Most Expensive Tom Brady Memorabilia (2023)

There are only a few sportspersons who have reached the heights that legendary quarterback Tom Brady has. The Michigan born and raised quarterback started out in the National Football League in 2000 as a relatively unknown and underestimated quarterback for the New England Patriots. 22 seasons later, he leads the line as the most successful quarterback ever in the NFL. The seven time Super Bowl winner Brady has made it very worthwhile for collectors who have his trading cards and other memorabilia.

It is no surprise that any memorabilia from Brady’s 22 year old career is worth a lot for any collector, especially the ones who love football. Among his many match worn jerseys, autographed match balls, and other memorabilia, those from his rookie days stand out a notch. Here we take a look at some of the most expensive memorabilia of Tom Brady.

Most Expensive Tom Brady Helmet

You might find it surprising that the most expensive Tom Brady helmet is one which he never actually wore at a game! Sold in February 2021 for around $11,100 the most expensive Tom Brady helmet is a Brady autographed 3D pop-art helmet by designer Charles Fazzino. This customized helmet has only 10 copies around the world and the one sold in February is signed by both the designer and Tom Brady. The illustrations include commemorations of Brady’s Super Bowl wins, NFL MVP awards and is certified authentic by PSA.

Most Expensive Tom Brady Cleats

Tom Brady’s game worn cleats are some of the most sought after memorabilia by and football memorabilia collectors. A lot of his cleats have been collected and the most expensive one to date are his cleats from the 2007 AFC Divisional Championship game against the San Diego Chargers (now Los Angeles Chargers). Brady wore these size 12 Nike Zoom cleats in the 24-21 victory of the Chargers. The cleats have been sold for around $38,400. They are certified authentic by PSA, Beckett, Resolution Photomatching and SGC.

Most Valuable Tom Brady Jerseys

ANy Tom Brady fan surely owns one or two of his jerseys and wears them during his games. However, one fan went above and beyond to get one of his match-worn jerseys. Sold in January 2022 for around $480,000 his match-worn jersey became one of the most expensive match-worn jerseys in the world of football.

This specific jersey was worn by Brady in January 2021 during a 44-27 win over the Atlanta Falcons. Brady was playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at that time and eventually led them to a Super Bowl victory. He signed the jersey after winning the Super Bowl and also wrote down Super Bowl LV MVP and G.O.A.T. No wonder this was a special jersey and sold for a huge amount of almost half a million dollars.

Most Expensive Tom Brady Trading Cards

Tom Brady’s trading cards are very expensive and his rookie season trading cards are some of the most expensive football trading cards to own or purchase. One of his rookie trading cards was the most expensive football trading card till Patrick Mahomes’ rookie trading card broke the record.

Currently, Brady’s most expensive football trading card is the 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Tom Brady Autograph Rookie Card #144. This card has only a total of 100 copies and the particular card which is the most expensive fetched approximately $3.1 million. The autographed card was in mint condition which factored to its exorbitant pricing.

Most Expensive Tom Brady Touchdown Pass Memorabilia

1. Tom Brady Game Used Football - $428,841

This particular football is from Brady’s rookie season with the New England Patriots. After replacing the injured Drew Bledsoe, Brady threw his first touchdown pass in the NFL on October 14, 2001. The ball is from his memorable moment at the Foxboro stadium.

2. Tom Brady Football Ticket - $ 144,000

A $144,000 game ticket must sound mighty expensive, but not when Tom Brady is involved. The particular match ticket from his third career start for the Patriots is also from the game where he scored his first career touchdown pass. The ticket is signed by him and inscribed with the words “1st Career TD”. No one would have thought that the $31 ticket would increase so much in value one day!

Tom Brady’s Most Expensive Stolen Super Bowl Jersey

Tom Brady helped the New England Patriots secure their fifth Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons. The comeback win ended with a 34-28 score in favor of the Patriots. Soon after the game his jersey was stolen from his locker by a reporter. The jersey was later found in Mexico after weeks and returned to the Patriots. It is estimated that this particular jersey is easily valued around $250,000.

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Autograph- Tom Brady’s digital memorabilia company

There is no doubt about Brady’s capabilities as a player. The iconic quarterback is also a great businessman and ventured into the business of digital memorabilia. He launched a company called ‘Autograph’ in 2022.

The company is an exclusive celebrity Non-Fungible Token (NFT) company. Digital collectibles are the future and Brady has ensured that the company will have exclusive NFTs of some of the largest names in sports like the NFL and the NBA among others.

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