305/3 (45)
148/10 (37)
AUS-W won by 157 runs.
That will be all from the first semifinal - Australia await either South Africa or England, with the second semifinal taking place at the Hagley Oval in Christchurch tomorrow. Do join us for our coverage of that clash that begins at 2 PM local time (6:30 AM IST). Thank you so much for tuning into our coverage of this clash, one which we hope you enjoyed just as much as we did bringing to you. Of course, keep yourselves up to date with all the other cricketing action and news from across the globe right here on Sportskeeda. On behalf of my good friends and co-commentators Pradeep Somashekar and Prakhar Sachdeo, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha humbly reminding you again to mask up and get vaccinated in case you haven't already. Buh-bye and take care!
As dominant a display as it can get from the Australians and with their eyes set firmly on the Cup, it's going to take some task stopping them. Eight consecutive wins in the tournament and there's nothing to suggest that they can't pull off a ninth. As for West Indies, they will look back at the campaign with mixed feelings - having made a splash early on with wins over New Zealand and England, they should have never let it get as close as it did with regards to their semifinal qualification scenarios. That said, they certainly lit up the tournament and have been massive protagonists in making the tournament the blockbuster it has been. They can bow out with their heads held high alright!
Meg Lanning (Australia Captain): I've been involved in some very stressful semifinals in the past. We came in expecting a tough game. Healy and Haynes set it up really well for us. I thought West Indies bowled really well upfront and put us under pressure but I thought we had a really good game plan. It wasn't as easy as it looked but very pleased with how we played. We felt that first hour was really important - we've played here a number of times on a fresh wicket and we know how tricky it can be. The way Healy and Haynes batted up top was incredible really. They showed incredible discipline, left the good ones and punished the bad balls and that set us up nicely. (Reasons behind promoting Ash Gardner?) We just had a good platform - she comes there and plays well in such situations. It's something we talk about as to how we can get the best out of players. I think we can be very satisfied with our performances in a big game. We will certainly enjoy the win but we came here to win the tournament so that's what we're looking for. We don't mind who we play - they're both incredible teams. There are some players who will be glued to the TV while some others won't watch it. I probably won't watch too much, it will make me nervous (laughs). Hopefully it's a good game, that's how the tournament has been so far and hopefully that's how it goes.
Stafanie Taylor (West Indies Captain): I guess when you look at it, a partnership of that kind deflates the whole team. That's what the Australians did well - they absorbed the pressure and we couldn't get over that. The amount of dropped catches never helped us on the field. To chase down that total you have to be positive - we needed somebody from the top 3 or 4 to bat through but we never had that. Deandra tried hard but we needed something like that burst against India, that would have helped. (Were there plans to open with Hayley Matthews?) We never talked about that - I guess when you have Rashada who is a stroke maker and Deandra who hits the ball hard, they complement each other really well. With me at 4, if both of us (me and Hayley Matthews) were in, we would have got the team over. It was really hard given the batters who were out. The batters who came in were like if I have to go and do something, at least let's try to get the team to 200. It was hard to get to 300, but if we wanted to get something from the game, it was to at least get to 200. (Reflection on the campaign?) Personally disappointed with my performance - really didn't think I contributed to the team as how I would have liked especially with the bat. I had a niggle that affected my bowling and getting injured towards the back end didn't help. It was a bit hard for me personally. I find that the team did really well - it was a bit hard in the middle. We needed much recovery and that put us down towards the back end.
Australia 305/3 in 45 overs (Alyssa Healy 129 off 107 balls, Chinelle Henry 2/51) beat West Indies 148 all out in 37 overs (48 off 75 balls, Jess Jonassen 2/14) by 157 runs.

Chasing 306 in 50 overs is not an easy task. Doing it in 45 is even tougher and you can only imagine the levels of difficulty against an Australian side that is as relentless a team as the game has ever seen.

West Indies were never going to have it easy, even as Alyssa Healy and Rachael Haynes made a green track look like a belter earlier on. A lot was to hinge on their top three and while Deandra Dottin gave it all, her wicket was pretty much the game-clincher for the Aussies. If there was anybody who could have replicated the manic hitting prowess of Healy, it was Dottin and the Windies were always playing catch up post her dismissal.

Hayley Matthews got a start herself but couldn't capitalize on it and the asking rate continued to rise with every passing over, thanks to the relentless Aussie attack giving no breathing space to work with. Wickets continued to fall at regular intervals and it was always heading towards a foregone conclusion.

An injured Anisa Mohammed and an indisposed Chinelle Henry couldn't come out to bat, and if anything, it summed up an acid test of some kind for the West Indies. The rate kept mounting, wickets kept falling and eventually, Australia completed formalities to march into their seventh Women's World Cup final, where they await either England or South Africa.
Alyssa Healy has been awarded the Player of the match for blistering century that setup the game for Australia to win and make it into the finals!

Alyssa Healy:
It's just been little bit like where I wanted to be, not quite clinical I would have to say, once I got to 73 I decided I have to make this one count, groups has been so amazing, everyone in the top six have been contributing so well. It's just a bit about patience, ride the situation, come back in the middle period, batting with someone like Haynes, someone who is so calm, sort of just keeps you in the moment. I was foxing a bit, my calf is cramping as I chased it, made them to go for the second run and that made it count which was good. Obviously what we set out to do this time around, nice to be there in Hagley Oval on the 3rd of April, I thought the girls played outstandingly well, given the condition, bit of darkness in the end, will sit back and watch the game tomorrow and see who we are going to come up against, prepare well for Sunday, nice place to be with the girls, hopefully we can enjoy next few days leading into the finals.
That will be that! Chinelle Henry and Anisa Mohammed will not come out to bat and West Indies' roller-coaster campaign comes to an end with that. Australia have been too powerful for them today and it's another summit clash they march into. Australia beat West Indies by 157 runs and march into the final of the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022.
148 /8 score
cricket bat icon Stafanie Taylor *
48 (75)
cricket bat icon Shamilia Connell
1 (7)
cricket ball icon Alana King
1 /19
36.6 Alana King to Stafanie Taylor, OUT! IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! That's it, Australia storm into another World Cup finals, West Indies are bowled out as Anisa Mohammed and Henry are not coming out to bat. Good length delivery on the middle and off, Taylor down the track looks to hoick but gets a top edge and short third-man settles under it and takes an easy catch.
Stafanie Taylor c Jess Jonassen b Alana King 48 (75b 4x4 0x6)
36.5 Alana King to Shamilia Connell, full delivery down the leg-side, Connell whips it down to fine-leg region for just a single.
36.4 Alana King to Shamilia Connell, DROPPED! Length delivery on the fourth stump, Connell looks to hoick across the line but might've found the feather to Healy who doesn't react that well as she doesn't grab it.
36.3 Alana King to Shamilia Connell, BEATEN! Good length on the fourth stump, turning away on the outside off as Connell comes forward to defend but gets beaten.
36.2 Alana King to Stafanie Taylor, short and down the leg-side, Taylor down on one knee and swept it down to fine-leg region for a single.
36.1 Alana King to Stafanie Taylor, drops it short on the middle and leg, Taylor goes on the backfoot and decides to drop it into the on-side for no run.
146 /7 score
cricket bat icon Stafanie Taylor
47 (72)
cricket bat icon Shamilia Connell *
0 (4)
cricket ball icon Ashleigh Gardner
1 /26
35.6 Ashleigh Gardner to Shamilia Connell, length delivery on the off-stump line, Connell presses forward to smother.
35.5 Ashleigh Gardner to Shamilia Connell, full this time on the off-stump, Connell drives it straight back to the bowler.
35.4 Ashleigh Gardner to Shamilia Connell, good length on the middle and off, Connell presses forward to defend but that stops on her a bit in the end.
35.3 Ashleigh Gardner to Shamilia Connell, length delivery, turning into Connelll as she presses forward and mistimes the drive, straight back to the bowler.