170/8 (20)
121/10 (17)
IND won by 49 runs.
Player of the match: Bhuvneshwar Kumar
So that will be all from today but we'll be back tomorrow with the Trent Bridge T20I at the same time tomorrow. It's a manic Sunday with truckloads of cricketing action taking place all over the world, so do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for our coverage of the same. Thank you so much for tuning in today and we hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did bringing the coverage of this contest to you. Until tomorrow, this is the duo of Shashwat Kumar and Sooryanarayanan Sesha calling it a day, while humbly reminding you to mask up and get vaccinated in case you haven't already. Good night and take care!
His class with the ball is very much intact alright. And Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues to remain a pivotal cog in the Indian wheels. India will look to wrap him up in cotton wool ahead of that T20 World Cup (add Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah to that as well). Things are going rather smooth for Rohit Sharma and Co., while Jos Buttler hasn't had the best of starts to his permanent white ball captaincy tenure. Not much time to reflect on it though, as both teams return to wrap up the series in Nottingham tomorrow.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the Player of the Match for his outstanding spell of 3/15. Here's what he has to say: When the ball swings you always enjoy. I may be wrong but if I remember the last few series in England, there hasn't been as much swing with the white ball here. I think the white ball swinging up front is always a motivational factor for the fast-bowlers. The batters have to take their chances and there's a chance of a wicket as well. (On getting Buttler twice in two games) He's a dangerous player - we know that if he goes past the Powerplay he's dangerous. If the ball swings that's always the best way to stop a batter, especially someone like him. If the ball swings it motivates you to do your thing against a particular batter. The last two games, it has helped. (Free of injuries now?) Honestly I don't want to talk about it. Even in India I was asked the same question, I don't want to talk about it, sorry about that (grins). I just want to keep performing well.
Rohit Sharma (India Captain): I think we all know how good they are as a team, wherever they go, not just in England. We were upto the challenge and were clinical in what we wanted to do and were clinical with the bat and the ball. When you win games it's always nice. You feel confident and there's a lot of confidence amongst the group as well, which is very important. We just want to continue and focus on what lies ahead for us. I really wanted to see how we perform after a win and we really want to keep challenging ourselves as a group. (On Jadeja's innings) Brilliant knock under pressure. We were 90/5 and we needed that partnership and someone to bat deep. Jadeja with his experience and that hundred he got on this wicket knew what he had to do. He didn't panic given the experience he has. It was good to finish with a score that was par on that pitch and we were clinical with the ball. We do understand the importance of the Powerplay with the bat or ball - we want to put them under pressure with runs or wickets. I think our Powerplay bowling in both the games was brilliant. It's something we have to think about - we do want to give the guys on the bench some chances but I'll go and have a chat with the coach on what he thinks. If needed we'll make some changes. (Going well ahead of the T20 World Cup?) Fingers crossed, we're moving in the right direction. The only red flag I see is we shouldn't get carried away by these performances. We need to keep performing this way.
Jos Buttler (England Captain): Very disappointing but we didn't play anywhere well enough to win the game. I think we got what we deserved. I wasn't too disappointed, we took wickets all the way through. Fantastic debut for Richard Gleeson and well backed up by Chris Jordan. We just lost too many wickets though. You could argue in hindsight if we should have batted first but we didn't play well enough really. It's a great day for him (Gleeson) although he'd be disappointed with the result. A great day for him personally. CJ (Jordan) always bowls the tough overs most of the time and is naturally under pressure. The figures can sometimes cloud how well he's bowled. He's bowled well, he looks fit as well. (Contemplating changes?) We don't have much time to reflect on this but it's certainly something we'll consider tomorrow.
India 170/8 (20) beat England 121 all out (17) by 49 runs.
Ravindra Jadeja 46* (29) | Chris Jordan 4/27 (4) | Richard Gleeson 3/15 (4)
Moeen Ali 35 (21) | Bhuvneshwar Kumar 3/15 (3) | Jasprit Bumrah 2/10 (3)

Back-to-back victories and both in clinical fashion. Not to forget, both while defending a score against a fancied England batting outfit that has been skittled out twice in a space of three days. India have been on the charge and how!

Defending 170, it seemed as though the Indian seamers took a cue out of what their English counterparts did by hitting that hard length on a consistent basis. That said, it all started with some classical swing bowling by Bhuvneshwar Kumar again, who snuffed out Jason Roy off the very first delivery. An inspired review saw skipper Jos Buttler endure a rare second consecutive failure before Jasprit Bumrah bamboozled Liam Livingstone with a masterful off-cutter.

Yet again, it was the Indian bowlers who called the shots in the Powerplay and the asking rate clearly told on the hosts. Wickets kept tumbling at regular intervals with Dawid Malan failing to get a move on. The asking rate kept soaring and yet again, it was Moeen Ali who waged a lone battle in the middle.

Every bowling change made by Rohit Sharma worked like a charm. He seemed to have the game on his fingertips and in what was a clinical display, his bowlers answered his call to the T.

Ali's dismissal was the final nail in the coffin despite David Willey's lusty hitting towards the back-end of the innings. It was all, but a case of 'too little, too late' though, as the hosts were bowled out for the second consecutive instance, handing the series on a platter to the visitors who have been nothing short of dominant. Mind you, India's fielding would have worried them in the last game but there were no mishaps this time around so that's another box ticked off for Rohit Sharma and Co.
Game, set, match and series, to India! They've sealed another emphatic victory over the hosts and it's an inch-perfect yorker from Harshal Patel that does the job in the end. India beat England by 49 runs and clinch the series 2-0 with a game to spare!
121 /10 score
cricket bat icon David Willey
33 (22)
cricket bat icon Matt Parkinson *
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Harshal Patel
1 /34
16.6 Harshal Patel to Matt Parkinson, OUT! THAT WILL BE THAT! Slower yorker on middle and leg stump that Parkinson does not have a clue about. He has a hopeless waft at it and sees the ball breeze past the inside edge before flattening leg stump! India win the series 2-0 and they have fully deserved this victory! What a performance this has been!
Matt Parkinson b Harshal Patel 0 (2b 0x4 0x6)
A wide slip in place. A catching mid-wicket and cover in place as well while deep third man is very fine - behind the man at slip.
16.5 Harshal Patel to David Willey, very full delivery just outside off stump. Willey throws his bat at it and squirts the ball down to the fielder at short fine leg for a single
Rohit's bringing the field up. They're all inside the inner ring on either side!
16.4 Harshal Patel to David Willey, yorker just outside off stump. Willey tries to jam his bat down on it but is late on the stroke as the ball sneaks past the bat
16.3 Harshal Patel to David Willey, back of a length delivery way outside off stump. Willey shuffles across and looks for the scoop but is early into the stroke as the ball squirms past the bat
Some lusty hits here from Willey!
16.2 Harshal Patel to David Willey, FOUR MORE! Full toss outside off stump and that is just poor from Harshal! He waits in his crease and crunches it past deep cover point for four
16.1 Harshal Patel to David Willey, SIX! SHOT! In the slot outside off stump. Willey marches down the track and scythes it. The ball flies towards deep backward point, where Axar tries his best but can't prevent the six!
Harshal Patel [3.0-0-23-0] is back into the attack. He will bowl over the wicket.
Never write Bhuvneshwar Kumar, eh? Whenever his spot has come under the scanner, he has put his hand up to show the world that he's still very much around. What a last few games he's had for India in this format!
110 /9 score
cricket bat icon David Willey
22 (17)
cricket bat icon Matt Parkinson *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Bhuvneshwar Kumar
3 /15