Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Summer Event: Expected start date, cosmetics, challenges, and more

The Fortnite Summer Event for Chapter 3 Season 3 should be revealed by next week (Image via Twitter/Breakpoint3763)
The Fortnite Summer Event for Chapter 3 Season 3 should be revealed by next week (Image via Twitter/Breakpoint3763)

For those out of the loop or new to Fortnite, the development team gets some well-deserved rest and relaxation every summer. Given the crunch time that occurs during hectic updates, they need this break to recharge themselves. This is similar to downtime, except for the real people who pour their effort into the game and not the game's servers.

During this time, which is usually about two weeks, the game tends to go into a bit of a slump as content stagnates due to limited updates. The developers have created an ingenious way to keep Loopers occupied by introducing the Fortnite Summer Event to ensure this does not hamper the season or players' expectations.

What is a Summer Event in Fortnite?

There will be events to earn XP all summer, according to Epic Games!In other words, Epic just confirmed the summer event. It was relatively obvious that we would get one, but I guess it's worth pointing it out anyway.

During this two-week festive occasion, the entire theme of the island pivots towards the joys of summer break and everything to do with relaxation. Since the theme of the season already reflects "summer vibes," all the developers have left to do is officially announce the event.

However, since the official summer season only begins sometime around the end of June, the announcement is not likely to come before then. Nevertheless, based on last year's "Cosmic Summer Event," some speculation could be drawn up about the upcoming event and everything that will accompany it.

The party at Believer Beach was out of this world! Don’t miss out on this summer’s looks. The Cosmic Summer Shop is leaving soon.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Summer Event details - It's time to start Vibin'

The Fortnite Summer Event is expected to be a two to three-week-long celebration in-game. During this time, bonus challenges will be added, summer-themed cosmetics will hit the item shop, and there'll be a lot to see and do for everyone. Here's a rundown of what Loopers can expect:

1) Challenges

@ShiinaBR they better not be creative challenges...

Based on what occurred last year during the Fortnite Cosmic Summer event, Epic Games is bound to add challenges for players to complete. This is likely to be in Creative Mode rather than normal battle royale, which sits well with most of the player base.

Much like last year, a series of challenges will be made available on custom maps. Each one will have different stages to complete to earn XP. Given how hard the XP grind is this season, Loopers will need all the experience points they can muster to level up and complete the Battle Pass.

2) Cosmetics

@ShiinaBR Hopefully we get some unique summer skins rather then summer versions of previous bp skins

It wouldn't be a Fortnite Summer Event without summer-themed cosmetics. Last year, some popular characters such as Midas and Jules got reskins to suit the occasion. Suffice to say, they sold like hot cakes in the Item Shop.

This year, the developers may add reskins or perhaps survey skins to the Item Shop. Given how popular some survey skins have become, they are bound to fetch Epic Games a hefty profit. In addition to outfits, players will also get the chance to earn unique cosmetics by completing challenges.

3) Map Changes and Storyline

#Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 Story Cinematic Trailer:

Since the island already has a "summer vibe" going on, it's unlikely that any major changes will occur to POIs. Posters for the Summer Event may begin appearing all over the island, but other than that, nothing much is expected to change.

Regarding the storyline, it's unclear if Epic Games will showcase any major developments before the Summer Event. Since the event would take up a lot of creative space, showcasing a major storyline plot or advancement would be a waste.

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