163/10 (20)
114/9 (20)
SNO won by 49 runs.
Player of the match: Pooja Vastrakar
Right then. In this short and crisp tournament (hopefully, the last of its kind) the Supernovas have taken the early lead by winning the opening game. With a win tomorrow, they can seal their spot in the finals. Gunning up against them though (apart from humidity and tiredness) will be Deepti Sharma's Velocity side. That should be another cracking contest in the afternoon. And of course, to follow it up, one of Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals will also have the chance to book their spot in the IPL final. We've got a tantalizing Tuesday in store for you tomorrow but that's it for now. This is the duo of Pratyush and Shashwat, taking your leave. Goodnight! 
Harmanpreet Kaur (Supernovas captain): It was the perfect match for us. We wanted to bowl in the second innings and we did that really well. Whatever we had planned to do, we executed that. We were 20 runs short. Whenever I was looking to accelerate, we lost a few wickets. I had to stay there in the middle but if could have managed another partnership, we could have managed for 170-180. We need to look to build partnerships. We got a very good one in the first six overs but after that, we weren't able to create much, once Harleen and my partnership was broken. If we manage to do that right, we can get the runs we want to. Pooja did a great job for us and that's what we were expecting from her. Bowling in these conditions was helping her and I'm really happy with the way she bowled. We just need to come back (tomorrow) with the same motion. When you win the game, you are happy and relaxed. Because we won the game, you don't feel as tired. Tomorrow is a big game and we will look to win it.
Pooja Vastrakar: The plan was to focus on my areas and get an early breakthrough for my side. It was fun to bowl on this surface. Even when we were practicing, the ball was coming out of the hand nicely. So, I was just looking to stick to the hard lengths and keep it tight. There was plenty of wind, so we had a chat about hitting into the wind while batting and making them hit against the wind. Apart from that, just wanted to restrict them to a minimal total. We had a few team bonding sessions and we've had a good combination. We were having fun on the field.
Smriti Mandhana (Trailblazers captain): Not the result we wanted. I think we did well in the second half of the first innings. At one point, I thought they will get to 180 but the bowlers did well. We were on course to chase the total but a lot of back to back wickets didn't help. We need to work on build partnerships. I think we were going well till the eighth or the ninth over. I spoke to the bowlers that the outfield is fast and the wicket is good. Even if you get hit for a four or six, don't worry and don't panic. I think our bowlers did well to pull it back. I think we will have to think about a few things in our batting line-up. We will maybe have a rest, train one day and come back strong against Velocity and not repeat the mistakes we made tonight
Supernovas win 49 by runs

Harmanpreet Kaur - 37 (29) | Pooja Vastrakar - 4/12
Smriti Mandhana - 34 (23) | Hayley Matthews - 3/29

In a day when we saw the best powerplay score and the highest score of the tournament, we now have the biggest margin of victory in the tournament. The defending champions start their tournament with a disappointing loss against the Supernovas, with a crazy 20-minute period taking the game away from them, to be honest.

The Trailblazers bowlers did well in the first innings to restrict the Supernovas to what seemed like a par total on the board. The opening duo of Mandhana and Matthews laid the platform at the top with the skipper leading from the front. They were cruising at one stage but a staggering collapse saw them sink quicker than the Titanic.

Vastrakar dismissed the two openers, with Mandhana back in the hut at 63-2 in the eight over. The right-arm pacer got four wickets in her match-winning spell as the Trailblazers crumbled to 73-7 by the twelfth over. Jemimah Rodrigues was the final hope against her former side but even she perished against the might of Vastrakar. Meanwhile, Ecclestone and King went about their business as usual.

The game was pretty much done and dusted at that stage, but the Trailblazers managed to bat out their remaining overs to ensure their net run rate doesn't plummet to the point of no return. Job well done for Harmanpreet Kaur's side, who will have to come out and do it all again in less than 24 hours. Stick around for what the captains have to say! 
114 /9 score
cricket bat icon Renuka Singh
14 (18)
cricket bat icon Rajeshwari Gayakwad *
7 (10)
cricket ball icon Deandra Dottin
0 /7
19.6 Deandra Dottin to Rajeshwari Gayakwad, very full delivery just outside off stump. Gayakwad comes forward and defends the ball into the off side towards backward point. That will be that officially!
19.5 Deandra Dottin to Renuka Singh, full delivery just outside off stump. Renuka has a hack at it and the ball goes as far as three yards from her. Gets a single for her troubles
19.4 Deandra Dottin to Renuka Singh, searing yorker that slants just past leg stump. Renuka is nowhere close to getting her bat down in time and is lucky that her stumps are not shattered
19.3 Deandra Dottin to Renuka Singh, full delivery angled into the batter on off stump. Renuka backs away and jabs the ball into the off side towards backward point
19.2 Deandra Dottin to Renuka Singh, length delivery outside off stump. Renuka gets a little ambitious and looks for the scoop but rather unsurprisingly, makes no contact
19.1 Deandra Dottin to Renuka Singh, full delivery on middle and off stump. Renuka gives herself a bit of room and drills it straight back to the bowler, who collects on her follow through
Alana King wraps her spell with figures of 2/30 in her first Women's T20 Challenge game. Final over to go now. Supernovas have been head and shoulders above the Trailblazers tonight. It's just the kind of start they would have wanted to kick off this tournament.
113 /9 score
cricket bat icon Renuka Singh *
13 (13)
cricket bat icon Rajeshwari Gayakwad
7 (9)
cricket ball icon Alana King
2 /30
18.6 Alana King to Renuka Singh, full toss outside leg stump. Renuka backs away and drives the ball down the ground towards long on for another single
18.5 Alana King to Renuka Singh, very full delivery on middle and off stump. Renuka clears her front leg and stabs the ball down the ground towards the bowler
Round the wicket
18.4 Alana King to Renuka Singh, FOUR! Length delivery on middle and leg stump. Renuka comes down the track and shovels it past deep square leg for another streaky boundary
Pooja Vastrakar is everywhere tonight! The fielding from the Supernovas has been world-class tonight.
18.3 Alana King to Rajeshwari Gayakwad, low full toss just outside off stump. Gayakwad comes forward and tips the ball down the ground. She calls her partner through for the single but is struggling to reach the other end herself. The fielder hits the stumps at the other end but Gayakwad is safe