188/6 (20)
166/10 (19.4)
STR won by 22 runs.
Player of the match: Matthew Short
Thank you so much for joining us for yet another exciting contest, this is Soorya Sesha , Pratyush Rohra and myself (Pranav Danani) taking your leave. The match has surely ended but the cricketing action never stops and neither do we stop covering them at Sportskeeda, as we have the second ODI between South Africa vs India, the 3rd ODI between Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe and the 1st ODI game between Afghanistan and Netherlands all covered right here.
The Strikers have nothing but celebrations at this moment as they have qualified for the next round of the finals and the Hurricanes will have some sad faces in the dug out at the moment. The Strikers had set a huge target and the foundation for the openers was not an amazing one to begin with as two wickets fell early on for them which lead to nothing but a frenzy of the same as the match went forward.

D'Arcy Short took the batting duties and hit those big runs with a half century but 3 wickets had fallen at the halfway stage and it was Short, who was taking the front seat for hitting those big runs as he did the same in the power surge. But the bowlers were looking for the wickets like a lion looks for it's prey and they absolutely demolished the batting attack as they managed to take 4 wickets in two overs with Short and Handscomb dismissed in 2 consecutive and Peter Siddle picked up 3 wickets in the match.

There was no looking back for the Strikers as they managed to get the team all out 2 balls before the match ended and made their way comfortably into the next round of the finals as they face Sydney Thunder in the knockout game on Sunday and the Strikers have won 5 games in a row and will look to carry on this form until, they can see themselves carrying the BBL trophy back into their dressing room.

Adelaide Strikers won by 22 runs
Matthew Short (Player of the match): It was good to put a few on the board. Especially batting with Carey. McDermott was a big wicket, with the kind of form he has been in. Those yorkers (from Siddle) are world-class and he's obviously great in our side. Captains from the front. It's good to get a few wins towards the end of the season and keep moving on in the finals. Perhaps we'll have tomorrow off and take it from there.
19.4 Peter Siddle to Riley Meredith, SIDDLE WRAPS UP THE PROCEEDINGS WITH HIS FOURTH! Nails the in-angling yorker that goes straight through Meredith's defense and crashes into the base of leg-stump. The zing bails light up and so does the Strikers camp! They've won this contest by 22 runs and sent the Hobart Hurricanes back home! 
19.3 Peter Siddle to Scott Boland, full delivery around the off-stump, Boland drives it to extra-cover for a quick single. All done and dusted then!
19.2 Peter Siddle to Riley Meredith, back of a length delivery, pace off again, Meredith pulls it towards long-on for a single. Right then. 4 sixes to win the game. Only one winner here, surely.
19.1 Peter Siddle to Scott Boland, back of a length slower delivery on top of off-stump, Boland punches it to point for a single 
The last over remains and the last over for the Hurricanes for this season unless the batters decide to hit big out of nowhere!
163 /9 score
cricket bat icon Scott Boland *
3 (3)
cricket bat icon Riley Meredith
9 (5)
cricket ball icon Henry Thornton
2 /25
18.6 Henry Thornton to Scott Boland, keeps it full and around off-stump, Boland drills a drive down to long-off and walks across for a single
18.5 Henry Thornton to Riley Meredith, full delivery outside off-stump, Meredith makes some room and creams a drive to long-off to trot to the other end
18.4 Henry Thornton to Scott Boland, full delivery outside off-stump, Boland lofts a drive towards long-off. Carries to the fielder on the bounce for a single 
18.3 Henry Thornton to Riley Meredith, good length delivery outside off-stump, Meredith clears his front leg once more to drive this to mid-off for a single 
18.2 Henry Thornton to Riley Meredith, back of a length delivery outside off-stump, Meredith hangs back to scythe this past backward point for a couple in the deep
18.1 Henry Thornton to Riley Meredith, FOUR! Well, hello! Meredith is going to go down swinging. Full delivery on the stumps, Meredith camps deep in his crease, clears his front leg and clubs this past mid-on for a boundary 
Henry Thornton, 2-0-15-2, coming back into the attack.

Peter Siddle bowling at 140 kmph at this age and taking 3 wickets? It looks like he could rejoin the Australian side yet again!
153 /9 score
cricket bat icon Scott Boland
1 (1)
cricket bat icon Riley Meredith *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Peter Siddle
3 /29
17.6 Peter Siddle to Riley Meredith, finds the yorker outside off-stump, Meredith drives it towards sweeper cover for a single 
Riley Meredith, RHB, is the new batter in.