42/10 (10)
45/4 (3.2)
GNS won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Naeem Khan
That's it from me, Rajarshi, and my co-commentator Pragadeesh, as we wrap up our coverage for the second ECS game of the day. Plenty still to come today, so do keep an eye on our tabs as we look forward to bring you extensive cricketing coverage from all around the globe. Auf wiedersehen!
Match summary:
Koln Challengers won the toss and opted to bat

Koln Challengers 1st innings 42 all out (10 Overs)
Srinivas Nareshkumar 11(17), Niamat Safi 2/4 (1 over)

Golden Star Bonn 2nd innings 45/4 (3.2 Overs)
Naeem Khan 33(9), Nagendra Donthi 3/11 (2 overs)

Golden Star Bonn win by 6 wickets with 40 balls to spare.

Nagendra Donthi was the only one who stood between a comfortable victory for Golden Star Bonn. Some inexplicable running off the first ball of the chase saw the GSB skipper depart. Two balls later, his opening partner headed back to the pavilion as well. Donthi picked up a couple of wickets in his next over as well, finishing with figures of 3/11 in his 2 overs.

But there were two reasons why it was nowhere near enough. One, the target was wayyyyyy too meagre for Donthi to spark the game up with such a fighting display of bowling, and two, Naeem Khan, promoted to number 3, absolutely obliterated the bowling of Aravind Muthusubramanian in the second over, a few towering sixes in them, and with 24 of it, the game was done and dusted right there. Amal Mudappattu finished things off by depositing a freebie on leg-stump into the banks at long-leg, and the Golden Star Bonn complete the double over the Koln Challengers today.
3.2 Sabith Raman to Amal Mudappattu, SIX! It's all over now. Drags this short and the ball goes down leg, Mudappatttu rocks back and smacks the pull over fine leg to finish things off in style
3.1 Sabith Raman to Paritosh Bairagi, length delivery angling into the pads, Bairagi clips this down to long-on and takes a single
Sabith Raman, slow right-arm, comes into the attack
Amal Mudappattu, left-handed bat, comes to the crease 
Credit to Nagendra Donthi, the game's gone out of Koln's grasp, but he isn't prepared to throw the towel in yet, he delays a GSB victory by one more over! This'll help their Net Run Rate to an extent!
38 /4 score
cricket bat icon Paritosh Bairagi
1 (3)
cricket bat icon Guri Singh *
2 (4)
cricket ball icon Nagendra Donthi
3 /11
2.6 Nagendra Donthi to Gurvinder Singh, KNOCKED HIM OVER. Full angling in, Gurvinder tries to play a wild swing across the line but misses it. The ball smashes the middle stump on that occasion
2.5 Nagendra Donthi to Gurvinder Singh, full angling in, driven back to the bowler
2.4 Nagendra Donthi to Gurvinder Singh, IN THE AIR AND SAFE. Length delivery angling in, Gurvinder miscues his shot while trying to go over long-on and the ball falls in the no man's land. They scamper for a second eventually
2.3 Nagendra Donthi to Gurvinder Singh, full delivery shaping away, Gurvinder tries to drive but the ball beats his outside edge and through to the keeper
Gurvinder Singh, right-handed bat, comes to the crease
2.2 Nagendra Donthi to Naeem Khan, OUT! The entertainment comes to an end. Length delivery on off, Naeem goes for a massive swing over the bowler's head but ends up miscuing it and the ball goes miles up in the air. The fielder at extra cover dives forward and takes a sensational catch
2.1 Nagendra Donthi to Paritosh Bairagi, full angling into the pads, tucked down to backward square leg for a single. But it's given as the leg-bye by the umpire
Well....Naeem has done his job to perfection. One over the match seemed just a tad interesting, the next over sees GSB get 8 runs within the finish line, just like that! Some monstrous sixes were hit by Naeem Khan!
35 /2 score
cricket bat icon Paritosh Bairagi
1 (2)
cricket bat icon Naeem Khan *
33 (8)
cricket ball icon Aravind Muthusubramanian
0 /26
1.6 Aravind Muthusubramaniyan to Naeem Khan, FOUR! Length delivery angling down leg, Naeem moves across and tries to pull. While doing so, he gets a glove onto it and the ball goes past the keeper and into the fence
1.5 Aravind Muthusubramaniyan to Naeem Khan, SIX! MONSTROUS HIT. Not a bad delivery as this was bowled on a length on off, Naeem goes down one knee and wallops this straight over the bowler's head and the ball into orbit. This one is not coming back and the umpires need a replacement ball
1.4 Aravind Muthusubramaniyan to Naeem Khan, length delivery outside off, Naeem swings and misses