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Jonkoping CA 99/6 (10 ov)
Almhult CC 75/8 (10 ov)
Jonkoping CA won by 24 runs.
Jonkoping CA beats Almhult CC by 25 runs!

Jonkoping has put up a professional performance with the ball to knock Almhult CC out the competition. Right from the first ball, Jonkoping bowlers, Sahargul Shirzad and Zabiullah Zadran put pressure on the batsmen and sucked the life out of the chase. However, there was some resistance from Junaid Khan and Samiulhaq Gajar, who put on 24 runs for the fourth wicket, albeit to no avail. With this win, Jonkoping joins Watan Zalmi CC and Seaside CC in the semi-finals with a game to spare although they will be eyeing the top spot!

That's it for this game! Hope you enjoyed what was an entertaining game of T10 cricket between Jonkoping CA and Almhult. Do tune in to the next ECS T10 Gothenburg game in about 30 mins from now. Until then, this is Dwijesh Reddy and my colleague, Habil Ahmed, signing off. Take Care!
9.6 N Batcha to R Ganju, the bowler strays in line. Ball hits Ganju on the pads and they sneak a leg bye to point as the umpire turns down the bowler's appeal.
9.5 N Batcha to R Ganju, slower ball this time. Ganju plays and misses that.
9.4 N Batcha to J Khan, fuller delivery this time. Khan swings at it. Goes high up in the air and it is taken easily by the man at cover.
9.3 N Batcha to R Ganju, straighter delivery this time. Ganju clubs that back at the bowler who gets a hand at it but can't hold on. That's one run to long-off.
9.2 N Batcha to R Ganju, sing and a miss!
9.1 N Batcha to J Khan, straight and at a slightly fuller length. Khan gets an inside edge from his swing. One run down to fine leg.
Almhult CC 73/6 after 9 overs. Almhult needs 27 runs off 6 balls

Barring a miracle, Jonkoping CA should get the two points here. Naser Batcha to end the proceedings with the ball!
8.6 S Shirzad to J Khan, hit into the onside for a quick single. Khan keeps strike in the last over.
8.5 S Shirzad to R Ganju, gets an outside edge of the swing there. He gets a single off the keeper's mistake
8.4 S Shirzad to J Khan, quick full toss and he only plays that onto his pads. They sneak a single.
8.3 S Shirzad to J Khan, fuller and straighter this time. Khan manages to get under it and hammers that away. Clears the midwicket boundary in the end.
8.3 S Shirzad to J Khan, wide down leg side and Khan dances away from the line of the ball. Wide given by the umpire
8.2 S Shirzad to J Khan, big swing and a miss outside off from Khan! He's swinging at everything!
8.1 S Shirzad to R Ganju, slower and on leg stump. Ganju pushes it to the leg side for a single.
Almhult CC 62/6 after 8 overs. Almhult needs 38 runs off 12 balls

Captain Ismail tightens the screws with a brilliant over. Looks bleak for Almhult but you never know in T10 cricket! A couple of sixes and you are back in the game!
7.6 M Ismail to R Ganju, fuller this time. Ganju plays that down to long on for a single.
7.5 M Ismail to R Ganju, swing and a miss from Ganju! Poor batting from Ganju, who doesn't pick the line nor the length
7.4 M Ismail to J Khan, big swing at a fuller delivery. The attempted slog dribbles down the ground to deep midwicket.
7.3 M Ismail to R Ganju, loopy delivery that is slightly overpitched. Ganju plays down the ground for one. Finally, gets Junaid on strike
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