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Exclusive: OVW's Dustin Jackson on his long-term career goals, WWE, AEW & more

Ohio Valley Wrestling
Ohio Valley Wrestling's Dustin Jackson / Photo courtesy of OVW
Modified 21 Jul 2019

As both a former OVW Television Champion and OVW Southern Tag Team Champion, Dustin Jackson is one of the stand-out stars of Ohio Valley Wrestling. Pretty amazing stuff when you consider that Jackson is only 21 years old.

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Dustin Jackson about his career in wrestling and what he has planned for the future. Jackson can be followed on Instagram via @dustin_jacksonbro and on Twitter via @brogodzdustinj.

You have appeared on WWE television before. Was WWE your entry into being a fan of wrestling?

Dustin Jackson: Yes, WWE is what got me into wrestling. I was a huge fan of the Hardys! I always thought they were super cool and I loved their attitude -- how they didn’t care what anyone thought of them and how they would do crazy moves. They were just themselves. It inspired me and drew me in.

OVW has a history of creating some of wrestling's all-time top draws. Beyond yourself, who do you think are some of the OVW performers to watch?

Dustin Jackson: There are a number a guys I would recommend watching. Some names to throw out are Corey Storm, Ashton Cove, Randall Floyd, Megan Bayne -- these are all amazing performers that are young and love the business of pro wrestling.

Each one of them takes their time on TV and their matches very seriously. They all contribute to making this a great product worth watching.

Many people think of OVW as being "Al Snow's company," but not everyone realizes that it is an accredited school. What else do you think people have wrong about OVW


Dustin Jackson: The time that we put in! We put in countless hours training and a ton of our time goes to traveling. I think people don’t realize how much work goes into being both a school and a TV show.

Since none of us have television experience, it can be difficult at times because we are learning on the fly about being entertainment figures on TV.

What do the next few months look like for Dustin Jackson?

Dustin Jackson: Man, what’s next for Dustin Jackson? Honestly, my goal is just to have good matches and perform to the best of my ability. I take pride in the way I wrestle in the ring because wrestling is who I am. 

Nothing compares to being in the action of the ring for me. But I also have some guys I want to maybe work a program with like Randall Floyd, Corey Storm or even Ashton Cove/Lutz, to name a few.

Is there a career accomplishment you are most proud of? Being OVW TV champion?

Dustin Jackson: I don’t really look at championships in that way. Do I love to be a champion? Yes of course I do!

But in my opinion, I am only as good as my last match. Having a great match -- like the ones I’ve had against Crimson, Colton Cage, and Logan James -- is more of an accomplishment to me.


Is there a long-term goal you are working towards in your wrestling career?

Dustin Jackson: My goal is WWE or AEW. The goal used to just be in the WWE, but watching AEW, there is something there that I identify with. The entire feel and vibe of it is amazing. Also, Japan would be amazing as well.

What do you wish more people knew about life as a wrestler?

Dustin Jackson: Just how much sacrifice there is and how much pain is involved. It’s not easy. I have given up everything, dedicated everything for wrestling and I have suffered in the process, but that only makes me stronger and one day I will achieve my dreams.

When not busy with OVW, where does your free time usually go?

Dustin Jackson: I love to play classic WWE video games and video games in general. I love the WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw games, Resident Evil, and NBA games. I also love going out with my friends, and going to the gym.

Finally, Dustin, any last words for the kids?

Dustin Jackson: Follow your dreams no matter what anyone tells you. People will tell you your whole life what you can’t do and that you need to go to college or do this or that. My advice is to just do what your heart tells you. Just know being a dream chaser is not easy!

Published 21 Jul 2019, 11:26 IST
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