Botanic Garden Rangers 98/6 (10 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers 101/3 (8.4 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers won by 7 wickets
Sunil Ambris started the innings with a huge six of the second ball before the rain interrupted the game. Kensley Joseph who opened the innings with Sunil got out early. Ricavo Williams came into bat at No 3 and built a good partnership with Sunil Ambris. They took the game deep.

Sunil Ambris smashed three consecutive six of the first three-ball of 8th over when they needed 32 off 18 balls and turned the game in his team's favor. He got out scoring 54 off 29 balls. Ricavo Williams made 29 off 16 balls before getting run out in the 9th over. They both batted sensibly.

The only worry for Salt Pond Breakers will be the extra's conceded today. They bowled 4 no balls and 7 wides today. Hopefully, they will work on it and do better in the next matches.

On the other hand, Botanical Garden Rangers did put a decent total on the board but they would have hoped to put some more runs considering the mighty batting order of SPB. Their bowlers did well to take the game till the end but it was not enough against a good batting side.

We have enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. That's it from us today. Do join us tomorrow for the games as we bring you the live coverage. This is Nikhil Kulkarni, along with my colleague, Gaurav Kadam, signing off! Take care and stay safe.
8.4 K. Williams to R. John, SIX! WHAT A WAY TO WIN IT! Fuller one outside off and John is out of the crease again and SMOKES that over long off for the maximum and clinches the match for the Salt Pond Breakers!

SPB have beaten BGR by 7 wickets!
8.3 K. Williams to S. Ambris, CAUGHT!  fuller outside off and Ambris went for the loft towards long off but did not time it well and holds out to the fielder! He has to depart after a key knock of 54 runs!
8.2 K. Williams to R. John, fuller one outside off as John gets rapped on the pads and takes off for the single.
8.1 K. Williams to R. John, SIX! Full toss outside off and John dances down the track and flicks it nonchalantly over the long on region for the six! Just 5 runs needed now!
Salt Pond Breakers: 88/2 after 8 overs. They need 11 runs off 12 balls.

Sunil Ambris has smashed three consecutive sixes off the first three balls and moves to his 50 off 26 balls. What an impressive innings this has been! He has batted sensibly and has stayed till the end to see through this chase. It's Salt Pond Breakers game to lose. Ricavo Williams is run-out the last ball, he played well and built a good partnership with Ambris.
7.6 Z. Providence to S. Ambris, RUN OUT! fuller at the legs and Williams went for the big heave and got the edge towards point. Williams is slow in getting down after Ambris had taken off and is run out at the bowler's end!
7.5 Z. Providence to S. Ambris, fuller one at the leg stump as Ambris works it down to backward square leg for one
7.4 Z. Providence to S. Ambris, fuller outside leg and Ambris brings out the reverse sweep for a brace to backward point
7.3 Z. Providence to S. Ambris, SIX! HAT TRICK OF SIXES! A similar delivery and the exact result as well! That was full outside off and Ambris went for the big heave over the covers again and clears the ropes with ease!
7.2 Z. Providence to S. Ambris, SIX MORE! Fuller again from Providence outside and the same result! Ambris reads it early and lofts that over the cover region for the second six in a row!
7.1 Z. Providence to S. Ambris, SIX! Full and outside off as Ambris moves outside leg and played that inside out for a maximum over extra cover! 
Salt Pond Breakers: 67/1 after 7 overs. They need 32 runs off 18 balls.

Ricavo Williams hits the much needed six in the over. Still anybody's game at this stage. A wicket here for BGR will make this game even more interesting. 12 runs coming off the last over.
6.6 K. Dember to R. Williams, full outside off and Williams drove that down to the deep mid wicket and the pair did well to come back for two runs!
6.5 K. Dember to R. Williams, full toss and Williams drives it past the bowler down to long off for a couple of runs 
6.4 K. Dember to R. Williams, SIX! Short and wide outside off as Williams slams that one over extra cover for a maximum to relieve some pressure in the chase!
6.3 K. Dember to S. Ambris, fuller one at the middle stump as Ambris hits it down to the man at deep mid wicket for one
6.2 K. Dember to R. Williams, fuller one outside off and the edge takes it down to short fine leg for a quick single
6.1 K. Dember to R. Williams, quicker one outside off and Williams went for the slog but misses out! Dot ball!
Salt Pond Breakers: 55/1 after 6 overs. They need 44 runs off 24 balls.

Just 4 overs remaining in the innings. Another tidy over, Zemron Providence bowled well after conceding a boundary in the over. Just 7 runs coming in the over. 11 runs needed in every over now for SPB!
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