178/7 (20)
147/8 (20)
AUS won by 31 runs.
Player of the match: David Warner
So that will be all from the Gabba for tonight, as Australia come out victorious in this 2-match T20I series, but they now have to get ready for a 3-match T20I series against England starting Sunday, as the preparations for the World Cup are in full swing. Join us then for the first game live from Perth. This is the pair of Bidipto and Divyansh, saying good bye! Keep following Sportskeeda! 
Aaron Finch, Australia captain: We plan and prepare and always have an eye on things that are going around and this has been a good series for un on those fronts. The next three matches will be important for us leading into the World Cup and we will be up for it. 
Nicholas Pooran, West Indies captain: They played better cricket, but we did well to restrict them to under 180, but unfortunately for us, our batters could not quite get the job done from the start. We have to focus on the qualifiers now and focus on the basics. 
Player of the Match and the Series, David Warner: It was a fantastic performance by our bowlers tonight. I'm happy about my batting at the moment and hope to continue the run up to the World Cup with the next three matches. 
It is time for the post-match presentation! 
Australia win by 31 runs.

West Indies: 147/8 (20.0)
Johnson Charles 29 (30) | Akeal Hosein 25 (19)
Mitchell Starc 4/20 (4.0) | Pat Cummins 2/32 (4.0) 

Warner and Starc win this game for Australia, two brilliant performances with the bat and the ball, West Indies never looked in control of this chase, as the lack of singles and doubles have cost them in the end. The amount of dot balls by the batsman upfront put the pressure on the middle order who got out trying to get the runs. 

Starc got 4 wickets, giving away just 20 runs, this is much better performance by him right before the World Cup. Hazlewood bowled economically but could not get any wickets. Cummins got 2, Zampa and Green got a wicket each. Wade with 2 great catches and a stumping. 

Brilliant performance by Australia as they face England next before the World Cup. West Indies heads towards the qualifiers with 2 losses in a row. 
147 /8 score
cricket bat icon Alzarri Joseph *
11 (7)
cricket bat icon Yannic Cariah
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Mitchell Starc
4 /20
19.6 Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, AUSTRALIA WIN THE MATCH AND THE SERIES! Short and wide outside off, Joseph goes for the upper cut on the back foot, misses it and the umpire decides that it is not a wide! Sot a dot ball it is to finish the match! 
19.5 Mitchell Starc to Yannic Cariah, fuller on middle-and-leg and tapped down to mid-on from the front foot, for a run. 
19.4 Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, full toss, low on middle and clipped down to deep mid-wicket from the crease, for a single. 
19.3 Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, full outside off, angling in and tapped back to the bowler from the crease, for no run. 
19.3 Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, round the wicket, WIDE down the leg-side with that yorker there! 
19.2 Mitchell Starc to Yannic Cariah, over the wicket, fuller on off and tapped away to backward point with a straight bat, from the crease, for a single. 
Yannic Cariah, LHB, comes to the crease.
19.1 Mitchell Starc to Odean Smith, round the wicket, YORKER AT THE BASE OF LEG-STUMP! BOWLED! Full on leg, in the block hole, fast and accurate and Odean Smith does not quite get the bat down in time and sees his leg-stump uprooted!

Odean Smith b Mitchell Starc 4 (6)
Mitchell Starc (3.0-0-16-3) comes back into the attack.

Not impossible but improbable. 36 required off the last over as they get 14 from this one. 3 boundaries and the 50th T20I wicket for Cummins. 

Australia have to bring one extra fielder inside as they are one over behind the over rate.
143 /7 score
cricket bat icon Odean Smith
4 (5)
cricket bat icon Alzarri Joseph *
10 (4)
cricket ball icon Pat Cummins
2 /32
18.6 Pat Cummins to Alzarri Joseph, good length slower ball outside off and a big swing and a miss from the crease! Dot ball to finish. 
18.5 Pat Cummins to Alzarri Joseph, FOUR MORE! Good length slower ball outside off, Joseph has a go at it, and it goes over the keeper and beyond the reach of short third man, for a boundary to third man! 
18.4 Pat Cummins to Alzarri Joseph, full outside off, carved over cover off the front foot and it goes to the right of deep cover from the crease, for a couple of runs.