Evergreen Cricket Club 118/6 (10 ov)
Malmo Cricket Club 105/6 (10 ov)
Evergreen Cricket Club won by 13 runs.
Right! This was me, Shrey Gupta along with my partner, Abhinav Singh bringing you the live coverage of ECS Malmo T-10 Match 23. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda as the other knockouts of this competition are on the way! Until next time, it's goodbye from us!
A comprehensive victory for the Evergreen Cricket Club and with this, they finish this tournament on the 3rd place! They have beaten the Malmo Cricket Club by 13 runs.

Chasing 119 runs, MAL anchored the chase well at the start. They were pacing their innings well, and the openers looked well settled on the crease. But, an unfortunate dismissal of Abdur Rahman Sudais marked their downturn! They still were in a position to win this one, but the double strikes from the skipper, Umar Nawaz, swayed the match in the favour of ECC completely! It's the end of the campaign for both teams, but ECC finishes it on a high by securing third place and claiming the bronze medal, and for MAL it's an end to an abysmal tournament for them!
9.6 Umar Nawaz to P Bhardwaj, length ball pitched outside off and slapped towards midwicket for a single! And that is curtains for MAL! ECC wins this one comfortably!
9.5 Umar Nawaz to P Bhardwaj, FOUR, slow ball bowled on middle and leg, batsman tried to go over mid-on but ended up getting a thick outside edge for a boundary towards the third man area. The fielder gives up the chase early as it hardly affects the fielding team! 15 required of the last ball!
9.4 Umar Nawaz to Zaker Taqawi, length ball and played straight to mid on for a single 
9.3 Umar Nawaz to Zaker Taqawi, Almost a yorker, right on the money! Full ball in the blockhole and played straight back to the bowler 
9.2 Umar Nawaz to Nikhil Mathur, OUT, full ball delivered in the slot, the batsman had the full chance to go over the ropes but he mistimed it straight down the long on's throat where the fielder takes an easy catch. Is that the game for ECC?
9.1 Umar Nawaz to Nikhil Mathur, FOUR, short and wide, slashed hard to wide third man for a boundary! Bit of the luck for the batsman but it doesn't matter how they come! Excellent start to the final over! Need many more like these!
24 required off the final over! And it will be the skipper who will be taking responsibility!
8.6 Asif Kalyal to Nikhil Mathur, back of length delivery, Nikhil comes down the track and mistimes the ball to short mid-off for a single!
8.5 Asif Kalyal to Nikhil Mathur, good length ball, just goes over the offstump! Nikhil was lucky on the occasion!
8.4 Asif Kalyal to Nikhil Mathur, FOUR, length ball, drilled down the ground for a ferocious boundary over the bowler's head! Poor stuff from the fielder! Should have tried saving this one instead of going for the catch!
8.3 Asif Kalyal to Nikhil Mathur, slow ball bowled on a fourth stump line, batsman swings and misses whilst using the horizontal bat
8.2 Asif Kalyal to Zaker Taqawi, full ball and played softly to covers for a single. The southpaw is off the blocks
8.1 Asif Kalyal to Y Mohammadi, RUNOUT! 1 run completed! Good length ball played uppishly to long-on! Batsmen tried coming back for the second run but Mohammadi was short of his crease!
8.1 Asif Kalyal to Y Mohammadi, BOWLED down the leg, keeper misses the ball, FIVE WIDES. Poor line to bowl as he has given free runs to the batting team! This could make a difference in the result!
Double strikes for the skipper in this over to pull back some things! MAL still needs 36 in last 2 overs,
7.6 Umar Nawaz to Nikhil Mathur, good length ball, skied up in the air towards the long leg fielder who makes a meal of the catch! That was a DOLLY! Meanwhile, batsmen take a couple!
7.5 Umar Nawaz to Nikhil Mathur, length ball, driven to vacant extra cover area for a double
7.4 Umar Nawaz to Nikhil Mathur, length ball, lobbed up straight in the air but the ball has enough power behind it to take it over the long-off boundary for a SIX. Wasn't this a hattrick ball? It doesn't matter to the incoming batsman as he launches that one for a gigantic strike!
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