Ajman Alubond 104/4 (10 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure 107/4 (8 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure won by 6 wickets
The Dubai Pulse Secure has won this match by 6 wickets and 2 overs to spare!!

Dubai Pulse Secure although conceding 47 runs in the last 2 overs with the ball helped the Ajman Alubond reach 104 runs which at the halfway mark looked like a pretty decent total to defend. But the Dubai Pulse Secure batters were in total control through the chase as they consistently rotated strikes as well as picked the bad ball to hit the boundaries. They lost a couple of wickets towards the end but the damage was not too great to affect their winning chance. The top performer with the bat for Dubai Pulse Secure was Fahad Nawaz who stayed not-out in innings and scored 50 runs in 22 balls for his team.

That's it from the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed this all-round performance by Dubai Pulse Secure against Ajman Alubond. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Sameer Deodhar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
7.6 S. Asadullah to U. Munir, FOUR! An easy loft over mid-off goes away to the boundary! And that the winning shot for DPS at the end of the 8th over.
7.5 S. Asadullah to U. Munir, Well defended on the off-stump back towards the bowler! AAD may be a bit too late to build on the pressure. Still, 2 runs needed to win
7.4 S. Asadullah to I. Sait, OUT! Two in two! DPS faltering just when they require a winning shot! A bit of a drama towards the end of the DPS innings as they lose 2 wickets on the goo
7.3 S. Asadullah to R. Gull, OUT! Yorker on middle tump and Gull completely missed it! The equation still is 2 runs needed
7.2 S. Asadullah to R. Gull, SIX! In the slot and Gull dispatches it over deep square leg! The equation is now down to 2 runs!! And it's also 100 up for DPS
7.1 S. Asadullah to F. Nawaz, On the pads trickled towards short fine leg for a quick single! 8 runs need now
At the end of the 7th over DPS is 96/2. DPS relaxed as they now need just 9 runs in 18 balls. All though DPS lose Amin in this over.
6.6 A. Hamza to R. Gull, Good delivery outside off to end the over as Gull misses the square cut!
6.5 A. Hamza to R. Gull, The new batsman misses the lofted drive outside off but gets no reward as he misses it. no run.
6.4 A. Hamza to F. Amin, OUT! Amin decided it to loft it to the right of the keeper and ended up lofting it towards him! An easy catch for the keeper in the end.
6.3 A. Hamza to F. Amin, Pretty close to the wide line outside off and the umpire rules it in favor of the bowler! A much-needed dot ball to cool down Hamza as he was leaking a lot of extras
6.2 A. Hamza to F. Amin, Pulled away to deep square leg for an easy two! The equation now under 10 as they need just 9 runs to win this!!
6.2 A. Hamza to F. Amin, FOUR! Inside edge on the pull goes away to the vacant fine leg region and another no-ball! Totally under the pressure her Hamza. The DPS now needs only 11 runs in 23 balls!!
6.1 A. Hamza to F. Amin, FOUR! An outside edge on the full delivery outside off runs away to thirdman and Hamza has now conceded 11 runs in just one ball!
6.1 A. Hamza to F. Amin, A wide delivery outside off this time! losing his rhythm here Hamza
6.1 A. Hamza to F. Amin, Slower bouncer, and a wide given by the leg umpire! AAD definitely don't want to give extras here as the score is very low now
6.1 A. Hamza to F. Amin, FOUR! Short and wide outside off cut away over the point fielder and its also a no-ball!
At the end of the 6th over DPS is 78/1. They now need only 27 runs in 24 balls. DPS batters playing it smartly by picking the easy balls to the boundary
5.6 Q. Farooq to F. Nawaz, FOUR! Courageous scoop from front of the stumps over the keeper's head!
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