Defentas Sporting Club 73/6 (10 ov)
Bologna Cricket Club 76/2 (8.4 ov)
Bologna Cricket Club won by 8 wickets
That is the end of things! Malik Sarfraz finishes things off with a boundary and by doing so he's also brought up his half century. He finished unbeaten on 50 from 28 deliveries. Babar Ghafar played second fiddle to Malik Sarfraz as the BCC openers knocked off most of the runs. As expected, it was an easy chase for Bologna who in the end won by 8 wickets with 1.2 overs to spare. The Defentas Sporting Club bowlers simply did not show enough intent in a game where their side needed early wickets to have any chance of winning.

The game was setup for BCC by their bowlers who did an excellent job to restrict the DSC batsmen to 73 for 6 and Khayer Abul, in particular was outstanding. He was also named the Man of the Match for his excellent spell of 2-12. Bologna have now picked up 4 points as they've claimed victory in 2 of their 3 games so far and are in an excellent position to qualify for the next stage of the tournament.

That's the end of Sportskeeda's coverage for the 18th Match of ECS Rome T10 between the Defentas Sporting Club and Bologna Cricket Club. This is Sameer Deodhar and Anurag Hegde singing off.
8.4 Muhammed Hossain to Malik Sarfraz, FOUR! Charges down the track and smacks the full delivery back past the bowler to get to his fifty and complete the victory!
8.3 Muhammed Hossain to Haseeb Khan, punches the full delivery into the leg side and takes just a single as Malik wants to get to his half-century
8.2 Muhammed Hossain to Malik Sarfraz, heaves the length ball to deep mid-wicket for another single
8.1 Muhammed Hossain to Haseeb Khan, cuts a back of a length delivery outside off to backward point
69-2 after 8 overs, Bologna have suffered a little hiccup here, they could easily finished the game off by now. They might not be getting the big NRR boost they were hoping for
Over: 8 | Summary: 1w 1w 1 W 2w 0 0 W 1 Bowler: Abdul Jemi Score: 69/2
7.6 Abdur Jemi to Haseeb Khan, full toss on the pads flicked to deep mid-wicket for a single
7.5 Abdur Jemi to Suresh Kolli, OUT! Drives the full delivery well outside off into the off-side and the ball lobs off the edge to the man at short thirdman!
7.4 Abdur Jemi to Suresh Kolli, hops to defend the shortish delivery on his body
7.3 Abdur Jemi to Suresh Kolli, prods on a full delivery well outside off and misses
An injured Babar Ghafar hobbles off the field after making 15 from 18
7.3 Abdur Jemi to Malik Sarfraz, strays down the leg side again and the batsmen steal a bye as the ball stops inside the fine leg boundary
7.2 Abdur Jemi to Babar Ghafar, OUT! Ghafar hoicks the full delivery to long-on and Muhammad Hossain takes a good low catch on the fence!
7.1 Abdur Jemi to Malik Sarfraz, makes room for himself and drives it to Bhullar at short covers who DROPS another one!
7.1 Abdur Jemi to Malik Sarfraz, full toss down the leg side from Jemi and Sarfraz ducks under it!
7.1 Abdur Jemi to Malik Sarfraz, starts with a wide down the leg side
63-0 after 7 overs, Sarfraz is unbeaten on 44, he'll be looking to get his fifty
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 4 1 1 1 0 Bowler: Ravinder Bhullar Score: 63/0
6.6 Ravinder Bhullar to Babar Ghafar, Babar hits it straight back to the bowler and Bhullar DROPS the catch!
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