Dubai Pulse Secure 76/8 (10 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 26 runs.
Player of the match: Ahmed Raza
Anti-climax at it's peak in this match. A teasing contest throughout but it's Fujairah who have come out on top in the end! What felt like a below par total, especially after the early fireworks provided by Chirag Suri and Alishan Sharafu, Fujairah's collapse meant that they could only muster a measly target of 103. The DPS spinners, Nilansh Keswani and Muhammad Farooq, did a magnificent job in the middle overs and ended with figures of 3-14 and 2-8, respectively.

Dubai Pulse Secure got off to a cautious start, but it counted for not as they stumbled at 13-3, when Luqman Hazrat bagged two wickets in two deliveries, to breath new life into the contest. Ronak Panoly stitched up a decent partnership with his skipper, Shahrukh Sheikh, but neither of the batsmen played sensibly and looked for one big shot too many, which ended up costing them their wicket.

Ali Anwaar tried to provide some late fireworks, but it was too little-too late by then for his side, as Zahoor Khan, Ahmed Raza and Waseem Muhammad struck at regular intervals throughout that innings and ensured their side gets their first victory in the tournament! 

Fujairah move into third spot with their first win. As for Dubai, they are dangling in the second last spot, with only Ajman being below them, with both sides on zero points. 

That's all we have from this match! Stay tuned to Sportskeeda, to catch the final game of the day, which will see the ECB Blues take on Abu Dhabi and also for all the cricketing action from around the globe. This is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my colleague, Soorya Sesha. Goodnight folks, stay safe!
A low scoring encounter and Fujairah saw it through rather comfortably towards the end. Ani-climatic, to say the least. The middle overs pulled things back for them and wickets at regular intervals didn't help Dubai's cause. Not many runs for Waseem today, but he's done the job for his side with the ball. 

Fujairah win the match by 26 runs.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 1 1 1 2 W Bowler: Waseem Muhammad Score: 76/8
9.6 Waseem Muhammad to Ali Anwaar, OUT! AND THAT IS THAT! Fires in the perfect yorker on off stump and castles Anwaar who fails to get his bat down on time. An easy victory in the end for Fujairah who take this contest by 26 runs!
9.5 Waseem Muhammad to Ali Anwaar, round the wicket, full on off and Anwaar heaves it over long on as the ball goes to the fielder on a couple of bounces. They run back for the second
9.4 Waseem Muhammad to Vinayak Vijayan, back of a length outside off, chops a cut straight to deep cover for a single
9.3 Waseem Muhammad to Ali Anwaar, full on middle and off, Anwaar flicks it aerially as the ball drops short of the fielder running to the left of mid-on. Another single
9.2 Waseem Muhammad to Vinayak Vijayan, right into the blockhole on off, goes back in his crease to jam it out to extra cover and cross over
9.1 Waseem Muhammad to Ali Anwaar, round the wicket, full around off, drilled straight to long off for a single
Zahoor Khan doing what the best bowlers in the world do! He was taken to cleaners in his first over, but it's a champions response to come back so strongly.

Muhammad Waseem is back into the attack.

33 runs needed in the last over then.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 W W 0 1 1 Bowler: Zahoor Khan Score: 70/7
8.6 Zahoor Khan to Ali Anwaar, fired into the leg-stump, opens the face towards sweeper cover to retain strike! Fabulous death bowling from Zahoor who has all but sealed this game for Fujairah!
8.5 Zahoor Khan to Vinayak Vijayan, fired in full at the stumps, clears his front leg and toe-ends it to the close-in cover fielder before crossing cover
8.4 Zahoor Khan to Vinayak Vijayan, full outside off, Vinayak looks to carve it over point but doesn't connect
Vinayak Vijayan is the new batsman at the crease.
* Que in the quacking duck... *
8.3 Zahoor Khan to Muhammad Hassan, OUT! DEAD IN FRONT! Fired in almost at a yorker length on middle and leg, walks across and plays all around the flick as it thuds into his front pad. That was the 'pathway to plumbness' as Damien Fleming would say! The end is nigh now!
Muhammad Hassan is the new batsman at the crease.
8.2 Zahoor Khan to Ali Anwaar, RUN OUT! DIRECT HIT! Very full on fifth stump from around the wicket, Anwaar drills it towards mid-off who has a shy at the striker's end and succeeds as Shahrukh falls short of his ground! Doesn't even wait for the third umpire to have a look as he knows that he hasn't made it! Fabulous pick up and throw from Usman!
8.1 Zahoor Khan to Shahrukh Sheikh, fired in on middle and leg, Shahrukh steps down the track and toe-ends the low full toss towards long on
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