Berlin Eagles CC 69/6 (10 ov)
BSV Britannia 71/2 (7.3 ov)
BSV Britannia won by 8 wickets
BSV Brittania have won their first game of the tournament comprehensively. They started cautiously in the first two overs. The openers hit one boundary each before losing their wickets. Nadijbullh Yaseer walked in at 3 and started hammering the Eagles bowlers. He scored a quickfire 29 off 15 balls with 3 sixes and a boundary. Rohit Singh who came into bat at 4 finished off the match with an elegant six. BSV has another two games lined up today and they will be looking to continue their winning momentum.

Berlin Eagles CC are still looking for their first win of the tournament. They didn't have a good score on the board for their bowlers to defend. Their bowlers bowled well in the first few overs bowling tight lines but it was not enough to contain this small total. They have their final game of the tournament later in the day against the same opponents and hopefully, they will be able to get their first victory.

We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you.This is Nikhil Kulkarni, along with my colleague, Pradeep Somshekar signing off. Stay Safe and Take Care!.
7.3 Z Mahmood to R Singh, SIX! Rohit finishes things off by pulling it with such ease towards deep square leg boundary for a maximum! BSV Britannia registers a win in their first match of the tournament and Eagles dreadful run continues! They win by 8 wickets!
7.2 Z Mahmood to R Singh, fires this one on the leg stump, yorker length, just drills this to the square leg for a couple!
BSV Brittania is 62/2 after 7th over. They just need 8 runs now to win. 
7.1 Z Mahmood to N Yasser, slower delivery on the leg stump, just flicks it for a single!
6.6 K Zaman to R Singh, FOUR! This time Rohit makes no mistake and hooks it nicely towards deep fine leg region for a boundary!
6.5 K Zaman to N Yasser, hurried on to the batsman, gets a top edge and falls in no mans land, picks up a single!
6.4 K Zaman to R Singh, Rohit slashes that and gets a thick outside edge and the gully fielder makes a mess of it and drops that a sitter!
6.3 K Zaman to N Yasser, another delivery that's fired on the batsman and they steal a single this time!
6.2 K Zaman to N Yasser, hurried on to the batsman and couldn't make contact!
6.1 K Zaman to R Singh, good length delivery, smacks that towards mid wicket for a single!
BSV Brittania is 54/2 after 6th over. They need 16 runs from 24 balls.
Yaseer is dealing in sixes now, he has quickly moved to 27 off 11 balls with 3 sixes. He is in a hurry to finish this one. Berlin Eagles are staring at their 7th consecutive defeat.
5.6 N Hamed to N Yasser, FOUR! Short on the leg stump, batsman had enough time to hoick it towards cow corner for a boundary!
5.5 N Hamed to N Yasser, Yasser this time slashes and picks up a couple, that was a short delivery!
5.4 N Hamed to N Yasser, bowled shorter and quicker this time and Yasser just dabs the around the corner for no run!
5.3 N Hamed to N Yasser, SIX! Yasser comes down the track and just smacks that for a maximum for long on boundary, it's out of the ground!
5.2 N Hamed to R Singh, bowled on the leg stump spun towards middle and off and Rohit just drives that to pick up a single!
5.1 N Hamed to M Negi, OUT! fired it on the leg stump and Mohit tries to scoop it and it's rapped on the pads, huge appeal for LBW and the umpire raises his finger!
BSV Brittania is 41/1 after 5th over. They need 29 runs from 30 balls. Both the batsman are looking in good touch, they are cruising now.
4.6 B Khan to N Yasser, makes room this time to cut it away but couldn't clear the gap!
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