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Turk FC Hattersheim am Main won by 5 wickets
It was an exciting match filled with a lot of suspense and thriller but finally, TUH ended up victorious. It's me Mohamed Farzan and my colleague, Dwijesh Reddy signing off from this exciting match. The action doesn't stop here at SportsKeeda. Tune in to match no.4 of ECS T10 Frankfurt which is just a few mins away. Good Bye!
FCC won the toss and elected to bat first. They didn't have a good start to the game as they lost their top order for just 23 runs. Hewad Hussein and Iqbal Muhammad added a 49 run partnership on the board to take the team total to 97/3. Amir Waheed and Alaam Noor picked up a total of 3 wickets with just giving away 20 runs of 4 overs.

TUH came out to bat to chase 98 runs. The openers scored a few boundaries and very soon the score was 28/2. Inaam Ullah contributed 21 runs from his bat. TUH batsmen Fazal Bashar was on fire. He scored 43 runs off just 17 balls which included 6 fours and 2 sixes. Soon, Hasan Nauman picked up two wickets of consecutive balls but it was too late as Fazal has already done the damage. 

Janat bowled a wide and handed the victory to TUH as they won the match by 5 wickets.
That's it! TUH win the match by 5 wickets (with 2 balls to spare)
9.5 Janat Ahmedzai to Zohaib Qamar, ANTI-CLIMAX! Ahmedzai crumbles under pressure and bowls a wide ball down leg and that's a win for TUH! They win by five wickets!
9.4 Janat Ahmedzai to Alaam Noor, low full-toss on off stump, Noor plays it past the bowler for a single and SCORES ARE LEVEL!
9.3 Janat Ahmedzai to Zohaib Qamar, full ball on off-stump and Qamar drives it to the off-side and gets a single!
9.2 Janat Ahmedzai to Alaam Noor, yorker on the off-stump but Noor gets it away for another single!
9.1 Janat Ahmedzai to Zohaib Qamar, low full-toss on leg stump, Qamar turns it to the leg side for a single
A good over Hasan Nouman as he sent Fazal back to the pavilion but it's too late as he's already done the damage. End of 9 overs, TUH are 93/5. Five to win from six balls!
8.6 Hasan Nauman to Zohaib Qamar, length ball just outside off, Qamar plays it late towards wide third-man for a single
8.5 Hasan Nauman to Alaam Noor, length ball on off-stump, Noor pushes it to the man at cover and scurries for a quick single
Hasan Nauman is on a hat-trick! Alaam Noor to face
8.4 Hasan Nauman to Abdul Hamid, WICKET! Is there a twist in this tale? Hamid's eyes lit up with some room on offer and has a go at it but only gets an edge on it to the keeper!
8.3 Hasan Nauman to Fazal Bashir, WICKET! Bashir looks for another big hit and gets a leading edge which goes very high up in the air. The bowler gets under it and takes a good catch as Bashir departs for a match-winning 43 off just 17 balls! A fantastic knock by Fazal Bashir has come to an end.
8.2 Hasan Nauman to Fazal Bashir, SIX! THAT SHOULD SEAL THE GAME! A length ball on the stumps and Bashir makes room and whacks it wide off long-on for a SIX!
8.1 Hasan Nauman to Abdul Hamid, full ball outside off, Hamid hits it to long-on for a single
Fazal Bashir is taking the game away from FCC. End of 8 overs, TUH are 84/3. They require another 14 runs from 12 balls at 7 RPO.
7.6 Niamat Ailisafi to Fazal Bashir, FOUR! Bashir gets the ball he was waiting for and cuts a length ball behind square for four!
7.5 Niamat Ailisafi to Fazal Bashir, swing and a miss! Bashir fails to connect as Niamat is let off with a loose ball outside off!
7.4 Niamat Ailisafi to Fazal Bashir, full ball on off-stump, Bashir blocks it back to the bowler
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