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Bengali CC 57/10 (9.1 ov)
Fateh CC 58/1 (4.2 ov)
Fateh CC won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Happy Singh
That's it for today folks! A good day of cricket, join us for more tomorrow! Thank You and have a "Happy" day tomorrow just like Happy Singh had today. Vasudev and Bala signing off.
Easy win for Fateh, they've finally got their 2nd win of the tournament. Bengali are going through a blue patch for the last 4 games, including this one.They need to regain their momentum which they had at the start of the tournament. Happy to see Fateh getting their momentum with Happy Singh firing and a good display by the bowling unit.
This was Fateh's game since the start. They've bossed this chase and had bossed the previous innings as well. On a pitch where Bengali could score just 57 in 9.1 overs, Fateh out did them in just 4.2 overs, a brief reason being no pressure while chasing as it was a very low target. Happy Singh was the standout performer of the entire game, he hit 5 sixes himself while the entire team of Bengali managed to hit just 2. Happy fell short by 5 runs of a well deserved half century. No one from the Bengali gave them hope, just one wicket of Manjit SIngh Lovely who was trapped in front of the wicket in the very first over itself by MA Rahman. Rahman got a wicket and gave a decent 16 runs from his two overs. Apart from him, everyone seemed lost. Not a lot to write about this game. Only 13.3 overs were bowled. 
4.2 Omar Ali to Happy Singh, SIX! Finishes it off in style! Length ball on off and middle, gets to the pitch of it and launches it over wide long-on for a maximum
4.2 Omar Ali to Shantanu Sharma, loses complete control on that delivery and bowls a full toss over the batsman's head, he slaps it down to long-on
The game seems done and dusted. Happy Singh has bossed this chase.He has hit some huge sixes and those sixes have flushed all hopes of Bengali. 
4.1 Omar Ali to Shantanu Sharma, length ball wide of off, he attempts to cut but it is a bit too full for that
Over: 4 | Summary: 4 1 1 6 6 1w 0 Bowler: Mosaraf Hossain Score: 50/1
3.6 Mosaraf Hossain to Happy Singh, good length ball on the sixth stump channel, almost swings himself off his feat but makes no contact
3.6 Mosaraf Hossain to Happy Singh, angles this one down the leg-side, has to reload that
3.5 Mosaraf Hossain to Happy Singh, SIX! In the slot on the off-stump, plants the front leg and swings right through the line of the ball, clearing the long-on fence with ease
3.4 Mosaraf Hossain to Happy Singh, SIX! Length ball angling into the batsman on the leg-stump, clears the front leg, gets under the ball and hoicks it over the mid-wicket for a maximum
3.3 Mosaraf Hossain to Shantanu Sharma, low full toss on the leg-stump, plays it softly on the on-side and takes a single
3.2 Mosaraf Hossain to Happy Singh, full ball on the leg-stump, gets a leading edge to wide mid-off as he tries to force it away through the on-side
3.1 Mosaraf Hossain to Happy Singh, FOUR! Half-volley outside the off-stump, he creams the cover drive all along the carpet and beats the fielder at long-off
It's not even run a ball anymore. Only 27 required now from 7 overs. Seem pretty easy at the moment. Fateh are bossing the game and are looking at their 2nd win of this tournament. 3 overs done and powerplay has ended.
Over: 3 | Summary: 0 1 6 1 1 0 Bowler: Mohammad Arifur Rahman Score: 31/1
2.6 MD Arifur Rahman to Shantanu Sharma, full ball marginally outside the off-stump, huge swing of the bat but it is down the wrong line
2.5 MD Arifur Rahman to Happy Singh, length ball angling into the pads, clips it away to square leg for a single
2.4 MD Arifur Rahman to Shantanu Sharma, length ball on off and middle, backs away and pushes it to extra cover
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