19th Match, Carrara Oval
182/6 (20)
171/9 (20)
ST won by 11 runs.
That's that from the first of the double header in the BBL, the second game is in progress and don't forget to catch the live action right here on Sportskeeda. This has been me, Pradeep along with my partner Srivathsa signing off, stay safe and take care!
Daniel Sams is the Player of the Match for his all-round performance | 36(15)* & 2-41!
Sydney Thunder won the game by 11 runs!

Colin Munro 98(53) | James Bazley 29(24) | Nathan McAndrew 4-31 | Daniel Sams 2-41

Brisbane fall just short despite Munro's 98. The New Zealander waged a lone battle till James Bazley came out to support him. The others in the top-order failed and it was left to Munro.

Munro though was in a devastating mood and carted the bowlers all around the park. With Bazley providing support, the pair got closer before Bazley was out LBW to Usman Qadir.

Munro though carried on and only got out in the last over when trying to clear deep mid-wicket. That ended the game and McAndrew held his nerve to close it out.

For the Thunder, Chris Green and Usman Qadir's overs in the middle overs where they prevented a boundary proved to be crucial in the end analysis - just after the Power Surge was taken and done with by Heat.

Had someone supported Munro, the Heat could've won this easily. The Thunder now have done the double over Heat this season and are inching their way up the table. The Heat meanwhile stay bottom with just one win.

Stay tuned to know who the Player of the Match is.
171 /9 score
cricket bat icon Mark Steketee
1 (1)
cricket bat icon Matthew Kuhnemann *
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Nathan McAndrew
4 /32
19.6 Nathan McAndrew to Matthew Kuhnemann, OUT! STRAIGHT TO MID-OFF AND TAKEN! MCANDREW HOLDS THE NERVE TO WIN IT FOR THUNDER! Sydney Thunder make it two in two wins this season against Brisbane Heat as they pick up crucial two more points. Was another slower one, short and Kuhnemann slaps it to mid-off where the fielder runs to his left to take a sharp catch.
19.5 Nathan McAndrew to Matthew Kuhnemann, back of a length on the wide of off-stump, Kuhnemann reaches to cut but misses, through to the keeper.
19.4 Nathan McAndrew to Michael Neser, OUT! PICKS OUT LONG-ON AND GONE! The wheels are coming off now for the Heat. Change of pace, short into Neser, he's pulled that one away but has miscued it straight down the throat of long-on and has to go.

Neser c (sub)Toby Gray b McAndrew 7(7)
19.3 Nathan McAndrew to Mark Steketee, OH! Clever change of pace, completely deceives Steketee who swivels too early to pull and that deflects of the top edge to ping on the helmet, they get just a single. What can Neser do?
Mark Steketee, right handed bat, comes to the crease
Munro has holed out for 98 and the game's now Thunder's to lose. A pity that he did not get the 100 he thoroughly deserved.
19.2 Nathan McAndrew to Colin Munro, OUT! HOLES OUT AT DEEP MID-WICKET AND GONE! That's the end of Colin Munro, it's disappointment for him in the end. Length delivery on the pads, Munro hoicks but he doesn't get enough power behind it as Sams diving forward at deep mid-wicket takes a brilliant catch and Munro misses out on a well deserved hundred!

Munro c Daniel Sams b McAndrew 98(53) [4s-9 6s-3]
19.1 Nathan McAndrew to Michael Neser, full toss on the wide of off-stump, Neser shuffles across off-stump and completely mistimes it down to long-off for just one.
Oh! What a time to bowl a no-ball but Munro is off strike. Drama.
19.1 Nathan McAndrew to Colin Munro, OH DEAR! NO-BALL! Full toss, well above waist height, Munro mistimes the pull into the on-side for a single, signaled a no-ball but they take the single and it's Neser that faces the FREE-HIT!
16 needed off the last over and importantly Munro is on strike. What an innings so far from him.
Brisbane Heat need 16 off 6 balls!
167 /6 score
cricket bat icon Colin Munro
92 (49)
cricket bat icon Michael Neser *
11 (7)
cricket ball icon Daniel Sams
2 /41
18.6 Daniel Sams to Colin Munro, back of a length on the fifth stump, Munro slaps it to deep covers for just one but more importantly he's on strike for the final over.
18.5 Daniel Sams to Colin Munro, FOUR! SHOT! Munro moves to 96, what an innings this has been. Was short on the wide of off-stump, gets across off-stump, Munro swatted it to deep square-leg and in the gap to pick up the crucial boundary.
18.4 Daniel Sams to Colin Munro, yorker length on the stumps, Munro smacked it straight over the umpire's head as they come back for a brace.