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Trentino Aquila 132/4 (10 ov)
Padova 101/8 (10 ov)
Trentino Aquila won by 31 runs.
Player of the match: Hassan Tahir
So, Trentino Aquila won this match by 31 runs!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Trentino Aquila and Padova. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Maanas Upadhayay signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
PAD were able to score just 13 runs in the last 3 overs going to show clinical the TRA bowlers were in the death overs. PAD batters probably need to relook at their batting as their top order gave away their wickets easily.
After that, it was all TRA bowlers show as they knocked off the stumps quite a few times. The wickets kept tumbling one after another and PAD crawled through past the 100 runs mark courtesy of a few extra bowled by Awais right at the end.
PAD needed 45 more runs in 18 balls and the pressure was surely on the batting side to find the boundaries. Gurpreet bowling the 8th over cleaned up Salinda as well as Tharuka with the brilliant yorkers in that over.
Tharuka and Salinda were slowed down for a couple of overs and the required run rate crept up drastically. Salinda and Tharuka once again started to find boundaries in the 7th over but it had become quite the uphill task for PAD.
After Damith's departure, Cresley took the charge and continued to muscle away the boundaries. He as well scored a quickfire 18 runs and lost his wicket in the same fashion as Damith. Tharuka Rodrigo the keeper-batsman in for PAD got in the action from the word go.
Cresley then joined Damith and the duo kept the scoreboard moving for PAD and also kept the required run rate in check. Unfortunately played one shot too many and lost his wicket as well in trying to play a needless shot.
Coming into chase 133 runs, PAD openers Damith Kosala found the boundaries and provided a decent start to his side. Their skipper Nuwan Sameera at the other end in trying to find the boundary lost his wicket for a 0.
A comfortable win for TRA in the end as PAD batters in the latter half of this innings were just unable to capitalize and find the boundaries. Awais bowling that final over adds another wicket to his tally.
Over: 10 | Summary: W 0 1 W 0 1w Bowler: Awais Asghar Score: 99/8
9.6 Awais Asghar to Akash Handun, no run, finishes off with a yorker on the leg stump which is jammed back to the bowler. That will wrap up proceedings as Trentino Aquila comprehensively beat Padova by 31 runs!
9.6 Awais Asghar to Sampath Ungamannadige, full toss sprayed down the leg side. WIDE ball and the keeper is unable to collect it cleanly. Deflects off the keeper's gloves and runs down to third man as the batsmen take a single.
9.6 Awais Asghar to Sampath Ungamannadige, length ball sliding down the leg side. WIDE called
9.5 Awais Asghar to Sampath Ungamannadige, length ball outside off, the batsman swipes at it but fails to make any connection
Sampath Ungamannadige is the new batsman in for PAD
9.4 Awais Asghar to Nissanka Kuda, OUT! LBW! Loopy slower one by the batsman, completely bamboozles the batsman, who is down on one knee and looks to heave it away. Is through with the shot way too early and the ball thuds him on the back pad. That is absolutely plumb!
9.3 Awais Asghar to Akash Handun, length ball outside off angling away, Handun hangs his bat in defence but gets the inside edge down to long leg for a single.
9.2 Awais Asghar to Akash Handun, no run, full ball on the leg stump, the batsman watchfully pushes it back to the bowler. 
Akash Handun is the new batsman in for PAD!
9.1 Awais Asghar to Anton Costa, OUT! BOWLED! Full ball on the off stump angling in, Costa shuffles across and looks to heave that away. Loses shape and the ball goes onto crash into the stumps! The stumps are taking quite the beating in this match-up!
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