Catalunya 131/2 (10 ov)
Catalunya Tigers CC 66/10 (9.3 ov)
Catalunya won by 65 runs.
A comprehensive victory for Catalunya as they win this match by 65 runs and qualify for the finals!

The Catalunya derby for the sem-finals was surely built up as both the teams have provided action-packed, highly thrilling, and entertaining contests in the past. Unfortunately, this time around this just turned out to be a one-sided contest as Catalunya have pulled off a number on the Tigers big time.

At the start of the chase, the Tigers were awarded 5 bonus runs as Catalunya were penalized for a slow over-rate while batting first. The reason being skipper Yasir Ali wasted too much time in changing his bats consistently. This at the start looked like would turn out to a deciding factor but the carnage was yet to begin. 

The Tigers never really got going as the Catalunya bowlers bowled outside off and challenged them consistently. Yasir Ali after having brilliant innings with the bat sets the tone by getting the run out Mohsin Ali for a six-ball duck. The Chaos continued for the Tigers and it was probably the worst of time to have your batting collapse.

Nobody really got going for them as only one batsman could reach the double-figure and that was Ghulam Dastgeer who primarily is a bowler. He managed to score 20 runs off 10 balls he faced and had hit a couple of sixes. Tigers in this match have also registered their lowest total for the season as they were cleaned up for 66 runs by Catalunya.

The Player of the Match in this encounter was given to non-other than the Catalunya skipper Yasir Ali who lead his side from the front first with the bat by playing a not out innings of 74 runs. He also got the runout and at the start and bowled an over where he managed to pick up a wicket.

The Catalunya bowlers were on song from the word go as Raja Adeel, Shahbaz Shaukat, Nawazish Ali, and Ibrar Hussain picked up two wickets each.

Going into the finals of the ECS T10 Barcelona, Catalunya will be a happier side as they defeated their arch-rivals in such a crucial game quite comprehensively. They will be facing PAK I CARE in the finals but before that game, the Tigers will have a chance to redeem themselves and take some silverware home as they face off Badalona Shaheen CC up next in the Bronze finals.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Catalunya and Catalunya Tigers CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Gaurav Kadam signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.3 S. Shaukat to G. Dastgeer, OUT! Full outside off and Dastgeer went for the big heave but mistimes his shot and the catch is taken!

CTT are all out at 66!
9.2 S. Shaukat to G. Sarwar, quick single towards mid on as the batsman plays it watchfully on the fuller delivery
9.1 S. Shaukat to G. Dastgeer, full and outside off as the bastman hits it towards the coer region for quick single
At the end of the 9th over CTT are 64/9. 

Just he formality nowhere for the match. The Tigers will have to group themselves as they will playing the Bronze finals next against Badalona Shaheen CC!
8.6 F. Sohail to G. Dastgeer, single taken towards the covers by Daastger who retains the strike
8.5 F. Sohail to G. Dastgeer, SIX! Fuller one outside off and Dastgeet LOBS that over long of for the maximum! A boundary comes in after a long time for the Dastgeer and he looks like the only batsmen who is having a good day out in the middle
8.4 F. Sohail to G. Sarwar, single taken by the pair as Sarwar dives it down to long on for one
8.3 F. Sohail to G. Sarwar, outside of and that ball stayed low as the batsman is not able to get bat on ball there!
8.2 F. Sohail to G. Dastgeer, fuller outside off and the batsman runs it down to long on for one
8.1 F. Sohail to G. Dastgeer, angled into the batsman as Dastgeer defends it back to the bowler for a dot
At the end of the 8th over CTT are 55/9.

Tigers will definitely be wondering where it all went wrong for them. Everything looked very rosy for them when they were awarded 5 runs and it looked like Catalunya might have to pay a heavy price for that but that was not to be the case here. Just one wicket now need for Catalunya to get through to the finals! They will be facing PAK I CARE in the finals! CTT now need 77 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 I. Hussain to G. Sarwar, another dot to end the over as Sarwar is not able to connect there
7.5 I. Hussain to G. Sarwar, fuller one outside off as Sarwar deive it striaight to cover for a dot
7.4 I. Hussain to I. Nazir, STUMPED! That one stayed too low outside off and the batsman was out of his crease for the shot! He missed and the keeper was off with the bails! Number 9 down for the Tigers here!
7.3 I. Hussain to I. Nazir, FOUR! Slower one outside off as the batsman whacks it past the bowler who almost got a hand to it and the man at long off misfields for the boundary!
7.2 I. Hussain to I. Nazir, slow and outside off as the ball stays low and the batsman is not able to connect!
7.1 I. Hussain to I. Nazir, straight and good length at the stumps as Nazir defends it back to the bowler
At the end of the 7th over CTT are 51/8. CTT now need 81 runs off 18 balls!

A really sorry state of affairs for the Tigers for this innings. Catalunya has managed to take away the roar out of the Tigers in this innings. Another Tigers batsmen this time Aamir Shahzad is set back into the hut for just 6 runs. Another Tigers batsmen departs in the single figures!
6.6 Y. Ali to G. Dastgeer, angled into the batsman a bit back of the length as the batsman plays it back to the bowler. Dot ball!
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