point pouches the skier to draw the curtains on the most one-sided of one-sided affairs you will ever see. Sydney Sixers have annihilated the Melbourne Stars by a mind-boggling 152 runs!
Tom Curran (1.0-0-9-1) comes back into the attack 
O'Keefe concludes his spell with a four-fer! A fantastic spell from the veteran, who started the collapse in the very first over, and set the precedence of what is to come! The Stars are fighting a lost battle, but can they survive 9 more runs? 
61 /9 score
cricket bat icon Syed Faridoun
6 (5)
cricket bat icon Brody Couch *
8 (9)
cricket ball icon Steve O'Keefe
4 /14
10.6 Steve O'Keefe to Brody Couch, low full toss just outside leg, Couch gets forward to turn it towards the man at deep mid-wicket to keep the strike.
10.5 Steve O'Keefe to Brody Couch, with the arm and just outside off, on a good length and Couch hangs back to chop it back down the pitch to the bowler.
10.4 Steve O'Keefe to Syed Faridoun, full outside off, quick in pace and Faridoun leans across for a push towards cover as he tees off for a quick single.
10.3 Steve O'Keefe to Syed Faridoun, on a good length and sliding into the stumps, Faridoun rocks back for a pull but he plays all around it and gets into a tangle to be struck high on the thigh pads.
10.2 Steve O'Keefe to Syed Faridoun, OPTIMISTIC SHOUT FROM THE BOWLER! With the arm and angled into the leg-stump, Faridoun gets forward and plays all around it with the ball striking him down leg.
10.1 Steve O'Keefe to Syed Faridoun, FOUR! STREAKY! Fired very full outside off, Faridoun gets across and jams his bat down to squirt it off the edge as he shapes for a wristy drive. The ball trickles past the chase of short third man for four.
Sydney Sixers win the bash boost point! No surprises there, seeing how the game has transpired today! Who would have thought the first day of the BBL, we would see such a one sided affair? The Sixers have dominated this one through and through, showing why they are favourites to go for a third consecutive title! Stars need 159 runs from 60 deliveries! 
55 /9 score
cricket bat icon Syed Faridoun
1 (1)
cricket bat icon Brody Couch *
7 (7)
cricket ball icon Chris Jordan
0 /15
9.6 Chris Jordan to Brody Couch, another well-directed bouncer angled into the stumps, Couch ducks again to take evasive action as he leaves it to the keeper again.
9.5 Chris Jordan to Brody Couch, OOH! GREAT CARRY! Dug short and just outside the line of off, Couch drops his bat inside the line of it and is lucky he does so - the ball rises steeply and just whistles past the outside edge to the keeper.
9.4 Chris Jordan to Brody Couch, CARTED BEHIND POINT! Short of a length with a lot of width on offer, slower delivery and Couch reaches out to scythe it late behind point before the sweeper cuts across with a dive to keep it down to two.
9.3 Chris Jordan to Brody Couch, AHH! Slower delivery on a good length in the corridor, Couch has a go at it with stiff feet only for the ball to keep low and cut him in half.
9.2 Chris Jordan to Brody Couch, responds with a bouncer dug into the stumps this time and Couch takes evasive action with a duck to leave the keeper to do the rest.