Nacka CC 70/3 (5 ov)
Nacka CC won by 50 runs.
A very convincing win by Nacka CC as they win this game by 50 runs!!

The Nacka CC putting up an all-round performance in the game as they 1st manage to score a big total of 70 runs in a match which was limited to 5 overs each side and later on with the ball as they did not let the Alby Zalmi Cricket Club U23 hit a boundary till the last over of the match and restrict them for just 20 runs. The top performance with the ball for Nacka CC was Muhammad Nawaz who game just 4 runs and took 2 wickets in his over and Hijrat Khan who bowled a brilliant wicket maiden over which definitely strengthen Nacka CC's chances of winning this game.
With this Nacka CC to stay on top of the table in Group B and maintain their winning streak in the Series. 

That's it from the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed this amazing batting and bowling display by Nacka CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Vinay Chhabria singing off till then take care and stay safe!!
4.6 Shakil Jalali to A Khalil, he missed the delivery again, they tried to cross over, in the end, it was a run out!
4.5 Shakil Jalali to A Khalil, same line and length, same result! Dot ball
4.4 Shakil Jalali to A Khalil, swing and a miss! We have seen this so many times in this innings. 
4.3 Shakil Jalali to M Safi, full delivery, hit towards long-on for a single. 
4.3 Shakil Jalali to M Safi, WIDE, wide outside the off-stump. 
4.2 Shakil Jalali to M Safi, a dot ball, nice comeback from the bowler. 
4.1 Shakil Jalali to M Safi, played towards fine leg, FOUR runs. 
4.1 Shakil Jalali to M Safi, WIDE, it lands outside the pitch!
Almost another wicket maiden over but AZ-U23 manage to get 4 runs off the last ball!!
The game pretty much in favor of NAC now as the NAC bowlers are strangling the batters of AZ-U23 in this innings. After 4 overs AZ-U23 is 13 for 4.  
3.6 M Nawaz to A Khalil, plays a lofted shot towards covers, finally a boundary for AZ-U23!
3.5 M Nawaz to A Khalil, appeal for LBW, the umpire rejects
3.4 M Nawaz to F Choudhary, OUT, he goes down the track, misses it and gets stumped!
3.3 M Nawaz to F Choudhary, he tries a big shot, but no connection there. 
3.2 M Nawaz to Zabi Niazy, appeal for caught behind, given him that's OUT!
3.1 M Nawaz to Zabi Niazy, outside the off-stump, dot ball. 
The game now is getting away from AZ-U23 as they are struggling to score due to the pressure. After 3 overs they are 9 for 2. AZ-U23 needs 62 runs in 12 balls at 31 RPO.
2.6 K Azizi to M Safi, short delivery, no connection between bat and ball, no runs. 
2.5 K Azizi to M Safi, outside the off-stump, the batsman is clueless. 
2.4 K Azizi to Faraan Chaudhry, OUT, he was under a lot of pressure after those dot balls, he finally loses his stumps. 
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