ECB Blues 96/8 (10 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI 97/2 (6.5 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI won by 8 wickets

Sharjah Bukhatir thump ECB Blues by 8 wickets with 18 balls to spare
That Ladies and Gentlemen, brings us to the end of what seemed to be a one-sided game.SB came into the chase with a very positive mindset. However, they lost their first wicket in the very first over off the game. But, Ahmad and Mani steadied out the innings and made things easier in the chase. Mani lost his wicket in the fourth over off the game but the chase has been well set already. Ahmad does not stop there, he goes after the bowlers at will scoring 59 off just 23 deliveries and taking his team home with ease. He deserves to be the MVP for his brilliant knock to take his team home.

That is it from us here at Sportskeeda,viewers. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the game. Stay tuned with us for the games coming up. Till then, this is Manoj Sarma and my partner Sarthak Karkhani, signing off. Stay Safe !!!
6.6 Arsalan J to F Ahmad, wide ball down the leg side. Sharjah win this game with 3 overs to spare and ECB Blues have been handed their 2nd defeat of the tournament
6.5 Arsalan J to F Ahmad, short ball and he tries to pull it, doesnt get hold of it but a top edge and pace on the ball meant that its a six. There is no stopping him here. Another big hit.
6.4 Arsalan J to F Ahmad, back of a length ball outside off and he cuts it away for a four. Cuts that one through the gap and finds the fence. What a way to reach his half-century here.
6.4 Arsalan J to F Ahmad, wide ball down the leg side
6.3 Arsalan J to F Ahmad, full delivery in the slot, Ahmad picks it up and launches out of the ground. Stand and Deliver ! Ahmad is on the verge of a well deserved half-century as this hit over deep mid-wicket takes him to 49.
6.3 Arsalan J to F Ahmad, wide ball outside off. Another extra gifted.
6.2 Arsalan J to F Ahmad, 4 runs. Beautiful shot that, finds the fence again here Ahmad. He is eager to finish things off in grand fashion.
6.1 Arsalan J to Rizwan C, 1 run. Just a few hits away from the victory are SB.
73/2 after 6 and SB need 24 off 24 deliveries. Run a ball required now.
5.6 R Mustafa to Rizwan C, 1 run taken. A single to end the over and Rizwan will be on strike.
5.5 R Mustafa to Rizwan C, low full toss and he strikes it towards the cover region. The match is being gifted to Sb in the form off full tosses and wides. Bowls a full toss on the stumps and the batsman handsomely lifts it over deep extra-cover for a boundary.
5.4 R Mustafa to F Ahmad, 1 run off the low full toss
5.3 R Mustafa to Rizwan C, 1 run. They don't want to take this chase all the way down to the last over.
5.2 R Mustafa to Rizwan C, 2 runs taken as he lofts over the midwicket region
64/2 after  are ECB. 33 to win off the last 5 overs. Target seems to be easily achievable for the SB.
5.1 R Mustafa to Rizwan C, plays it on to onside for a single
4.5 A Raza to Rizwan C, a single taken. Happy with the single here are the duo.
4.4 A Raza to F Ahmad, lofts it over and its a couple of runs.5 off the over already just in the form of singles.
4.3 A Raza to Rizwan C, 1 run as he pushes to the leg side
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