Empire CC 148/5 (20 ov)
Greater Helsinki CC 142/8 (20 ov)
Empire CC won by 6 runs.
Empire CC beat Greater Helsinki by 6 runs!

A rather subdued end to the innings! At one stage, Greater Helsinki had their back against the wall with all the signs pointing towards a big win for Empire CC. That's when Naveed Shahid upped the ante with a flurry of boundaries as he kept GHC in the chase with a 29-ball 50. He lacked support from the other end as the spin duo of Bhatnagar and Ghafar picked up three wickets between them in the middle overs. Empire CC walks away with a much-needed win here and was made to work hard by a resilient Naveed Shahid fifty.

That's it from our side. Hope you enjoyed the coverage of this entertaining Finnish Premier League game. Do join us for the next game between Gymkhana Helsinki and Bengal Tigers tomorrow. Until then, This is Dwijesh Reddy and my partner Prasen Moudgal signing off! Stay safe and keep washing your hands. See you soon!
19.6 R Muhammad to N Shahid, Empires CC pick up a 6-run win! Length ball swung away just over the man at mid-wicket for a couple of runs to end the innings
19.5 R Muhammad to N Shahid, full ball into the blackhole, Shahid digs it out to the bowler. Barring a no-ball, that should be game, set and match for Empire CC
19.4 R Muhammad to N Shahid, FOUR! Game on! Length ball on the stumps, Shahid throws the kitchen sink at it and to the deep square leg fence for a boundary! 5 required off two..
19.3 R Muhammad to N Shahid, full ball driven to long on for two more runs. GHC need a boundary now. All eyes on Shahid..
19.2 R Muhammad to N Shahid, bit of an inside edge towards the keeper, goes to fine leg. Had to come back for the two. 15 off four required now
19.1 R Muhammad to R Ali, length ball gets an inside edge that thuds into the back pad and goes to point. Most importantly, Shahid is back on strike. 17 off 5 required now...
The equation is simple. 18 runs from six balls for GHC. Shahid is key for GHC!

18.6 ST Qureshi to N Shahid, slower ball outside off, Shahid fails to land bat on ball as he attempts a cut
18.5 ST Qureshi to N Shahid, flicked off the pads to deep square leg for two runs
18.4 ST Qureshi to N Shahid, SIX! Length ball on the stumps, Shahid swings at it and connects handsomely over mid-wicket for a maximum! Is there another twist to the tale?
GHC needs a boundary now
18.3 ST Qureshi to N Shahid, short of length ball goes off the bat's edge and to third man for a brace
18.2 ST Qureshi to R Ali, DROPPED! Dolly goes down! Length ball was hit to the man at long on who grasses the opportunity. Will this cost Empire CC? Only time will tell...
18.1 ST Qureshi to N Shahid, short of length ball cut to point. Not what GHC need at the moment.
119-8 after 18 overs! GHC needs 30 off 12 balls.

This is turning out to be an exciting chase. Can Shahid pull this off?
17.6 R Muhammad to N Shahid, low full toss knocked to long off
17.5 R Muhammad to N Shahid, length ball trickles off the pads to point. Shahid refuses the single and rightly so.
17.4 R Muhammad to N Shahid, full ball goes off the toe end of the bat to long on. The keeper fails to gather the ball cleanly there, resulting in the brace.
17.3 R Muhammad to N Shahid, length ball rolls off the thigh pad to the bowler. Top bowling this from Muhammad. Required run-rate growing in leaps and bounds with each dot ball
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