111/4 (10)
JJB won by 7 wickets
Janjua Brescia - 115/3 in 10 overs (Umair Baig 38 off 14 balls, Ram Sunil 2/13 in 2 overs) beat Cividate - 111/4 in 10 overs (Zain Ali 53 off 23 balls, Zahid Ali 2/36 in 2 overs) by 7 wickets with 4 balls to spare. 

Janjua Brescia delivered their best batting performance of the week and have now got themselves into the final four tomorrow, still in with a chance to win this tournament. But the biggest reason why they find themselves in this position, is their positive batting approach. They were quick to realize that runs need to come from the beginning and were severe on the loose balls, as well as, intelligent against the good ones, as they made sure that dot ball were minimized. There were a few tactical errors from the Cividate point of view with their bowling changes and choice of deliveries, but that too got well capitalized by the Janjua Brescia batters. Ram Sunil's bowling did keep Cividate in the match, but the rest of the bowling, and the fielding, was not up to the mark and Janjua Brescia, chasing a big total, got there with four balls left. We have one more match coming up today, so do stay with us for that, as it is Play Off no. 3 to decide who finishes second and third for tomorrow. For now, this is the pair of Maanas and Bidipto, saying good bye! Keep following Sportskeeda! 
9.3 Azan Babar to Waseem Ahmad, NO BALL! FOUR! Janjua Brescia advance through to the playoffs! What a fantastic performance from them today and they deserve every bit of it! Have had to win two on the trot and they have done just that! A chest-high full toss on the body, Waseem swivels and hooks that through the vacant backward square leg region to collect a boundary! Roars in delight as they complete a fantastic run chase!
9.2 Azan Babar to Nasir Mehmood, full and on the pads, Mehmood whips that off his pads towards deep square leg for a single. 
9.1 Azan Babar to Waseem Ahmad, into the blockhole and on the fourth stump line, Waseem digs that out in front of mid on for a quick single. 
Azan Babar, right-arm fast-medium, is in to bowl.

One would have to say now, that Janjua Brescia have the match wrapped up. Only four runs remain to be scored off six balls and the momentum at the moment is with them. Cividate have a monumental task ahead of them to defend four runs. 
108 /3 score
cricket bat icon Waseem Ahmad
13 (9)
cricket bat icon Nasir Mehmood *
12 (5)
cricket ball icon Zain Ali
1 /36
8.6 Zain Ali to Nasir Mehmood, length ball outside off, Mehmood cuts that towards point. A direct hit and the ball ricochets into the leg side as the keeper fails to collect it. The batters steal a second there!
8.5 Zain Ali to Nasir Mehmood, SIX! BANG! Is that the game there! Full and on the fourth stump line, Mehmood shuffles across, gets his front foot out of the way and muscles that over long off. The fielder pats the ball back but does so from the wrong side of the boundary rope! Admits that it is a maximum! 
8.4 Zain Ali to Nasir Mehmood, back of a length ball outside off, bowled slower as Mehmood looks to cut it away but to no avail. 
Janjua Brescia get to 100! 
8.3 Zain Ali to Nasir Mehmood, FOUR! SHOT! Misses the yorker and bowls a juicy full toss outside off, Mehmood holds his ground and punches that through the extra cover region to collect a boundary! 
8.2 Zain Ali to Nasir Mehmood, full ball outside off, into the blockhole nearly as Mehmood looks to bludgeon it downtown but misses. 
Nasir Mehmood, RHB, is at the crease. 
8.1 Zain Ali to Naeem Ahmad, OUT! CAUGHT! Full ball outside off, Naeem shuffles across and swings hard at that. Ends up slicing it high in the air and the fielder at point runs across to pouch that with relative ease in the end!

Naeem Ahmad c Waleed Sikandar b Zain Ali 18 (12) (1x6)
Zain Ali [1.0-0-24-0] is back to bowl.

Janjua Brescia are once again in control of the run chase now. After two good overs from Ram Sunil, they have been able to wrest the initiative from Cividate and keep themselves up with the asking rate again! 
96 /2 score
cricket bat icon Waseem Ahmad
13 (9)
cricket bat icon Naeem Ahmad *
18 (11)
cricket ball icon Hamad Afzal
0 /13
7.6 Hamad Afzal to Naeem Ahmad, length ball outside off, Naeem pulls that towards long on for a strike-retaining single!
7.5 Hamad Afzal to Naeem Ahmad, full and on the middle stump angling in, Naeem works that towards long on for a couple of runs. 
7.4 Hamad Afzal to Naeem Ahmad, SIX! BANG! Full and on the middle stump line, Naeem clears his front foot, clears his front foot and muscles that over th along on region for a huge maximum!
7.3 Hamad Afzal to Waseem Ahmad, full and on the middle stump angling in, Waseem swings at that but misses. The keeper fails to collect that cleanly and the ball rolls into the off side for a single. The bowler's towel fell out of his trousers as he bowled that but the batter does not want it to be adjudged as a dead ball.