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Assam 159/5 (20 ov)
Hyderabad (India) 157/8 (20 ov)
Assam won by 2 runs.
That's all we have for this match as my colleague, Prashanth Satish, and I, Lavil Saldanha take your leave. Do check Sportskeeda for all live match coverage and the latest sports-related news pieces. Until next time it's goodbye from our ends. SEE YA!
Assam wins the match by 2 runs. Points; Assam: 2 Hyderabad: 0

Joy for Assam, a bit of sadness for the Hyderabad team as both the teams have played some exceptional cricket and have produced some exceptional bowling and batting performances as one team pipped the other by playing a little bit better cricket.

Hyderabad's start was quite a promising one to start off with. Tanmay Shrivastav and Tilak Varma had some solid starts to their innings, but couldn't convert them into substantial innings. Hyderabad limped through the course of the innings as Tilak Varma had a slower paced innings and Hyderabad labored their way to 40/1 in the powerplay.

The middle overs followed and Hyderabad's batting show was really bad as they couldn't add on enough runs on the board. Tilak Varma fell playing a loose stroke and lost his wicket. Kolla Sumanth was run out looking to run a hard brace and walked a long, lonely walk back to the dugout. Sandeep Bavanaka looked to play a big shot but fell out and holed one straight to the fielder at long-on. Himalay Agarwal too crippled under the pressure of the climbing scoring rate and fell playing a big shot. It all looked like a lost cause there as they lost 3 wickets and looked to bow down against Assam

But as they say, never go down without a fight, and Hyderabad's lower batting order put up a spirited batting display on board. Rahul Buddhi and Yudhveer Singh fell to Pritam Das, but Ravi Teja and Tanay Thyagrajan weren't bogged down as they faced each and delivery and scored quickfire 20 run innings. In the end, Teja's wicket was the turning point as a few dot deliveries followed and Hyderabad finished on 157, just 2 runs short of Assam's score.

Assam's bowling needs to heavily credited for the way they pulled back the game in their favor. Pritam Das was the pick of the bowlers as he bowled 4 overs, giving away 30 runs and picking up 3 crucial wickets to help Assam win and get their first points on the board.
Over: 20 | Summary: 4 W 1 2 0 1 Bowler: Pritam Das Score: 157/8
19.6 Pritam Das to Tanay Thyagarajan, ASSAM WIN! Full-toss on leg-stump but it kept on dipping on the batsman as he managed to get it away only for a single
19.5 Pritam Das to Tanay Thyagarajan, full-length ball down the leg-side and the batsman has got some pad on that on the ay to the keeper. Oh my 4 needed off 1 now
19.4 Pritam Das to Tanay Thyagarajan, low full toss on stump line and Tanay stays low and plays this towards mid-wicket for a brace. It's getting very tense in here
19.3 Pritam Das to Chama Milind, full in the blockhole outside off-stump and Milind has played this one to the leg side for a single and that will bring Tanay on strike
This is turning on to be a cliffhanger here. Ravi Teja looked to get a big shot and end it, Teja mistimes it and loses his wicket here with Hyderabad need 7 runs in 4 balls Ravi Teja 24(11) c Parag b Pritam

Chama Milind, LHB, is the new man in
19.2 Pritam Das to Ravi Teja, OUT! CAUGHT! Full-length ball on off-stump and Ravi has send this one straight down the throat of long-on. What a time to get a wicket for Assam, can they come back into this one again?
19.1 Pritam Das to Ravi Teja, FOUR! WHAT A START! Full and in the blockhole on leg-stump but the batsman has got good contact as he plays this one towards deep backward square-leg for a boundary
18 runs come in the over and the game is still one in the Eden Gardens here. Tune in your eyeballs as we are headed in for a nail-biting chase, as Hyderabad now needs 11 runs in the final 6 deliveries. Pressure on both teams

Pritam Das to bowl the final over
Over: 19 | Summary: 4 4 0 4 2 4 Bowler: Arup Das Score: 149/7
18.6 Arup Das to Tanay Thyagarajan, SHOT! FOUR! Low full-toss on stump line and Tanay the man he has done it again, stays low and plays this one in the gap between long-on and mid-wicket.
18.5 Arup Das to Tanay Thyagarajan, full-length ball on the pads and Tanay flicks this one away to the deep for a couple of runs this time
18.4 Arup Das to Tanay Thyagarajan, FOUR! Full-length ball outside off-stump gives the batsman all the room to swing his arms and he carves this one over backward point for a boundary.
18.3 Arup Das to Tanay Thyagarajan, full-length ball outside off-stump and the batsman tries to unsettle the bowler with change in stance but he is beaten at the end
18.2 Arup Das to Tanay Thyagarajan, FOUR! WOW! Slower ball full and outside off-stump. Tanay shuffles across and waits for it and gives all his might to send this one ack past the bowler for a boundary.
18.1 Arup Das to Tanay Thyagarajan, FOUR! Full-toss low outside off-stump. Tanay shuffles and gets low on the crease as he scoops this one over fine-leg fielder for a boundary. Cheeky way to get off the mark!
Runs are coming in for Hyderabad. They lost the wicket of Rahul Buddhi in the over but they strike back as Ravi Teja gets a boundary and maximum and accounts for 13 runs in the over, also losing Yudhveer Singh on the last delivery. An uphill task at hand for Hyderabad as they now need 29 runs in 12 balls

Arup Das will bowl the 19th over. Tanay Thyagrajan, RHB, walks out in the middle
Over: 18 | Summary: W 1 6 4 1 0 Bowler: Score: 0/0
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