Tom Brady Yacht

Tom Brady needs no introduction. The charismatic quarterback has won it all in the NFL with the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Winning the Super Bowl seven times was made to look easy by him. Brady retired from the game finally at the end of the 2022-23 season after 23 long years in the NFL. The quarterback is finally enjoying his hard earned fortune and his collection of yachts provide the perfect opportunity

The quarterback sure enjoyed his time at Florida as he won a Super Bowl in his first season with the team (2020 NFL season) and even celebrated the win in a grand manner from his luxurious yacht, the Wajer 55S. Brady lived in New England for a long time which was also a boating community, but the pristine Tampa Bay waters urged Brady to splurge on a yacht and enjoy what the sea had to offer. Take peek at at Tom Brady's collection of luxurious yachts.

How many yachts does Tom Brady own?

Tom Brady currently owns two yachts. He initially owned the Wajer 55S boat, worth $2 million. He bought it when he moved to Tampa Bay. The managing director of Wajer boats let Brady try out the 38 feet model before Brady decided to opt for the $2 million Wajer 55S (53 feet yacht). He famously celebrated the Super Bowl LV win with the Buccaneers on the Wajer 55S.

Brady unlocked his inner Florida man as he upgraded to the even more luxurious Wajer 77. The yacht is worth $6 million and is a state of the art superyacht which is parked in Brady’s $17 million mansion in Indian Creek Island (outside Miami Beach).

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Parade Yacht

Tom Brady unveiled his first yacht, the Wajer 55S to the Tampa crowd after winning the 2021 NFL Super Bowl. The Buccaneers were celebrating a boat parade for winning the Super Bowl when Brady showed up in his luxurious $2 million yacht.

This angle of Tom Brady throwing the Lombardi Trophy to Gronk's boat 😳

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The Wajer 55S was named ‘VIva a Vida’ after his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen’s environmental conservation initiative. Brady made headlines from atop the yacht as he was seen throwing the prestigious Vince Lombardi trophy to his teammate Rob Gronkowski who was on another boat. It was a classic show of how Gronkowski had been catching Brady’s passes since their time together at the New England Patriots.

Cost of Tom Brady’s Latest Yacht

Brady has unveiled that he has splurged on a newer yacht as an upgrade from his earlier yacht the $2 million worth Wajer 55S. Brady has most likely traded his earlier yacht for the upgraded Wajer 77. Brady stated that he enjoyed his time with the Wajer 55S but he felt that the Wajer 77 was more suited to the needs of his family. He often sails to the Bahamas with his wife and kids on his yacht. The super luxurious yacht was a boat that Brady needed to cop to make the trip an even smoother sail.

The Wajer 77 has room for 9 people to sleep as compared to the Wajer 55S which only had room for four. The new yacht includes space for two crew members. The Wajer 77 has a 16-foot, 5-inch wide Master Suite mid-ship, a bow Junior Suite with a double bed, and a port-side guest cabin with a queen-size and single bed. The yacht also includes a fully equipped galley and below the deck work area with modern wood finish.

The design of the boat is nothing short of a top notch luxury hotel. The deck above the boat is the best part about it as it includes sun pads, sofas, a circular seating area and an aft al fresco dining place. The yacht is equipped with electric surfboards and diving kits for some off-the boat fun.

Specifications of Tom Brady’s $6 million Wajer 77 Yacht

Live aboard: Accommodations for up to 9, with 2 crew

Passengers: Up to 20

Length: 77 feet

Beam: 19 feet

Draught: 5 feet, 9 inches

Hull: Aluminum construction

Engines: 3x Volvo Penta IPS 1350hp diesel (optional), 3x Volvo Penta IPS 1200p diesel, (standard)

Top Speed: 37 knots (about 43 mph)

Fuel capacity: 200 gallons

Range: 400 nautical miles (about 460 statute miles)

A look inside Tom Brady’s Yacht (Pictures)



When did Tom Brady retire from football?

Tom Brady retired from football after the 2022-23 NFL season. He played for the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his career and completed 23 seasons in the NFL, retiring as one of the most successful players in the game ever.

How many yachts does Tom Brady own?

Tom Brady is the proud owner of two yachts. The former NFL star owns a Wajer 5S yacht and an even more luxurious Wajer 77. Brady truly enjoys yacht and he was also seen hanging out on the $300 million yacht of the famous Youtuber, Mr.Beast.

What is Tom Brady's Net Worth?

Tom Brady is one of the wealthiest football stars and the retired NFL star has a massie net worth of around $300 million.

How many Super Bowls has Tom Brady won?

Tom Brady is the most successful NFL player ever when it comes to Super Bowl wins. The player has won a record number of 7 Super Bowls in his career.

Is Tom Brady married?

Tom Brady was in a successful and hapy marriage with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, however the couple are no longer married as they divorced in October 2022. The couple were married since 2009 before calling it quits in 2022. They still co-parent their children.