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Almhult CC 79/5 (10 ov)
Hisingen CC 80/4 (10 ov)
Hisingen CC won by 6 wickets
ALM started the match slowly intending to build the blocks with the help of their key batsmen Asif Meer but unluckily he fell off too early which created trouble for the team. They put up a score of 79 on the board after a few small contributions by the batsmen but all the credits go to Chaitanya Kilari for picking up two important wickets & Praveen Kumar and Muqadar Saleem bowled economical spell by just giving 4 and 9 runs of their overs.

Coming on top bat with 80 runs required from 10 overs, Aritra Nag was firm and didn't let his team down. He managed to pick singles and doubles at regular intervals and even scored a few boundaries in the gap to maintain the required run rate around 8. His 30 run contribution comes in as a huge help for HSG to secure a victory. The bowlers were also good but the score put up by ALM in the first innings wasn't easily defendable. Almhult CC have lost 3 games in a row and have been knocked out of the league.

A perfect nail-biting and editing finish with ups and downs. A good way to end the day! That's it, folks! It's me, Mohamed Farzan and my colleague, Sarthak Karkhanis signing off. Join us tomorrow at 1:30 PM for Match no.5, till then Good Bye!
HSG win by 6 wickets (with 0 balls to spare)
What a thriller! HSG win the match of the last ball. The players run into the field and start celebrating.
9.6 A Shah to C Kilari, low full toss on the offstump and they take a couple of runs and thats a victory for HSG in this nail biting encounter
9.5 A Shah to C Kilari, in the slot and he lofts it over midwicket. It looked like he timed it well but doesnt get the distance on it and its a couple of runs
9.4 A Shah to P Kumar, slower delivery and he executes the yorker to perfection and he is OUT on this occasion. As it hits the stumps after hitting the pads
9.3 A Shah to P Kumar, no run as the batsman misses it and its a legal delivery
9.2 A Shah to P Kumar, finally a legal delivery but this time its dropped catch by the fielder
9.2 A Shah to P Kumar, wide ball outside off
9.2 A Shah to P Kumar, short ball and swing a miss. But oh wait! Its no ball and next delivery will be a free hit as Almhult are pulling defeat from jaws of victory
9.1 A Shah to P Kumar, its all happening here. Four runs as the batsman misses the full length delivery and it goes through the keeper's hands for a boundary. Awkward bounce and the fielders cant chase it
HSG are 68/3 after 9 overs. 12 runs required off the last six balls. Could it be a last-ball thriller?
8.6 A Meer to A Nag, outside off and the batsman swings his bat at the full delivery but misses it 
8.5 A Meer to A Nag, dot ball as the batsman misses it
8.4 A Meer to P Kumar, in the slot as he drives it down the ground but the long on fielder has it covered
8.3 A Meer to A Nag, another single
8.2 A Meer to P Kumar, outside off and Kumar lofts it over the bowler's head but its just a single as its neither in the gap nor has the distance
8.1 A Meer to A Nag, outside off and he pushes the back of a length delivery for a single towards covers
End of 8 overs, HSG are 64/3. They require another 16 runs from 12 balls at 8 RPO. Two dangerous players, Praveen Kumar Jr & Aritra Nag in the middle for HSG. They are very close to a win
7.6 S Sahak to P Kumar, pushes the ball outside off for a boundary with a cover drive
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