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Dubai Pulse Secure 131/2 (10 ov)
Ajman Alubond 96/7 (10 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure won by 35 runs.
Player of the match: Ronak Panoly
Well, that's it from this match from me, Sudheer, and my co-commentator, Nikhil Kulkarni. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more matches from this tournament besides our coverage from all around the world. Cheers and have fun.
Ajman finish their innings coming well short off the target as they lost the match by 36 runs to Dubai who have been below par in the tournament apart from couple of sparkling performances. Ajman, as they already have qualified for the next stage of the tournament, will keenly look at their performance in this match and make sure they don't repeat the mistake going forward in the tournament.

Ajman got off to a perfect start as Asif Khan got them going scoring 22 runs from the first over and they couldn't carry the momentum as he got and other batsmen struggled to score at a similar rate. Abdul Shakoor top scored with 33 runs and Shahan Akram also chipped in with 21 runs to his name but that didn't really help them to come close to the target in any way as they kept losing wickets at regular intervals.

All the Dubai bowlers did a decent job as they kept everything tight apart from the first over. Muhammad Farooq was the pick of the bowlers with 3 wickets and other bowlers picked one wicket each. Nilansh Keswani couldn't buy a wicket but he did more than a decent job in his two overs. Aditya Shetty, with his loopy leg breaks, and Muhammad Farooq's sliders made the job tough for the opponents as Dubai register their 2nd win in the tournament.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 W 1w 1 2 1lb 1 Bowler: Ali Anwaar Score: 0/0
9.6 Ali Anwer to Hamad Arshad, a bit short on the leg stump, tries to pull this one but misses and they scamper for a single. Dubai Pulse Secure end the tournament on a high. They win this game by 36 runs!!
9.5 Ali Anwer to Zubair Zuhaib, length ball on the leg stump, tries to pull this one off the back foot but fails to connect. After a slight hesitation, they take a single
9.4 Ali Anwer to Zubair Zuhaib, back of a length ball on middle and leg, nudges it to on side again off the back foot and they take two off an overthrow.
9.3 Ali Anwer to Hamad Arshad, length ball on middle and leg, nudges this one to square leg and gets off the mark.
9.3 Ali Anwer to Hamad Arshad, length ball going down the leg side and it's given wide!
9.2 Ali Anwer to Bahzad Naquib, OUT!!! Well, what has happened here. Short ball going down the leg side and Bahzad goes for the pull shot but looks like he might not have connected that one but is very tight. The keeper appeals for a caught behind and after some thinking, the umpire raise his finger. The batsman is miffed at that decision!
9.1 Ali Anwer to Zubair Zuhaib, full length ball outside off, gets on the front foot and drives this elegantly to long off for a single.
Ali Anwer to bowl the final over for Dubai.

Two more wickets lost in that over as Muhammad Farooq finishes with 3 wickets for 19 runs. Final over coming up and Dubai might finally get the chance to cross the line 2nd time in the tournament. Let's see what happens in the final over of the innings for Ajman.
Over: 9 | Summary: 4 1 4 1 W W Bowler: Muhammad Farooq Score: 89/6
8.6 Muhammad Farooq to Muhammad Kaleem Hafiz, OUT!!! Two in two!!! Tossed up outside off asking to be hit, Hafiz goes for the slog sweep and doesn't time it well. The ball was in the air for a very long time before the long on fielder latched onto it.
8.5 Muhammad Farooq to Abdul Shakoor, length ball outside off, slashes hard at it staying deep in the crease, miscues it straight to the fielder at mid-off who takes an easy catch.
8.4 Muhammad Farooq to Muhammad Kaleem Hafiz, quicker length ball outside off, stays deep in the crease and smashes it to long on.
8.3 Muhammad Farooq to Muhammad Kaleem Hafiz, full length ball just outside off and Hafiz stands in the crease and whacks it to the long off boundary. 
8.2 Muhammad Farooq to Abdul Shakoor, length ball outside off, smashes this one to long off and takes a single.
8.1 Muhammad Farooq to Abdul Shakoor, FOUR!!! Length ball outside off, gets an edge behind keeper as he tries to slash it hard and the ball races away to boundary.
Muhammad Farooq to bowl the 9th over.

Adithya Shetty finishes his spell and gives just 8 runs off that over. it's getting tougher for Ajman and seems like they may fall short off the target by some margin unless someone plays a blinder of an innings in the final two overs.
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 W 4 4 W 0 Bowler: Adhitya Shetty Score: 79/4
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