3rd ODI, Melbourne Cricket Ground
355/5 (48)
142/10 (31.4)
AUS won by 221 runs (D/L method)
England would be relieved and at the same time proud to leave Australian soil.  They spent almost two months here and won the prestigious T20 world cup on the same ground where they got steamrolled by the ruthless Aussies today. It was always a tough ask for England to switch to a different format instantly less than a week after their WC win, and they learned the lessons the hard way. 

Both teams will switch to the long format after a week's break. Australia welcome West Indies, while England would travel to Pakistan to play three-match series at the start of next month. We are glad to bring you more cricketing updates in the near future, but for now, it's time to end the coverage. Until next time, this is Pragadeesh and Pradeep signing off
Pat Cummins (Australia Captain): We won all three games and it's fantastic. It's the best ODI series, I have been part of. It was a tricky wicket but the opening partnership was great and it's good to see the other blokes have a hit at the back end. Travis Head the way he stepped into Finch's role has been fantastic. Agar and Abbott too did really well. Playing Test Cricket in front of a home crowd has always been the best time of the year and we are looking forward to it
Jos Buttler (England Captain) We tried our best and were a long way short. Australia outplayed us and they deserve to win the series. We got exactly what we wanted and are really proud of the WC win
David Warner is the Player of the Series! Here's what he has to say: It's the team, we've played some fantastic cricket, England had a long tournament in the World Cup but these games are quite hard, we've played some exceptional cricket, bowlers did brilliant job, batters just went out there and execute the plans as well as we could. 2024 is a long time away, there's a lot of cricket to be played in between, just keep myself fit and contribute to the team as much as I can. I think Patty Cummins has been doing fantastic job but look, for me it's about contributing to the team, help the younger generation come through and may be captain a BBL side.
Travis Head has been adjudged the Player of the Match for his sensational century that set up this win for them! Here's what he has to say: Was nice, haven't gotten a lot of runs since she was born (his daughter). Nice to be back with Davey, partnerships have been nice so far, many more to continue. Rode my luck a little bit, first 20 - 30 runs were hard, nice to get runs and contribute. We both try and take on the bowlers, try to be positive, Davey has done this for a long time, facing lot of balls in first ten overs and it's a nice start.
Australia beat England by 221 runs
Travis Head 152(130) | Jason Roy 33(48)
Adam Zampa 4-31(5.4) | Olly Stone 4-85(10)

Mission accomplished! Australia complete the clean sweep as they steamrolled the visitors and reigned supreme by a heavy margin. England never looked like a team that could challenge the mighty Aussies throughout the series. Surely this is a 250-270 track and Australia got at least 90+ runs on the board to make life difficult for England. Credit to Travis Head and David Warner for that majestic opening stand

It never looked like an ODI match at the start of the chase as it was more like witnessing a boxing day test match due to the sheer pace and swing that Hazlewood and Cumminns generated on this wicket to trouble the batters. Hazlewood got rid of an in-form Malan to put the visitors on the back foot. The underperforming Jason Roy showed some intent and scored boundaries at regular intervals to keep the scorecard ticking but Cummins ended his stay in his second spell before wickets fell in clusters in the middle.

That Jos Buttler shot raised a lot of eyebrows. And the rest of the batters too didn't show any intent and their approach looked like they would be happy to catch the flight to London, instead of spending time in the middle. Adam Zampa continued the demolition act and made England suffer more after he was brought into the attack, eventually picking up four wickets to his name
31.4 Adam Zampa to Olly Stone, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! Australia complete a 3-0 clean sweep and have thumped this England side comprehensively in the series. Stone doesn't read the wrong'un, turning back into Stone who has a slog sweep against it and misses, goes through the gates and crashes into the stumps.

Olly Stone b Adam Zampa 4 (4b 1x4 0x6 6m)
31.3 Adam Zampa to David Willey, length delivery on the leg-stump, Willey once again exposing all his stumps goes to slog sweep, mistimes it to deep mid-wicket for just one.
31.2 Adam Zampa to David Willey, FOUR MORE! Length delivery on the stumps, Willey backed away and pumped it straight down the ground, picks up back to back boundaries.
31.1 Adam Zampa to David Willey, FOUR! SHOT! Picked his spot to perfection. Drops it short on the fifth stump, Willey walks across, down on one knee and smacked it to deep square-leg fence for a boundary.
Can Zampa finish things off?

It was a ripper to end the over by Marsh and the hosts need just one wicket to complete the clean sweep
133 /9 score
cricket bat icon David Willey
3 (4)
cricket bat icon Olly Stone *
4 (3)
cricket ball icon Mitchell Marsh
1 /18
30.6 Mitchell Marsh to Olly Stone, BEAUTY! Leaves Stone squared up. Back of a length into Stone, gets right behind to defend but straightens to beat the outside edge to the keeper.
30.5 Mitchell Marsh to Olly Stone, FOUR! SHOT! Alright, any top order batter would've been proud of that shot from Stone. Lunges into the length delivery and creams it past mid-off to his left, that races away and picks out the ropes.
30.4 Mitchell Marsh to Olly Stone, LOUD APPEAL FOR LBW, TURNED DOWN! That's sliding down leg-side clearly. Full and angled into Stone who misses it, raps on the pad.
Olly Stone, RHB, walks in at no.11
30.3 Mitchell Marsh to Liam Dawson, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! This was coming, one shot too many from Dawson. Back of a length on the off-stump, throws his hands and that takes a thick outside edge, was climbing over Carey but he clings he leaps to his right and Australia are one wicket away.

Liam Dawson c Alex Carey b Mitchell Marsh 18 (19b 2x4 0x6 )
30.2 Mitchell Marsh to Liam Dawson, back of a length on the fourth stump, Dawson on the backfoot has a wild swing across the line and misses, through to the keeper.
30.1 Mitchell Marsh to Liam Dawson, length delivery, follows Dawson who was backing away and he's miscued it well over mid-on fielder to land safely as they come back for a brace.
Mitchell Marsh (4-0-12-0) comes back into the attack