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Bengal 163/8 (20 ov)
Tamil Nadu 167/2 (18 ov)
Tamil Nadu won by 8 wickets
What a run-chase this has been for Tamil Nadu! They were in a spot of bother and under pressure at one point when Bengal had gotten a couple of wickets and had Tamil Nadu under their control. But since Dinesh Karthik walked in, it was a completely different game for his side. He lead this chase really well and while Jagadeesan was struggling at the other end, he kept the board ticking and that allowed Jagadeesan to take his time and later comeback in style, of course with some luck! An unbeaten 71 from him with some mighty sixes towards the end. Karthik ending on 47 not out and a 110 run unbeaten side to see Tamil Nadu through in grand fashion.  A commanding victory for them in the end as they continue to remain the team to be beaten in this tournament.

Bengal started well and Porel bowled brilliantly at the top. It certainly looked like this was going to be a tight game but they started losing control after the half-way mark. Dinesh and Jagadeesan took their time before starting the run spree they were on! They ran brilliantly well, found the gaps and timed everything so well, shifting pressure right back on the Bengal bowlers. They did have a massive opportunity to get Jagadeesan out which they missed, and that eventually cost them the game and a top finish as well. 

As the pressure started building when they weren't getting wickets and the runs were continuing to flow, it affected the lines and lengths they were bowling as well and both the batsmen were nicely set to miss out on anything lose. Fair to say, their fielding has also let them down. Too many misfields that cost runs and gave more confidence to the batsmen. That's an area where they'll have to improve if they are to defend totals. 

In the end, a resounding win for Tamil Nadu as they keep their unbeaten run going. They bowled well to restrict Bengal to that 160-mark and then the way DK and Jagadeesan went about the chase, it shows the experience that they possess as a side, which is why they have been playing such a good brand of cricket right through the tournament. Disappointment for Bengal as they had an opportunity to leapfrog Tamil Nadu at the top of the table!

That has been myself (Rishab) and my partner Sameer as we take your leave for the moment. Have a great night!
Dinesh Karthik and Jagadeesan in a hurry to get this done and they've done it in style here! Going after the spinner and as easy as it gets. These two have batted brilliantly well to take this game away from Bengal when Tamil Nadu were in pressure at one stage. Eventually an eight-wicket win with two overs to spare! That's a thumping win for Tamil Nadu and an unbeaten 110-run stand that makes it five out of five for Tamil Nadu. All the hard-work by Bengal at the top undone there and this has been  a great example of how to chase targets down. They will continue to sit comfortably at the top and go through to the next round!
17.6 Shahbaz Ahmed to Narayan Jagadeesan, FOUR! Jagadeesam finishes it off with an on-drive on the overpitched delivery on his pads!

17.5 Shahbaz Ahmed to Narayan Jagadeesan, fullish delivery just outside off driven uppishly towards mid-off. He wanted that run but Karthik sent him back from mid-pitch! Some drama there!
17.4 Shahbaz Ahmed to Narayan Jagadeesan, FOUR! Short ball on middle stump. Jagadeesan didn't quite connect the pull well but found the gap at cow corner to reduce the target to just 1!
17.3 Shahbaz Ahmed to Narayan Jagadeesan, SIX! Uses his feet to get to the pitch of the delivery and sends the ball flying over long-on for a biggie!
17.2 Shahbaz Ahmed to Dinesh Karthik, fullish delivery on middle stump swept to deep square leg for a single
17.1 Shahbaz Ahmed to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR! Ugly shot from Karthik. He danced down the track and got an outside edge on the wild hoick to the thirdman fence for a boundary!
The way Dinesh Karthik has batted allowed Jagadeesan more time to settle in while he was struggling a bit and now he's come out to score handsomely! They've complimented each other quite nicely and gone about this chase pretty well from where they were at one point. Mukesh trying to keep it away but they're making good room and the timing and placement has been top notch. Should be easy for Tamil Nadu from here. 16 off 18 needed 
Over: 17 | Summary: 1w 1 1 0 4 1 1 Bowler: Score: 0/0
16.6 Mukesh Kumar to Dinesh Karthik, length ball just outside off guided to thirdman to keep strike for the eighteenth over
16.5 Mukesh Kumar to Narayan Jagadeesan, slower delivery on off-stump slashed hard to deep point for just a single
16.4 Mukesh Kumar to Narayan Jagadeesan, FOUR! That's a half-volley outside off and Jagadeesan drives it through the gap between extra cover and mid-off for four runs!
16.3 Mukesh Kumar to Narayan Jagadeesan, makes room for himself and misses the square cut on a length ball outside off
16.2 Mukesh Kumar to Dinesh Karthik, yorker on off-stump. Karthik has angled his bat into the off-side while defending it under his eyes and gets off-strike
16.1 Mukesh Kumar to Narayan Jagadeesan, full delivery on off-stump punched to long-on for a single
16.1 Mukesh Kumar to Narayan Jagadeesan, bowls it well outside off, called WIDE by the umpire
The fielding has been disappointing from Bengal and that has allowed the batsmen to get runs and take pressure off themselves. Both the batsmen have been batting well and the runs are coming in full flow from either ends! Well, that stumping of Jagadeesan has cost Bengal a lot, and probably the game as well. Eventually goes on to get his fifty and he has made full use of the chance he got. Nothing seems to be working for Bengal and it looks like Tamil Nadu are now in some hurry to finish this! 
Over: 16 | Summary: 4 1 1 4 2 1 Bowler: Ishan Porel Score: 139/2
15.6 Ishan Porel to Narayan Jagadeesan, makes room yet again and slashes the wide delivery on a good length towards deep covers
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