144/8 (20)
145/2 (17.2)
HUR won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Ben McDermott
Hobart Hurricanes desperately needed a win and they've got one in brilliant fashion here. It was Ben McDermott who beautifully set it up with his scintillating 93-run knock. He found able support in skipper Peter Handcomb, who perfectly played second fiddle in their hundred plus match-winning partnership. It wasn't was easy at the start but the duo paced the chase very well. 

McDermott took his time to get in but once he started to get going, there was no stopping him and he just took the game away from the Heat. Brisbane Heat failed to pick wickets that cost them the game. They did not have enough runs to defend as well and they failed to take their chances. The only positive for them from this game was the Bash Boost Point that they won. The likes of David Grant and debutant Paddy Dooley were impressive but again, they did not enough runs to play with. 

This win now puts Hobart Hurricanes to the fourth spot on the table and they will only look to build on from here. As for Brisbane Heat, it's their seventh defeat now and they've really got to pick themselves up. While Hobart have all but strengthened their position in the top four, the Heat have their task cut out. A good all-round game for the Hurricanes then. Until next time, this is Pradeep and myself (Rishab) signing out. Have a great Saturday evening folks!
Done and dusted! Hurricanes complete a comprehensive win, much needed after two successive defeats. 3.4 overs and eight wickets to spare then. Thoroughly professional performance from the men in purple!
17.2 Will Prestwidge to D'Arcy Short, THAT'S IT! Hobart Hurricanes stormed to a much needed win and this is a stunning piece of batting from them tonight and pick up the crucial two points. Back of a length on the pads and Short on the backfoot whips it off thigh down to fine-leg and picks up the single!
Well, scores are levelled and this will be it then. Hurricanes just need a run more now! 
17.1 Will Prestwidge to D'Arcy Short, SIX! BANG! Short delivery into Short on the middle and leg as he swivels and then SMOKES it way over the deep backward square-leg fence for a maximum! SCORES ARE LEVEL!
Will this be the last over of the game?
No point in hanging around now and the Hurricanes have got to finish this as soon as they can to help their net run-rate. Clearly what they intend to do as well. That brings an end to a good spell from Grant. Just 7 more needed now then!
137 /2 score
cricket bat icon Peter Handscomb
27 (33)
cricket bat icon D'Arcy Short *
4 (3)
cricket ball icon David Grant
0 /27
16.6 David Grant to D'Arcy Short, back of a length angles it into Short and strays it down the leg-side and he pulls that one down to fine-leg for a single and retains the strike.
16.5 David Grant to D'Arcy Short, FOUR! Stunning hit from Short, length delivery on the outside off, swings hard at that and clobbered it over the top of mid-off fielder for another boundary.
16.4 David Grant to D'Arcy Short, back of a length into Short from around the wicket on the middle and off as he hangs back and swats it straight back to the bowler.
16.3 David Grant to Peter Handscomb, OH! Change of pace, short on the off-stump as Handscomb goes to pull that one but he's miscued it over mid-wicket and falls in no man's land and they pick up just a single.
16.2 David Grant to Peter Handscomb, full delivery on the off-stump, Handscomb backs away and then drills it straight to the cover fielder for no run.
16.1 David Grant to Peter Handscomb, back of a length on the off-stump line as Handscomb ends up tapping straight back to the bowler to his right.
A magnificent innings from McDermott and he's put his side in the drivers seat here. Hurricanes are just a few hits away now and they will be looking to wrap things up soon. Just 13 more needed now from four overs!
131 /2 score
cricket bat icon Ben McDermott
93 (61)
cricket bat icon Peter Handscomb *
25 (30)
cricket ball icon Will Prestwidge
2 /29
15.6 Will Prestwidge to Peter Handscomb, back of a length on the outside off, Handscomb shuffles across and works it gently into the vacant mid-wicket and ends up picking up just a single.
15.5 Will Prestwidge to Peter Handscomb, OH! Back of a length over the middle and off stump as Handscomb makes room to cut but misses, through to the keeper.
D'Arcy Short, LHB, comes to the crease
Oh dear! McDermott is gone for 93. Unfortunate for him to miss out but he's done his job. Too late for Heat this!