144/4 (20)
129/6 (20)
BBW won by 15 runs.
The innaugral edition of cricket at the Commonwealth Games has featured back to back thrillers already. There is plenty of cricket left in the games so keep your eyes on Sportskeeda tabs for the live coverage! For now, this is Raghav and Pragadeesh signing off.
Pakistan 129-6 after 20 overs lose by 15 runs.
Nida Dar 50* (31) | Muneeba Ali 17 (19)
Hayley Matthews 1/13 (4) | Deandra Dottin 1/25 (3)

What a win, what a win for Barbados! After batting first and putting up a subpar total, they have managed to win this tie by 15 runs. Defending 145, was never going to be an easy task but Barbados fancied their chances against a relatively weak Pakistani batting lineup. They did not allow Pakistan to get off to a good start and kept picking wickets at the same time. Too many batters got mini starts but they could never get going. Nida Dar was the standout.

When the victory looked far fetched for Pakistan, Nida Dar took on the bowling attack to keep the hopes alive. The asking rate was over 12 runs per over in the last six overs but Nida Dar managed to drag it to the final over. However, Nida dar had no support and eventually Pakistan succumbed.
129 /6 score
cricket bat icon Nida Dar
50 (31)
cricket bat icon Ayesha Naseem *
7 (4)
cricket ball icon Deandra Dottin
1 /25
19.6 Deandra Dottin to Ayesha Naseem, OUT! Slow delivery bowled in the good length region outside off, Naseem was tricked by the lack of pace and she was into her shot very early. The ball goes in the air but Matthews settles under it and gobbles it up cleanly. Here comes the big roar from the skipper as Barbados beat Pakistan by 15 runs

Ayesha Naseem c Hayley Matthews b Deandra Dottin 7 (4b 0x4 1x6)
19.5 Deandra Dottin to Ayesha Naseem, short delivery it was well-directed, Naseem didn't offer any shot on that occasion
Fifty for Nida Dar! She does not raise the bat as she knows that the job remains incomplete. A top quality innings from a world-class player.
19.4 Deandra Dottin to Nida Dar, 50 for Dar, but she is not acknowledging the crowd. Length delivery angling in, Dar clips this down to short leg and takes a single
17 needed off 3. Nida Dar needs three big hits.
19.3 Deandra Dottin to Ayesha Naseem, slow delivery outside off, Naseem tries to slap this past mid-off but didn't get enough wood on that shot. Single taken
19.2 Deandra Dottin to Ayesha Naseem, SIX! Where were you hiding, Ayesha Naseem? Slow delivery and it's been dispatched over long-on for a maximum
19.2 Deandra Dottin to Ayesha Naseem, length delivery going down leg. Wide called
19.1 Deandra Dottin to Nida Dar, DROPPED! Pitched-up delivery, Dar slams this straight to long-on and the fielder spills an easy catch. Dottin is not happy with the effort
19.1 Deandra Dottin to Nida Dar, length delivery going down leg. Wide called
Nida Dar gets a life! Pakistan do not really have a chance from here with Dar off strike. 25 needed off 5, Ayesha on strike.

Ayesha Naseem, RHB, comes to the crease
Aliya departs and that's 8 deliveries without a boundary for Pakistan. 27 now needed in the final over and if Nida Dar pulls this off, it will go down in the history books.
118 /5 score
cricket bat icon Nida Dar
48 (29)
cricket bat icon Aliya Riaz *
14 (24)
cricket ball icon Aaliyah Alleyne
1 /29
18.6 Aaliyah Alleyne to Aliya Riaz, OUT! Alleyne breaks the partnership finally. This was pitched up around off but bowled slower, Riaz miscues her shot and the ball goes straight to Connell at mid-off, who pouches it cleanly

Aliya Riaz c Shamilia Connell b Aaliyah Alleyne 14 (24b 0x4 0x6)
18.5 Aaliyah Alleyne to Nida Dar, slow delivery outside off, Dar gives room but didn't get a good timing due to the lack of pace. She gets a single towards cover point
18.4 Aaliyah Alleyne to Aliya Riaz, slow delivery outside off, Riaz mistimes the punch and the ball goes to cover. Single taken
Things aren't looking bright for Pakistan here...